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9/14/12 UPDATE: FDA Publishes New Q&A on Chicken Jerky Treat Situation

I’ve been watching one company after another fall to the Pet Food Recall demons.  I actually spoke with one company months ago who assured me that they’re quality control made their products safe – they’re now on the pet food recall list.

If you haven’t seen the news, here are a few of the companies who have announced recalls…

Canyon Creek

Kingdom Pets

Milo’s Kitchen

Waggin’ Train

If you go to your local grocery store or pet store, you may see these brands on sale too!  I wonder how many dog owners are going to think “if they sell them, then they must be safe.”  Remember, they also sell cooked bones at the pet store and we know they’re unsafe too (they splinter and those sharp bone shards wreck havoc on our pups digestive systems).

So I decided to find a recipe to make chicken jerky for your dog and I found this recipe on the Raise a Green Dog blog, a new blog favorite.

  • Preheat your oven to 200° F
  • Lightly oil (olive oil is best) a baking sheet, a stainless steel one is best for healthier cooking!
  • Select organic chicken breast (or turkey breast if you’d like) and remove any fat.
  • Slice the chicken (or turkey) with the grain in very thin slices, about 1/8″ to 1/4″ inch thick.
  • Place the strips on your stainless steel baking sheet.
  • Bake for about 2 hours. (Baking times will vary due to difference in ovens, temperatures and meat size. When baked at two hours the treats should be firm and dry, not soft. It’s best to increase the time to be sure they are dry and firm, if needed).
  • When cooled you can cut the strips into appropriate feeding pieces, or take a full strip and break off for a nice rapid reward treat!

These treats will last for about 2 weeks if stored in a nice air tight container. And they can be frozen for up to six months if needed.

For additional flavor you can sprinkle the chicken breasts (or turkey) before baking with just a little organic parsley, sage or ginger for added flavor.

Update! Kirby the Dorkie shared that we should look into cooking with olive oil and coconut oil.  I’ve been reading that too; you can even drizzle a little on your dog’s food!

Now it’s Your Turn!

If you have a recipe to make chicken jerky for your dog, please share it in the comments below!  Thanks!

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