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Last year I started listening to podcasts and the best ones I’ve found are the ones hosted by comedians.  Ellen DeGeneres has come up briefly on two different podcasts and both basically said that she’s a complete witch (they pronounced it with a B).

OMG, Ellen DeGeneres is Difficult?

I love Ellen DeGeneres.  I don’t watch her show regularly, the episodes I’ve caught crack me up!  I buy and promote Halo Pets for our dogs.  I would love to meet her in person.  I love images of her with her dogs and her partner.  I think she’s sweet and funny and adorable.  She was the star of Finding Nemo.  How can Ellen have this reputation?

Woman + Success = (B)Witch?

But then I think about a lot of successful women and start to realize that many of them have a sour reputation.  It’s interesting that a woman can have a bad day and she’s judged by that day for the rest of her life.  I bet a lot of women reading this can relate to that; a few men too.

Let’s Get Personal

In late summer 2011 I was having a bad allergy day.  I went to a picnic and was quiet (I’m usually boisterous and outgoing), because the allergy medicine was making me sleepy, but not alleviating my allergy symptoms.  Three people have judged me as an unpleasant person and haven’t been kind to me since.

Their opinion of me is laughable, but interesting too.  One day I wasn’t feel well (I wasn’t rude or snippy; just quiet) and I became a “difficult”  and “negative” in their eyes. 

Back to Ellen DeGeneres

So when I hear stories stating that Ellen DeGeneres is difficult, I have to wonder if this person (who is crazy busy and has stressful days) is being judged by one bad day.  She’s a dog lover, she’s successful, and she’s using that success to give back to animal rescue – she can’t be all bad.

I used to be the type of person who believed the worst in celebrities when I heard it, because that’s all that’s really put out there.  But life experience helped open my eyes and I’ve taken a step back and now ask myself “is this true?”

So, the next time I hear something negative about Ellen DeGeneres, I’m going to remember that day I had bad allergies.  When I hear that dog lover Miley Cyrus asked a store clerk “don’t you know who I am?”  I’m going to wonder if she really said “wow, finally, someone who doesn’t know who I am!”  And when I hear that Oprah can be difficult, I’m going to shout “hell yes and look where it got her!!!”

Dog Lover (and women!) Unite!


Has your passion (or a bad allergy day) ended with you being labels as difficult?  What do you think about the Ellen rumors?

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