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Want to Succeed in Dog Training? Just Think Happy Thoughts #lawofattraction

Dogs and The Law of Attraction


I believe in the Law of Attraction.  Remember “The Secret” craze from a decade ago (I think) when everyone was asking the Universe for money and weight loss?  Well, that’s the commercial version (my opinion) of Law of Attraction.  My version is this…

Galatians 6:7-8: “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting.”

I have the power to create my reality simply through my thoughts and feelings.  When I think/feel positive thoughts, then I attract things and situation that are positive.  When I’m stressed and angry, I attract more situations to make me stressed and angry.

This is Not a Religious Post!

I used to have the same morning all the time.  I’d wake up and stub my toe or bump my head.  After a string of swear words I’d realize that I was out of soap or toothpaste.  I’d spill makeup down my shirt, I set the alarm off on my way out the door, only to find that I barely had any gas and I was already running late.  The entire time telling myself how stupid I am.  Arrggghhh!  As you can imagine, the day continued to get worse.

When I learned about the Law of Attraction, I had my Ah Ha moment and the end of crappy mornings, because I realized that I had the power to create my morning.  Now when my morning starts like this, it cracks me up.

Law of Attraction and Dog Training

Law of Attraction isn’t a short cut; I still have to do the work, I just do it with a positive attitude, because I want to attract positive results.  I’m not perfect; I still have rotten days, but I now know that I created those days.

So when our littermates arrived at the doorsteps of doggie adolescence, I was prepared to work through their rebellions with success.  Except, I forget everything I learned about Law of Attraction and failed miserably for months.

Law of Attraction is a great tool if you can keep cool and actually use it.  But when someone sends you a nasty email, it’s not always easy to smile and think “I hope Sally’s day gets better.”  And it’s not always easy to cringe at the idea of walking your dogs when you remember how horribly they behaved yesterday.

Positive Thinking Makes Training Easier

Our dogs are really well behaved.  I know that Cesar Milan would probably disagree should he visit our home, but I stand by statement.  They’re awesome.  They’re not perfect.  They’re awesome.

What I learned to allow me to manage 3 strong dogs at a combined 135 pounds is to…

  1. Be Confident! Working out helped me build confidence, but my natural love all that is me helped too (just kidding).  I realized that when I would panic at the thought of my dogs misbehaving, guess what I got.  Misbehaving dogs.  Now, I just calmly and firmly instruct my dogs and they listen.
  2. Be Positive!  When I walked out the house with our dogs dreading what would happen at the dog park (humping, bad recall, aggression) that’s what I experienced.  When I envision a peaceful walk, getting great exercise, interacting successfully with other dog owners – that’s exactly what I get.  I stopped look at every dog walking experience as a chore and saw it as an opportunity for me to relax after a long day.
  3. Work Out! I have to be strong to manage these dogs and, believe it or not, it’s not just to hold on to leashes (although that’s a big park), it’s to build my confidence, because I know I’m strong.  If I’m focusing on trying to slow my breathing and rapidly beating heart (need more cardio) instead of my off leash dogs, then I’m not in control.  When I can keep up with our active dogs, I feel fantastic and very much like the pack leader.

There are still days when Rodrigo won’t return as quickly as I’d like, when Sydney pretends not to hear her name, and when Blue is running straight for a smelly pond with glee – but when I’m confident and positive, I can see the humor in these situations and just laugh them off.  And on the days that I can’t see the humor, we go home, because if I’m stressed, then I’m going to attract more things to stress me out.

Don’t Take My Word for It

Teresa Van-Zeller, a Certified Hypnotherapist, shared a really cool story about her experience with her Rottweiler, Law of Attraction and dog training.

I am approximately 130 lbs and as my dog was growing rapidly, my walks with him were becoming more and more difficult. In one weekend, I lost three sets of clothing and have enough scars on my arms from the first 9 months of owning him from his constant jumping and “puppy bites” that were not aggressive but just coming from a puppy that didn’t know his strength. I began to wonder if I could keep him since I appeared to be unable to even walk him around the block without looking like I had been through a war zone when I returned.

I read every book, watched ever “Dog Whisperer” and hired a professional trainer. There was one chapter in Cesar’s book that talked about pretending I was Cleopatra when I walked out the front door with my head up high, chest out and portraying that “I” owned the neighborhood. I had also read about using the “gentle leader” leash and had the trainer come over to teach me how to use it.

I listened and read and decided I was going to master this because I did truly love this majestic animal. I put on his gentle leader harness, stood by the front door taking some slow deep breaths, (I am a hypnotist so this part was easy), and then I walked out the front door like I was Cleopatra with head high and chest out. It was the first successfully uneventful, beautiful walk and I was so excited.

When we arrived home, you can imagine my surprise when I went to take off Max’s gentle leader leash and realized that although I had put it on his head; I had forgotten to attach it to the leash. This meant that on the entire walk, the only thing that was different from all the previous walks was my “false” belief that I had better control of my dog and my confidence that I obviously exuded that I had been lacking before. I learned a lot from that walk. It really is about energy and we really do get what we expect. And THAT is how the Law of Attraction works!

Pet Communication and Dog Training

A great book that I’d recommend that helped me with our dogs is Animal Communication 101, Simple Steps for Communicating with Animals by Joan Ranquet.  Learn more about my thoughts HERE.  Joan’s book isn’t really about Law of Attraction and dog training, but I was able to apply a lot of what she shared to interactions with our dogs that produced immediate (positive) results.


Now it’s you’re turn!  Have you found that being positive has lead to more positive experiences with your dog?


  1. That is so true – be positive. My dog is so reward based and loves to please.

    • Ohhh absolutely; our trainer told me that we didn’t have to use treats all the time, we could use hugs and praise and our dogs would get that too so we do :)

  2. Attitude really does make a difference. When you expect bad things, your whole demeanour changes and more things tend to go wrong. Dogs are also excellent at reading our body language and if we’re tense and upset, they will pick up on that and respond in kind. It’s a really hard thing to master, however, and I am not always good at keeping it light and positive. Sometimes I know if I am in a frustrated mood, I just won’t do any training at all, or I’ll start with playing with my dog in hopes of feeling better. Training while upset is never a good idea and just leads to potentially damaging my relationship with my dog.

    • So very true, Kristine – that’s how I feel too. When I’m frustrated, I just take a break. Sometimes I to TTouch on one of them, because it relaxes me too or I’ll brush them. By the time I’m finished, I’m ready to have some training fun :)

  3. Very great post! our dogs are so in-tune to us emotionally; they are emotion fed creatures—that’s why dogs are so great for assisting people with special needs—they know exactly when things are wrong, and try and help. If our attitudes stay positive, that might be the difference between frustration and exuberance in a training session. Excellent!

    • Thanks – it’s definitely been our experience. Whenever I get stressed, I take a deep breath and reset. It’s important to celebrate the wins.

  4. Such a good post Kimberly and a good reminder. It’s absolutely true, when I’m relaxed, my dogs are relaxed and the same when I’m stressed. The tone of voice you use with them is so important. Our dog Sally used to know immediately when I was having a bad day and if loving me up didn’t work, she’d leave the room!

    • LOL – that’s fantastic!

  5. I too believe in the Law of Attraction…I see it in action everyday…On the days when I keep a positive attitude things go well, when I have my Debbie Downer hat on they don’t….It’s a matter of reminding myself throughout the day that it is me creating my experiences…With dogs it’s totally true…I try to explain to nervous owners that they need to relax because their stressed out attitude is transmitted straight to their dogs…I maintain a relaxed and confident attitude with Gizmo and he responds with trust and obedience

    • When I started just going with the flow and enjoying the time with our dogs, we had much better walks. We went through a period where Rodrigo had terrible recall, he’d fight with other dogs, and walking them was miserable. No longer. Now I just need to get them to stop barking at joggers.

  6. What a wonderful philosophy to train and go through your day with! Dogs can feel the energy around us, so when you are happy and positive, we’ll feel more confident and upbeat as well!! 😀

    Of course, if that squirrel or really fowl smell draws us in…we might have to go and see it first, then be positive on our way back to you!! 😉 Have a great day!

    • I completely understand about the squirrel and smell. I’ll give a pass for birds too. :)

  7. This is a very good article but in my opinion the part that I have copy and pasted below is priceless and I believe in it wholeheartedly.

    “Galatians 6:7-8: “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting.”

    I have the power to create my reality simply through my thoughts and feelings. When I think/feel positive thoughts, then I attract things and situation that are positive. When I’m stressed and angry, I attract more situations to make me stressed and angry.”

    • Thanks so much! I appreciate you stopping by!

  8. You are welcome. This is a very nice website you have here and you can tell that you have put allot of work into it. I applaud your efforts.

  9. Yet again, another divine confirmation from the universe! I have very recently started practicing the law of attraction with amazing results. Today after having a great day I decided to try envisioning our walk. I envisioned what they would do and how they would do it with no barking and focusing on relieving themselves. I let it go and it HAPPENED! I believed it, they felt it and it happened.
    I did a google search on this very topic, with a few dead ends and here is this website stating EXACTLY what I did! I am in awe at the law of attraction and how it makes me feel. I am excited for our walks and life in general! I know that I attracted this website so I just HAD to share my experience!
    Thanks for this post and stay positive!

    • Wow! That is so amazing. So excited that you found me. I’ve been studying LOA for years; since The Secret on Oprah. I finally started to understand how to be a deliberate creator in Fall 2011. I connected LOA with our dogs when I read the book Animal Communication 101 (I did a review on here last year). One thing that I took away from that book was how animals pick up on our energy so I started sending positive energy out to them all the time. Even when I’m frustrated with them, I let them know through thoughts and feelings how much I love them and they seem to get it. Our dogs have gotten a lot better on walks and they understand terms like “stay in the yard” when they’re tempted to take off to the Centennial Trail on their own.

      I use LOA in all aspects of my life and I’m so happy. As ye sow, so shall ye reap – sounds like law of attraction to me.

      Thanks for stopping by!!!!


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