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Ellen DeGeneres is Difficult, Yeah Yeah, So Am I Apparently

Last year I started listening to podcasts and the best ones I’ve found are the ones hosted by comedians.  Ellen DeGeneres has come up briefly on two different podcasts and both basically said that she’s a complete witch (they pronounced it with a B).

OMG, Ellen DeGeneres is Difficult?

I love Ellen DeGeneres.  I don’t watch her show regularly, the episodes I’ve caught crack me up!  I buy and promote Halo Pets for our dogs.  I would love to meet her in person.  I love images of her with her dogs and her partner.  I think she’s sweet and funny and adorable.  She was the star of Finding Nemo.  How can Ellen have this reputation?

Woman + Success = (B)Witch?

But then I think about a lot of successful women and start to realize that many of them have a sour reputation.  It’s interesting that a woman can have a bad day and she’s judged by that day for the rest of her life.  I bet a lot of women reading this can relate to that; a few men too.

Let’s Get Personal

In late summer 2011 I was having a bad allergy day.  I went to a picnic and was quiet (I’m usually boisterous and outgoing), because the allergy medicine was making me sleepy, but not alleviating my allergy symptoms.  Three people have judged me as an unpleasant person and haven’t been kind to me since.

Their opinion of me is laughable, but interesting too.  One day I wasn’t feel well (I wasn’t rude or snippy; just quiet) and I became a “difficult”  and “negative” in their eyes. 

Back to Ellen DeGeneres

So when I hear stories stating that Ellen DeGeneres is difficult, I have to wonder if this person (who is crazy busy and has stressful days) is being judged by one bad day.  She’s a dog lover, she’s successful, and she’s using that success to give back to animal rescue – she can’t be all bad.

I used to be the type of person who believed the worst in celebrities when I heard it, because that’s all that’s really put out there.  But life experience helped open my eyes and I’ve taken a step back and now ask myself “is this true?”

So, the next time I hear something negative about Ellen DeGeneres, I’m going to remember that day I had bad allergies.  When I hear that dog lover Miley Cyrus asked a store clerk “don’t you know who I am?”  I’m going to wonder if she really said “wow, finally, someone who doesn’t know who I am!”  And when I hear that Oprah can be difficult, I’m going to shout “hell yes and look where it got her!!!”

Dog Lover (and women!) Unite!


Has your passion (or a bad allergy day) ended with you being labels as difficult?  What do you think about the Ellen rumors?


  1. Kimberly, Like you, I choose not to put too much credence into rumors about Ellen – this is actually the 1st time I heard them, so that’s good! And I agree people are judged too quickly and without enough data points. The same thing happens with doggies too. Especially dogs in shelters. People don’t realize dogs in shelters are traumatized and certainly aren’t able to put their best foot forward. When we adopted SlimDoggy Jack, he’d been in the shelter a YEAR! His kennel looked like a bomb shelter with big holes all over. Digging was his only stress valve. I took him out for a walk and he dragged me all over the yard – I actually had to let go of his leash when he saw another dog in a kennel and made a beeline for him. I judged him and said NO WAY too much for me to handle. Lucky for Jack, my husband talked me into giving it a chance. After a few days of a peaceful household, some regular exercise and rules, he became a great dog. I wish more dogs (and people) wouldn’t be judged and labeled so quickly! Oh, and Jack has never dug a single time since he’s been with us.

    • So very true! I love that connection. It’s funny that we pre-judge all the time without even realizing it. I see it all the time on Facebook when adults who know that there are various sides of stories will still swallow the worst about someone without a second thought. If someone loves dogs and gives back to the rescue community, then I’m going to be a fan.


  2. I don’t watch her show much, but, she comes across as very likeable and, like you said, she’s an animal lover, which makes her okay, to me. I think anyone who is successful has been called difficult and successful women are always considered to be bitches. Happened to me too, back in the old corporate days. We don’t know her personally, so who are we to judge? As your story illustrates, everyone has a “bad” day once in awhile. Doesn’t make them a bad person.

    • Exactly! I just hate that women get tagged as a bitch when we have bad days too. Even men aren’t allowed to have a melt down and sometimes one is just needed. I have no idea what prompted the rumors, but I don’t care. I spent an entire year battling with people who thought and said the worst about me and then I just got tired. I’d rather focus my energy on my dogs :)

  3. Everyone has bad days and days where we’re feeling less than great. Sometimes we’re rude and sometimes we’re just quiet or different. We’re allowed! It’s just with celebrities, that bad day is the one that’s heard around the world. And it sucks that something like that will help form other people’s opinion of that celeb. I think Ellen seems cool! But like you said, the schedule and stress has to be hard…

    • Exactly, Diane
      If I had a camera following me around, capturing every mistake and embarrassing moment, people would look at me with different eyes today. It’s a tough road, but as long as she’s a dog lover, I’m an Ellen supporter :)

  4. You have to check out a spot she did about Bic’s new line of pens that are “for women”…..hilarious!!

    • Okay, I’ll look it up tonight. Thanks :)

  5. We love to watch Ellen with mom! Most celebs seem to go weird at some point but we like to think that Ellen is just a very funny animal lover 😉

    • Me too! Love that you’re enjoying her with your mom – you’re great!

  6. Ah yes, women who are successful and verbal are (b)witches, but I don’t hear anyone calling a successful, verbal man a (d)ick. Why are people so threatened by successful women?

    • Just the cross we have to bear, I guess :)

  7. Of course she is difficult. Is she was nice all the time nobody would know her name and I am willing to bet all the strides she has made in television for others wouldn’t exist. Difficult people make a difference and get things done. Difficult people stand up for themselves and refuse to conform to other people’s ideas of who they should be. In a lot of ways, I wish I was a difficult person too.

    • Woo hooo, Kristine! Love it!

  8. Everybody can have a bad day; some more often than others. Not taking it out on other people is something we should all work hard on.

    As for Ellen? Well, I don’ know her personally. Judging from her features and my observations … yes, I’d say she has the capacity to be “difficult.” That has nothing to do with success. My estimate would be that she could be unpleasant if things weren’t going her way. That estimate is based on people of similar characteristics I do know.

    I still like her too, but wouldn’t want to end up in her bad books :-)

    • I hear ya, Jana – I have a feeling that people who bad mouth her are definitely in her bad book :)

  9. First, Ellen is one of the most philanthropic celebrities on the planet (along with Oprah who is also labeled as “difficult”) Unfortunately due to their “celebrity” and people wanting to take advantage of their generous spirits they are forced to be “cold” and keep people at arms length. When one is famous, they are never certain of what others true intentions are.
    I would think it would become quite taxing to have cameras, reporters and ogling fans in my face all day. SHE IS HUMAN. THEY NEED TO GET OVER IT.
    Ellen doesn’t just love dogs, she loves ALL animals and one of her goals is to own a farm on the East Coast with all types of animals. She personally owns dogs AND cats.
    Another important point is the “creative spirit” Artists, writers, actors/actresses (anyone who creates and is moved to create) are known throughout history as being “mercurial” I prefer to call it more sensitive and tuned in to others feelings.
    People need to back off and tend to their OWN gardens

    • Hell yeah, Caren! Great points!!

  10. Ugh, I hate how talking heads seem to think that they can know and therefore accurately pass judgement like that, based on absolutely nothing, and of course, successful women are most frequently dismissed as “bitches.” Humph. Based on what? Anyone can have a bad day, as you say, and frankly, someone who’s willing to publicly judge and spread rumors like the podcasters and so on are more likely candidates for the category of “highly unpleasant person to be around” than the people they’re targeting. It’s easy for them to talk and talk freely without fear of repercussions or having to face the person they slander.

    • Isn’t it hilarious! I just wish we could be more decent to each other.


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