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Kimberly Gauthier, Editor in Chief

I’m a Fur Mom who shares dog care tips, including dog training, behavior, health, nutrition and safety.  Keep the Tail Wagging is inspired by my experience as an established dog parent to three dogs with the goal of becoming the premier pet blogger for dog lovers, endorsed by leading pet brands.

I live in the Pacific Northwest with my boyfriend and best friend, our three rambunctious dogs, and two tolerent kitties.

You can reach me at

Joan Hunt and Ponch, Inquisitive Canine

Joan is a certified professional dog trainer and dog behavior coach. Poncho is a 10-pound mutt who knows a lot about canine and human behavior. Their column is known for its simple, commonsense approach to dog training and behavior, as well as its entertaining insight into implementing proven techniques that reward both owner and dog.

Joan is also the founder of the Inquisitive Canine and developer of the Out of the Box Dog Training Game, where her love-of-dog training approach highlights the importance of understanding canine behavior.

Amanda Griffin, A Mastiff Blog

Amanda is the owner of A Mastiff Blog, which is dedicated to information and celebration of the English Mastiff and all breeds of dogs; where you can find resources on dry and raw food diets, dog treat recipes, buying a puppy, raising a puppy, locating a reputable English Mastiff breeder and so much more!

What I love about Amanda’s blog is that she writes about mastiffs from her own experience as a dog mom to two mastiffs; it’s an easy, casual and informative blog with loads of information that the dog parent to any breed can appreciate and find useful.

Alycia Neighbours, Blogger and Super Mom

Alycia is a blogger I connected with over photography and an amazing writer and will be able to teach us a lot about children and dogs.  She’s the author of  Amazon’s Kindle Marketplace Best Selling grief books “Deciding To Dance” and “Wake Up In The Mourning,” her personal blog “Diary of ‘…and frankly,’” and is a contributing writer to many other websites from politics to charities. Alycia’s writing combines her deep rooted values with a sarcastic voice that makes her words unique, but relatable.

She lives with her husband, 7 kids, 2 dogs, 1 cat, 1 horse and 2 bearded dragons in a constant state of chaos and feeding times in Middle Tennessee. Often using stories from her kids and pets to reemphasize what’s really important in life.

Cheryl McLean, The McLean Puppy Chronicles

I am a high school librarian.  I thought raising guide dog puppies for Southeastern Guide Dogs for the blind would fill that empty place when having children was not an option.  Having a guide dog puppy with us at all times changed our lives. When we got our first puppy I started the blog The McLean Puppy Chronicles, which tells the story of how sometimes when you start a project where you think you will be giving back, you end up receiving so much more in return.

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