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Researching Raw Dog Food Can Be Confusing

raw dog food can be confusing

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The other day I was reading an article on The Telegraph about raw meat being to blame for the deaths of 40 dogs.  What I found interesting is that as I read this article, I read the following quote:

“However owners whose dogs have succumbed to the disease said they have never fed their dog raw meat further adding to the mystery surrounding the outbreak.”

When I started researching raw dog food, articles like this drove me nuts, because it was confusing.  So is raw dog food safe or is it dangerous?  Am I going to kill our dogs?

If you’re thinking about switching to a raw dog food or home cooked diet for your dog, each inconsistency that makes you uncomfortable is a good thing – maybe – because it will give you the push to learn more.

Negative comments about kibble…

When I was first exploring the raw food diet, I had a lot of excited people willing to mentor me on the path.  Most were patient while others put on the pressure.

“Good luck at the vet” – referencing that dogs fed kibble today will spend a lot of time at the vet with health issues as they get older.

“Feeding partial raw isn’t feeding raw” – when I was transitioning our dogs from kibble to raw; by feeding raw in the morning and kibble in the evening, I prevented them from getting sick.  Some dogs get sick (diarrhea) when we switch kibble brands; the same thing can happen when we change their diet.

I didn’t allow these comments push me into moving faster, because if I made our dogs sick, it was on me; not some random stranger on Facebook.

Which raw food diet is right?

And then there are the inconsistent messages once you decide to go raw…

Fruits and vegetables are great for dogs – when wolves eat their prey, they go for the digestive tract first to get the fruits and vegetables.

Fruits and vegetables are just filler – when wolves eat their prey, they go for the digestive tract first, shake all the fruits  and vegetables out, and then they chow down.

If you’re feeding raw correctly, then you don’t have to worry about supplements.

You’re feeding raw? Are you also adding in parsley, kelp, taurine, turmeric, salmon oil and so on and so forth.

Did you know that grinding your dog’s meat leads to a taurine deficiency.

We grind our dogs’ meat too, it’s just as healthy.

And this is just a taste of the inconsistencies I’ve come across.  The trick is to find a method that works for you and your dogs, take in all the advice, and  remember that most of the people dishing out advice are not dog nutritionist or holistic vets.

All the advice is great, overwhelming, but great.  I’ve filed it all away and it’s come in handy at each step in our education.  When we switched to self made raw, I knew what to do, because of the advice I received from people who fed raw.  When our dogs got diarrhea from the raw chicken, I didn’t freak out, because of the advice I’d received in the past.

So don’t let it stress you out.

There will always be opinions.  Don’t get distracted by what someone is doing with their dog thousands of miles away.  What works for me may not work for you, but we can still learn from each other.

And yes, a similar conversation happened in our house when I was trying to explain dog food to my boyfriend…

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  1. That video is hilarious! I was so overwhelmed by all the information at first, too.

    • It’s perfect. Loved it!

  2. When I saw this video earlier I thought of you, but I also thought of myself as I tried to explain to Lee why the Boys dog food was only available at Pet Nutrition Centers… Raw, kibble, it’s all confusing and so many people want to weight in on what you should do. As an HR professional, I understand the importance of “research” – it’s paramount when selecting anything for your pets. Thanks for your choice in words beginning with the letter “R”

    • I watched the video on the train in to work and just laughed and laughed. I loved it.

  3. There are the same sorts of debates over raw cat food. I haven’t made as far as switching to raw yet, but I have read about it a bit. You’re right, doing your own research and making up your own mind about things is absolutely necessary. Changes made to your pets’ diets are mean changes that have to happen with your finances and routine. It takes the whole family to make changes happen.

    • Well said. I can always say that I think raw is best, but that statement is based on my experience with our dogs and our living situation and our budget. I can only know what I’ve learned about our dogs. Plus I think people will be willing take the time to research different diets (quality kibble or raw) when they’re supported, not pressured.

  4. It is really annoying when people state their own opinions as facts. I try really hard not to do so. Or, at least I hope when I write things people assume it’s my opinion unless I say otherwise.

    The best example might be the whole fruits and veggies issue and whether or not dogs are truly omnivores or carnivores. I would say there is no clear answer to that, yet people will state either side as though it’s a fact.

  5. I always tell our customers that adopting an appropriate diet for your pet is key to their long term health and overall longevity! Great post! I never force them to buy our raw diet products, but simply encourage them to educate themselves on the alternative choices for their dogs!

    Try a raw diet if you are curious about it; you may never look back!

    • Thanks for stopping by; I love connecting with another raw feeder. I wish we would have known about raw when we adopted Rodrigo and Sydney, but at least they’re squared away now. The puppies have been on raw since they were 6 weeks old.


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