Keep the Tail Wagging is BlogPaws 2013 Bound as a Speaker @BlogPaws

Keep the Tail Wagging is BlogPaws 2013 Bound as a Speaker @BlogPaws

BlogPaws 2013 Sponsorship Opportunity

Last night I learned that nearly 300 emails weren’t forward to my gmail account, which means that I missed out on a a few great opportunities…

  • Subaru and BlogPaws
  • Toyota
  • Potential Advertisers
  • Product Reviews
  • Loads of Images for my Mixed Breed eBook
  • Great emails from readers

I worked with my amazing host (Host Gator) and we got the problem resolved and I managed to respond to all of the emails.  Whenever things like this happen, I start to wonder what “better” thing is coming along that will make it worth going through this hassle.

Being invited to speak at BlogPaws 2013 is what!

I’ll be speaking with Joanne McGonagle of The Tiniest Tiger.  My portion of the session will be Standing Out in the Popular Niche of Pet Blogging.  I’m really excited to connect with and learn from other bloggers and brands.  Meeting the people behind my favorite blogs, finding new blogs, and being on the other side of the country is going to be a great adventure for this home body.

So, are you going to BlogPaws this year?


  1. Congratulations Kimberly! You are an amazing pet blogger, and deserve the recognition. So are you, Jodi! Enjoy both of your blogs very much. All the best to you.
    Debbie recently published..CULTURAL OBSERVATIONSMy Profile

  2. Kimberly, hey great news. Congratulations! We wouldn’t miss your session!


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