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Introducing Our Pets to Dental Health Month and PlaqClnz Gel

In honor of Pet Dental Health Month, I decided to look at our dog’s teeth.  They looked great.  We have cats too, so I trotted up to take a look at their teeth and was shocked!  Loads of plaque.  Dammit!  I originally thought there was no easy solution to tarter, our cats are going to have to go under and have their teeth cleaned and this makes me very uncomfortable at their age.

Anesthesia and Pets

I’m uncomfortable with putting humans and animals under unless absolutely necessary.  It’s unnatural and just another opportunity to pump poisons in our body.  I’m trying to limit that with our pets.

Pet Insurance and Teeth Cleaning

Teeth cleaning falls under the category of routine care and isn’t covered by our pet insurance so it’s important to keep our dogs’ teeth clean.

Keeping Teeth Clean by Dr. Alinovi, DVM

My next ‘call’ is going to be to my favorite holistic veterinarian, Dr. Alinovi who recommends…

  • Feed good food.
  • Let them chew on antlers and raw bones. There are many companies carrying elk, moose and deer antler. Larger pieces cut crosswise act as a pumice to clean the teeth.  More expensive antler are much heavier/denser and will chew longer.

You can follow Dr. Alinovi too at,, Twitter: DPDrCathy

We can’t give our dogs raw bones or antlers, because they’re such strong chewers that they destroy each and I worry about them breaking a tooth (which would be covered by pet insurance), requiring even more expensive care.  But I do have friends who have moderate chewers who can make an antler last for months.

Other Dog Parents

Joan Hunter Mayer, of the Inquisitive Canine, was kind enough to share what she’s learned about caring for Poncho’s teeth:

You can brush your dog’s teeth any time of day, it doesn’t have to be after meals like us humans. A dogs mouth and all that’s in it is different from ours, so it’s not a concern.

  • Use an angled brush to help with the shape of their mouth and the movement of our wrists/hands.
  • Only need to brush the anterior portion of their teeth, not the inside – it’s difficult and not very effective.
  • With one hand, keep the dogs muzzle closed and insert the brush between the inside flesh of the muzzle and teeth – similar to us keeping our mouths closed while we brush.
  • Brush in a horizontal action – unlike us that are supposed to in a circular fashion.

What I Found to Beat the Plaque (it works!!!)

I’m lucky, because our dogs have fantastic teeth, but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t care for them.  I tried a product that you just put in the pet water dishes – the cats boycotted the water (are you trying to poison us?).  So I kept looking.

I was soon introduced to a great product called PlaqClnz Daily Treatment Gel and started using it on our cats’ teeth, heavy plaque, and I saw an improvement in less than 3 days; the plaque was coming off!  I rub a drop of the gel on our cats’ teeth (they hate it, but it’s fast) and their mouth does the rest.  It’s great for dogs and cats.

I also stumbled on a post about flossing our dog’s teeth, by Nikki Moustaki.  I couldn’t imagine this working with our dogs for long, but it’s definitely an option for dog parents with very patient and well behaved dogs.


What is your dental routine with our dogs?  Do you use any products that work?


  1. Titan get’s a Jones Natural Chew Slammer bone every night. Mind you, he’s an aggressive/power chewer so I always supervisor (especially cause the bone has knuckles that come off). As soon as he starts breaking the bone off, it goes in the trash. Usually keeps him quite busy though, 30 minutes to an hour and if he hasn’t broken anything off, he’ll come back to it later.

    We also use larger dental stick but for the life of me, I can’t remember which ones. :)

    Great post Kimberly and good info to know!

    • Thanks, Bren

      I we give our dogs rawhide under supervision – they’re allowed up to one hour with the raw hide; if they start breaking off big pieces, then it’s confiscated. I’ll have to check out the Jones Natural Chew Slammer. I’m always looking for something that will keep their teeth clean and them occupied. I know what you mean about keeping an eye on them – they’re starting to recognize when their chew is going away – LOL

      • Jones Natural Chews has many different sized bones with the meat smoked on them. We started with the smaller ones but Titan easily would crack them and they didn’t last too long. The slammer bones and the dino bones are fabulous imo. Good luck!

  2. Ironic!!!! I just bought our first tube of doggie toothpaste and brushes this morning at the vet. Then I come home this evening and read your blog today. I’ll let you know how this goes, but I’m thinking it might be a wrestling match. If it doesn’t work out I’ll have to try some of your product reccommendations.

    Oh – and I can’t imagine flossing my dogs teeth, I think it’s going to be hard enough to brush them, LOL!

    • I can’t wait to hear how the teeth brushing goes. I tried with our dogs and they just licked the brush. So I bought the kind that you put on your finger and have been rubbing their teeth with that – I’m going to add paste when they get used to the finger brushing :)

      Good luck!

  3. We dogs brush every night before bed and have great teeth, the cats don’t brush one has great teeth, the other has a bit of tartar, so it is not too bad.

    • Great to hear! I’m impressed that so many pets are having their teeth cared for! Love being part of a great dog parent community :)

  4. Teeth are important for human as well as for pets. I’m glad to read your blog because you shared a good information which is helpful for pet lovers. Pet insurance and teeth cleaning is really good thing and important too.


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