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photo credit: kozumel

Update: We no longer feed our dogs Life’s Abundance dog food; click HERE to learn our reasons for switching.

I found this great video on YouTube by John Albrecht of HealthyPetBiz.com who went out and purchased several bags of well know dog foods to compare price per pound and shows us that just on that comparison alone, Life’s Abundance dog food is cheaper than most dog foods.

For those of you who look at the price of Life’s Abundance dog food and get a little sticker shock, take the time to check out John’s video.  If you’ve looked into Life’s Abundance dog food and were turned off by the price, I know how you feel and I’ll admit that when I first learned about Life’s Abundance, I felt the same way – that the price was too high – and we were already paying for a premium dog food.  But then I did my own comparison based on dog food bag size, serving size for two dogs, and how often we replaced our dog food and I found that Life’s Abundance dog food was cheaper than the food we were using (which is also in the video below).

John does and excellent job of showing us that Life’s Abundance dog food is affordable.  And when you start looking into the quality ingredients, how quickly Life’s Abundance dog food arrives at your door after the manufacturing process, and the health benefits that will reduce your veterinarian visits, you’ll see that Life’s Abundance dog food is cheaper than most dog foods on so many levels.


When you add in fewer health issues resulting in visits to the vet, you’ll get more savings.  Plus our dogs eat less of the Life’s Abundance food than their former brand (because there are no fillers) so our 40 pound bag lasts for 2 months.

My experience with Life’s Abundance

I became a rep AFTER I was sold on this food.  To see Rodrigo, still a puppy, go from hobbling on three legs to running full out in the yard after Sydney is what sold me on Life’s Abundance.  And to see Sydney lose some weight and gain some energy sealed the deal.

My business covers the cost of our pet food

Still think Life’s Abundance is too spendy?  Consider becoming a Life’s Abundance Rep.  I’d love to talk to you about the great opportunity Life’s Abundance has for animal lovers like you and me.  There are Life’s Abundance reps who foster and rescue many dogs and cats and their Life’s Abundance business helps them cover the cost of pet food.  It’s exciting to find a business that wants to support rescue groups and works by allowing them to become reps!


If you have any more questions about feeding your dog Life’s Abundance our our experience with feeding our dogs and cats Life’s Abundance, please don’t hesitate to contact me and ask as many questions as you’d like.  I’m such a fan of Life’s Abundance that I’m now a rep for the company, but that doesn’t mean that I’m going to sell you on the food or on starting a business.  I just want to spread the word of this pet food and product option to people who love their dogs and cats.


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