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Is Your Dog Secretly Living in Pain

When you read the title, you probably thought I’d give you a list of ways to tell that your dog is in pain, since they seem to keep these things close to the chest.

  • Rodrigo licks his elbow – where he has arthritis
  • Sydney limps
  • Sometimes they get cranky
  • Some dogs seek quiet places

I don’t know all of the signs that I should be looking for, so I was excited when I was approached to review an ebook with this title.  Disclosure: I received compensation in exchange for  my time reading the book and writing my honest review.

Is Your Dog Secretly Living in a World of Pain

What really peaked my interest was the heads up that there was a section sharing Dr. Lichtenberg’s thoughts on the raw food diet.  “Oh, and it includes Dr. Deb’s views on raw diets, which I think you’ll find interesting (and I’m going to guess go against your own views).”

Whether a veterinarian is pro or against, I’m always interested in their thoughts, because there is always something to learn.

Spoiler Alert: I was beyond disappointed in this book.

After having read it, I’m not enlightened about how to tell if one of our pets is in pain.  This book is simply an introduction to pet ownership that you might receive in your adoption packet when you take your new puppy or dog home or at your first vet visit.

It isn’t all bad.  I think the following topics were covered well…

  • vaccinations
  • spay/neuter surgeries
  • why we need to clean our pets’ teeth
  • how to choose a vet
  • how not to annoy your vet

What most disappointed me about the ebook…

  • I feel that the title is misleading; it’ll encourage people to sign up for a newsletter and they when they get the ebook, they’ll realize that it’s more of a general pet health information ebook for new pet owners
  • There is no section (or opinion) on raw dog food.  There is a link that I can follow to take me to a site where the author shares her thoughts.  I only agreed to the review, because I thought this book addressed raw; it doesn’t.

This book was written to build a mailing list.  You can get a free copy by signing up here.  I’m certain that Pets Adviser provides great information to subscribers, but if you’re interested in homemade dog food and natural dog care, I recommend Dogs Naturally Magazine – I look forward to and devour every single newsletter.  It is full of amazing information from vaccination protocols, the use of essential oils, holistic treatments, and homemade and raw diets.

I believe that Is Your Pet Secretly Living in a World of Pain? is great for new pet owners with the warning that the title doesn’t relay what the book is about.

Color me disappointed.

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