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It’s Crazy Easy to Create Liver Dog Treats at Home

Easy Liver Training Treat Recipe

I read this post over at Kolchak Puggle about creating organ meat treats and remembered that we make treats for our dogs too, It’s really easy too.

I fry up chicken or beef liver on the stove in coconut oil. I make sure to cook it thoroughly. When it’s finished, I let it cool on a paper towel (to soak up any extra oil – there’s never much).

When the liver is cool, I chop it up in training treat size bites to create liver dog treats for our dogs.

They love it (and I do too, because I love liver – chicken liver, that is).

I don’t make too much at once, because there are no preservatives so the shelf life is limited. I make enough for a couple days and take them on walks with us. Because it’s homemade, the dogs are always on their best behavior when they know I have these in our pocks. In fact, it’s kind of hard to get them focused on our walk at first.

Another thing to know, because liver is rich, it can cause loose stools, something we learned recently. BUT, I haven’t had this experience with the liver treats and I think it’s because they’re cooked so many of the nutrients that make liver so rich have been cooked away.

Next, I’m going to try this with hearts and gizzards.

Do you have any easy dog treat recipes?  Do you like liver?


  1. I’ve done a beef heart. I bought it at the local farm, defrosted it and seasoned it with garlic powder and baked it in the over like a roast.

    Then I cut off a chunk and chunk it up for treats and freeze the rest.

    The dogs go nuts for it and like you said, are on their best behavior. I even called my sister’s dogs off some mischief the last time we visited. :-)

  2. I would eat those! My dogs are always on their best behavior for anything homemade, it seems.

  3. We have a dehydrator so when making liver treats, we dehydrate them. Though typically I use liver in meals and beef or ground beef for jerky.

  4. I love chicken gizzards and hearts. I get those about 3 or 4 times a month. Ma uses scissors to cut up the raw gizzards because its too hard to do with knives. When she cooks them up she uses a non stick pan and just sautes them to a medium rare. She never uses oils or salts. Since she has cut them up into bite size bits, they cook really fast. She always uses her best Julia Childs voice and talks me through the recipe. When she starts talking with that funny voice I know she is cooking the gizzards and hearts and my tail wags happy.

    • If I visit, will you share with me? Love gizzards. The dogs do too.

  5. I’ll have to try this for Rita. I’m sure she’d love it! She’s so fussy, but anything meaty is a win in her book. (Now I just have to remember to look for livers at the store!)

    • I saw some liver at the store today and nearly bought it, but I don’t have time to make it yet. But I’ll pick some up this weekend.


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