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Our First Month with Littermate Puppies #GoodHomeStore

Blue's Legacy Collage, littermate puppies

6 things I learned our first month with Scout and Zoey

It’s better to have new dogs adapt to our normal routine than for us to adopt to new dogs.  There will always be changes that will need to be made, but keeping our regular routine in tact kept the weekend from being stressful.  Routine is heaven.

The puppies cry for various reasons, including “we have to go potty!!!!”  This surprised me, but it’s true.  They only used the potty pads 3 times this weekend.

It’s paramount to talk (and then retalk) about puppy responsibilities – get the finances down (who’s paying for what), get the calendars out to schedule puppy duties, and remind remind remind about the vet appointment.

The older dogs teach the puppies.  Rodrigo and Sydney have taught the puppies to Sit, to use the doggy door, and the puppies know the words “go potty,” “treat,” and “leave it.”  We allow the dogs to correct the puppies, but we also monitor their interactions.

Puppies are resilient but not invincible.  They fall off the furniture and they put everything in their mouth.  But they bounce back quickly.  That doesn’t mean they don’t need pet insurance coverage – I had these monsters signed up the day they turned 8 weeks old.

The Good Home Company

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It’s key to have a cleaner that we can trust around our dogs.  We were recently introduced to The Good Home Company – they make cleaning products that are safe to use by pet owners.  I’ve been using this to clean up after accidents and mop the hardwood floors since the puppies joined our families and I love it.

The puppies are doing GREAT on their potty training, but accidents do happen and we’ve been using Eco Pet Stain Remover to clean up each mess.  It dries sticky on the floor, but give it about 15-20 minutes and you won’t know where you sprayed it.  I don’t know how it works, but I know that it works.

We use the All Purpose Cleaner and Floor Soap on the floors.  The scent is strong when you take a whiff from the bottle, but a cap full is all you need to clean 1,000 square feet of hardwood floors.  It doesn’t stain, it doesn’t change the tint of the floors, and it leaves our house smelling amazing and not like smelly little puppies (and yes, they smell sometimes).  Oh, and this doesn’t dry sticky like the pet strain remover.

And the laundry detergent is perfect for our dogs bedding and towels – it cleans everything thoroughly without leaving a strong scent behind that bothers the dogs.

Considering that we haven’t made a dent in the bottles we received for review several weeks ago, I think the prices (which range from $15-$20) is perfect. We do laundry for the dogs 1x a week, we sweep daily, we vacuum and mop the floors every other day, we clean up at least one accident a day (make that 2), and we even put the all purpose cleaner in our Rainbow vacuum to freshen up the air while we vacuum the carpets.

All in all, we learned that The Good Home Store makes a kick ass product for dog families.  If you’d like to give them a try, you can save 20% on your order by using the code KTW20 (ends 2/20/14).

Now that you have dogs, has housecleaning become a daily task?


  1. I clean so much more than I ever did before we got Duke. It’s a daily task – especially the sweeping. I am so thankful that we don’t have any carpet in the apartment because it makes cleaning up, from accidents or daily life, a breeze! That cleaner sounds great, I’m always worried about what products are safe for Duke.

    • I am so looking forward to ripping up the last of the carpet in our downstairs area. I would do the entire house, but the cost of hardwoods is too much.

  2. I wouldn’t have time to clean daily if my life depended on it. I do vaccum frequently, not AFTER the dogs but FOR the dogs (many allergens can hide in the carpets). I use vinegar to clean everything that is not carpet.

    Cookie has done very well not soiling the house, so except the rare vomit there isn’t any biological mess to clean up. There is a lot of debris (ripped up tissues, boxes, threads from tug toys … I pick it the biggest chunks and the rest has to wait for the vacuuming time. Hey, it’s “clean” dirt 😉

    • I mostly clean, because my boyfriend gets cranky when the house is a mess and sometimes feel that I don’t do enough. Cleaning every other day makes our house more peaceful.

      • I hear you. If my hubby felt it’s too messy here, he can clean it damn self LOL

        He’s relatively easy. Doesn’t like toothpaste in the sink and empty toilet paper roll and toilet lid not down (his way to find justice for the toilet seat business LOL). So I do make sure those don’t happen.

  3. These are great points! I so admire all of the work you’ve put into raising your new puppies. And good to know about this cleaner, too! Like a factory, we’re 12 days without an accident here (knock on wood), but I always like to have a good pet stain cleaner on hand.

    • Thank you so much, that means a lot coming from you. I stalk your blog to get my GSD fix all the time. Love that breed and I’m loving watching your dogs interact. I’m learning a lot.


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