Keep the Tail Wagging On the List of Top 100 Pet Blogs to Follow in 2013

Keep the Tail Wagging On the List of Top 100 Pet Blogs to Follow in 2013

I’m so excited about this honor.  I was including in a list of Top 100 Pet Blogs to Follow in 2013 and I’m in the #2 slot.  I don’t know how this list is ordered, but I’m happy to be included!  I see a lot of pet blogger friends on this list – excited to see Robert’s Seattle DogSpot – and a lot more that I need to check out and connect with this year!

Let’s make this fun and add to the list of top 100 pet blogs to follow in 2013 and make it better!  Add your blog in the comments below.  What’s your blog’s name, URL and what do you talk about.  Then share 1-2 pet blogs that you love!  Let’s spread the love!


An infographic by the team at CouponAudit



  1. Saw your name on the list over at Fidose of Reality today and came by to congratulate you…WTG! There are so many blogs I love it’s hard to choose, but I’d have to add My imperfect Dog Mollie & Alfie and Mo the Wally
    Gizmo ( recently published..IF I SHOULD DIE BEFORE MY DOG–MY FIRST GIVEAWAY!My Profile

  2. Kimberly, congratulations…that’s two great things for you this weekend! We just started blogging a few months ago at, but hope to make this list next year!

    We blog about dog health, fitness & obesity. We’re currently writing a series on obesity – how dogs get overweight, what’s actually in the food we give them – especially caloric content and how we can help them get fit. We are so devoted to dog health & fitness, we developed an App that helps you track calories in, calories burned through exercise and makes it easier for pet owners to keep their dogs fit.

    We donate a portion of our revenues ($.50/app) to rescue organizations, so we’re involved in the rescue community and blog about that and our senior rescues…including Slimdoggy himself!

    Would love to have the time to follow everyone on this list!
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  3. Congratulations Kimberly – quite an achievement! My blog is Pawsitively Pets and is dedicated to all things animal – – Since I started blogging just a few months ago, I have found so many other fantastic blogs! It is hard to name just a few!

    I am a pet parent to a pit bull, so I am partial to them. “One Blue Dog” is a blog written from Remy the dog’s POV. He is adorable and reviews a lot of pet products and I just love reading all of his stories. He also learns a lot of really neat tricks like “detention”. is his address.

    The other dog blog I really like right now is called “Pitlandia”. It’s about Athena, a super cute pit-bull that lives in Portland. She does a lot of training and is very fashionable! Her mom also has a really cool Etsy shop that sells cute doggy accessories.
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  4. Hi Kimberly! Congratulations! This is Katherine from Life with Arie; I was also included on the infographic. It’s great to get to know your blog and I look forward to your posts.

    As for other blogs I’d like to recommend, you should definitely check out and, the home of Life with Claire. The “Life with…” girls like to stick together, and I LOVE their blogs.

    Lookiing forward to your future posts!
    Katherine recently published..Testing, testing, one two three…My Profile

  5. Bravo to you! Nice to see you get the peer recognition you so richly deserve.

    Here at Healing Rescue Dogs, my focus is on story telling. Most of my posts are narrative non-fiction emphasizing the relationships that people have with their dogs. I do occasional book reviews and interviews with people who are a part of the pet industry.

    Two blogs I follow are: love and a six foot leash:
    and Bedlam Farm:

    Congratulations again. I am so thrilled for you.
    Kathy recently published..Guest Post/Share The Joys of Living in a Multi-Dog HomeMy Profile

  6. Congratulations! It’s obvious that you’ve worked hard on Keep The Tail Wagging and deserve the recognition.

  7. KUDOS Kimberly, anywhere would be great but #2, WooHoo, great job. Love your blogs, read them everyday and have found several new things for Sassy’s and for our fur family. There are so many and most of them are done really well, it’s hard to keep up with it all, not enough time in the day.

    GREAT JOB, keep it up

  8. Congratulations on making this list! You really deserve it.
    I have an animal care and training blog that covers pets as well as exotic animals.
    Let me know what you think.

  9. Wow! Cngrats! You derserve it, you work so hard to make this blog a must-read!
    Ok, mine is not as popular but hey, i’m having fun with it and wait till i’m on the road! It will be so pawsome! Lots of adventures to come!
    keep up the great work Kim!
    i really can leave my link here? Cool, thank you!
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