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I have an amazing boyfriend.

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I adore him in so many ways and the reason why is because of how much he loves our dogs.

  • He brought home a huge freezer for us to store their raw food.
  • He dons an apron on the days when we’re chopping up and grinding chicken for their food.
  • He carries a sleepy Scout outside for a potty break.
  • He gives me updates on Sydney’s knee and the puppies’ poop consistency.
  • He plays fetch with Rodrigo daily before I get home from work.

So whenever I get an opportunity to treat him with something special, I do.

Earlier this month, Jill of Laughing Cat contacted me about her artwork and created four very cool images that we’re now trying to find a home for in our home.

Laughing Cat Art Work

This image doesn’t capture the amazing detail and quality.

After we lost Blue, we decided to finally start painting our house.  We’ve lived here nearly 4 years and besides moving our furniture in and adding a few pictures to the walls, we haven’t made this house our own.

We’re also looking for cool artwork that is distinctly us and Laughing Cat helped us out.  When I unveiled the work for J, he smiled and loved each one (I did too).  It’s exactly what we were looking for – the question is where will we hang them?

  • Should we hang all four together?
  • Should they be hung in a cube (like above) or across the walls?
  • Which wall will make the best home for these pictures?

I don’t want them in my home office, because these should be on display.  I’m thinking they should be hung in our entryway after we finish painting.  The walls will be a butter yellow, but now I’m wondering if we should use more of a toffee color.  I don’t know.  Lots of decisions.  But the idea of walking in the house and seeing these images every day makes me happy.

For now, they are in my home office…



Laughing Cat Bracelets

If you get a kick out of artwork that incorporates the canines we love, check out Laughing Cat Studio on Etsy.  And the artist has generously offered 20% on new orders when you use the code Wagging20.

Do you have any doggy artwork in your house?  How much?

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