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Inconsistencies Drove Me to Raw Dog Food #PawNatural

a natural lifestyle contributes to longer and healthier lives for our pets.

A to Z Challenge – I

One of the main reason why I switched to raw dog food was all of the inconsistencies.  One that stands out is a conversation I had with the rep of a well know pet food brand – I was so excited when I learned about their decision to increase the quality of their food to meet the demand of better educated pet owners.

They showed me their new branding – full of pictures of fresh protein and vegetables.  They told me about their manufacturing facilities that are spic and span; they even invited to fly me out for a tour.  And they played their trump card (at the time) – none of their ingredients were sourced in China.


An hour later, someone took me aside and showed me article after article on the damage this brand’s food has done to pets over the years and I was bummed.  Their new branding was just that – branding.  It was pretty much the same food with prettier packaging.

Our dogs were eating a full raw diet a month later.

Keep the Tail Wagging | From Business to Blog

This past year was a learning experience.  I started asking questions about everything – the treats we bought, the vaccinations our vet recommended, even the shampoo we used.  If you look in the dogs’ cabinets (yes, they have their own cabinets), you’ll see all natural everything and I’m proud of this switch.

It was time for my blog to reflect that switch.

I used to get paid handsomely to promote kibble brands and yummy (i.e. junk food) dog treats.  The money paid for our dogs food, so I didn’t mind.  Until I did.

How can I be raising natural dogs while pimping not so natural products?

Only Natural Pet


Learn more on at Pet360

Today, I only promote brands that you’ll find in our home.  And recently, I was introduced to Only Natural Pet through the BlogPaws Pet Blogging Network.  I checked out their website and I liked what I saw.

Only Natural Pet is a brand that believes that it’s a natural lifestyle that will help our dogs live longer, happier lives.  Finally!  They work with holistic vets, they do their a ton of research, and they explore the globe – all in an effort to bring us products that don’t have the chemicals that seem to be common in so many pet products today.

I have an opportunity to try a couple of treats (duck liver and green beef trip) and their natural flea and tick repellent in exchange for my thoughts.  They also carry…

  • shampoo and conditioner
  • supplements for joints, skin and coat, anxiety, and overall wellness
  • an entire store full of healthy treats we can trust

I’m tired of thinking finding a great product that our dogs love only to learn later that it’s terrible for our dogs.  So many brands have promised me that their kibble or treats are holistic or natural and then I learn about what really goes into their food or where it’s sourced.

It’s going to be fun exploring Only Natural Pet products.  Stay tuned.

Do you use any natural or homeopathic products on your dog?

Yesterday was H for How Much Raw Dog Food We Feed

Tomorrow is J for Joint Care and Raw


This post is sponsored by Only Natural Pet on behalf of the BlogPaws Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about Only Natural Pet, but I only share information that I believe is important to Keep the Tail Wagging readers. Only Natural Pet is not responsible for the content of this article.


  1. I use one heomepathic thing for Chester. It’s an herbal tablet that is supposed to help reduce stiffness and inflammation in his joints. I do think I see a difference but, of course, he can’t tell me if it is actually making him feel better.

    Everything I feed them is natural. I feed them raw food and half of the treats they get are freeze dried meat or fruits and veggies. The other treats I give them are usually grain-free and made with quality ingredients.

  2. This makes me miss our puppies. I hate to givethe animals stuff that Im not sure whats in it.

    • Exactly! That’s what I love about their diet – I know exactly what they’re eating. And I can pronounce it :)

  3. I was just introduced to Only Natural Pet too. Right now we don’t use anything homeopathic, but are looking to move to be more natural especially when it comes to Flea and Tick solutions.

  4. We have always feed healthy food but didn’t follow up with healthy snacks and treats. Starting this year, we are picky about treats too!
    The most exciting part of this post for me is a new natural flea product. Although I do not like using the chemical ones, so far, they have been all that have worked against our Florida terror fleas. I’m going to check it out and give them a try!

    • I’ve heard that about Florida – the fleas own that state some years.

  5. Even though I am not feeding Harley and Leo “raw” they have a very limited diet due to all the “junk” that is out there. I cannot do a lot of product reviews for treats (don’t do any for food) because I can’t endorse something I do not use, and I’m not about to jeopardize their health for a post (and/or free stuff). Between pet parents like you and SlimDoggy, I have incorporated so many different fresh fruits and veggies into their diet, along with healthy treats – and they’re loving it.

  6. We know only too well the issues with commercial dog foods. So glad it’s getting more play and more awareness. Your dedication to raw food is admirable.

    • Thank you!

  7. I give turmeric to Neeko, which I consider natural/holistic, for her joints. I also give Grizzly Pollock or Salmon oil to all three, and kelp/Solid Gold Seameal intermittently. I try to stay as all natural with them as possible.

    • So Neeko likes turmeric? I’ve been worried about the flavor.

      • It does have a strong smell. The first few times she mostly ate around it at first. Now she will even lick up the loose powder on the floor.

  8. This is great Kimberly! I’m all about natural…everything – for me and Kayo! I’ve also come to the place of only wanting to promote companies and products I really stand behind. Thanks for highlighting Only Natural Pet – I’ll be checking them out!

    • I also love that so many of us are on the same path of only promoting who we believe in – doesn’t it feel great?

  9. I’m so glad to know there’s someone else around that has “their own” cabinets for their dogs. Makes me feel less crazy when I tell someone the towels aren’t in in the hall closet near the bathroom, because that’s the dog’s closet.

    • I took a picture and put it on my Facebook page – I was impressed by how many people had the same in their kitchen. Where else am I going to store their loot. They already have a big portion of my home office. LOL


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