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Learning Recall with Games at a PetSmart Puppy Class

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Learning Recall in Petsmart Puppy Class

Puppy class has been amazing.  At the halfway point of the 6 week course and I was seriously considering signing Scout and Zoey up for the second level of classes with our amazing trainer, Brittany.

So far, our littermate puppies have learned…

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Shake
  • Hi-Five
  • Leave it
  • Drop it
  • Look
  • To wait at the door (instead of bolting outside)
  • Loose leash walking

We’ve learned how to communicate our desires to them patiently and effectively.

And although we’ve lost some dog beds in the process, potty training is going very very well.

Brittany had us play hide and seek at the store.

PetSmart Puppy Class - Hide and Seek

I think the best part of puppy classes is when Brittany arrives – for about 60 seconds, Scout and Zoey forget all about us as they run to greet their dog trainer.  She’s the only human (besides us) that they absolutely adore.  And she’s great with them.  Wish we could bottle her and take her home – in a totally no creepy or psycho way.

What was the most useful thing you learned in puppy class?


  1. I’ve taken one dog to a puppy class and that was my golden retriever Brittni growing up. The thing I learned there is the importance of ongoing training and how much I love it! Since then, I’ve taken tons of classes with various dogs and I learn something new every time. I’m a huge fan of obedience classes.

    • I’m definitely considering signing up for the next level – we need to look at our schedule to make sure we can fit it in. I wish that PetSmart offered private sessions (at our home); we’d hire Brittany in a heartbeat and it would be fun for all the dogs.

  2. This makes me want to take my puppy to class. He doesn’t know any tricks yet. It sounds like you have a great trainer though.

    • She was amazing, but all the trainers were. They also host puppy play sessions and a few trainers are on hand and they were great with our dogs, but Brittany holds a place in their hearts – I should have taken video of them when they first see her.

  3. Cute! Biddy’s first class was the Pet Smart class…we loved it! I’m a dog class junkie…my dogs are 3 1/2 and 4 and we are almost always in a class. We’ve done focus foundations, agility, basic obedience, Noseworks….and multiple sessions of them for fun. We have a two adult house, grown kids not living at home anymore :)…so there are no kids and all their friends running in and out of our house….I strongly believe that class…no matter the kind, helps keep my dogs social. We go to a park (on leash) where they get a lot of interaction, but nobody knows them….at class..the teacher,the other moms all know your dogs, there are behvior expectations and it is awesome! Have fun!

  4. Anyone know Brittany’s contact info? We trained with her for a couple of sessions and really liked her and our dog responded to her training. She is no longer there. We are looking for her to hire her for private sessions!

    • Oh no. I was going to sign up for another class with her. I’ll try and track her down and let you know. If you find her, please let me know.


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