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Littermate Puppies

I love that I can count on each of our dogs to behave in a certain way that makes me so glad that I’m a dog mom.  Milk-Bone® biscuits remind me of my dog Jackson.  Milk-Bone was a must have in our house and when I saw the familiar red box, I smiled.

My childhood had it’s ups and downs and Jackson was there with me through it all – he was my baby, my best friend, and he helped me get through the hard days and celebrate the good ones.  The memories Milk-Bone brought up inspired me to share a few things that our dogs do that make me well up with love.

When I come home…

  • Rodrigo prances to me like a horse, lifting his head up and down and then he leans into my leg with his body.
  • Sydney wiggles to me, shaking her but and squeezing through my legs so that I can reach down and rub her belly.
  • Scout and Zoey start with their big dog barks and then jump up on me (even though they’re not supposed to) reaching for my fingers to chew while they whine and wag their tails.

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Slumber party sleepover night…

We have a sectional that Rodrigo and I share on slumber party sleepover night – the back of my legs are a coveted spot, but the littermates never fight over the space, because if I choose the right spot on the sectional – my head is in the corner – they’re both happy.

  • Rodrigo sleeps opposite me and we share a pillow.  The only bummer about this is that at a point before he falls asleep, he’ll throw his very hard head back for a kiss goodnight.  I’m so used to it that I can anticipate when it’s coming and avoid the head butt.
  • Sydney likes to sleep on the pillow too, but prefers the back of my legs.  I love it too, because her head is close enough that I can reach down to rub her ears, something she loves.
  • Scout and Zoey still love their puppy pile so they’re in their condo area of the living room, but the door is open, because at some point, Zoey (and occasionally Scout) will wake up, stretch and wiggle over to me to be picked up and fall back asleep on my chest.  I cherish this, because I know they’ll be too big in a few months.
Rodrigo and Sydney at the Dog Park

Rodrigo and Sydney have a blast whenever water is nearby!

We’re going bye bye!!!!

And then there are the moments when they notice that I’m putting on my tenni-runners and my coat.  I don’t have to say anything; our entire pack knows that we’re going Bye Bye!!!!

  • Rodrigo starts barking, loudly!
  • Sydney starts running back and forth; she eventually comes up to me, jumps up and hits me with her front pasts.  It’s as if she’s saying “Are we going bye bye? Get OUT!!! No WAY!!!”
  • And the the puppies just run around barking in the air.  They have no idea what’s happening, but they know it’s something good so they get swept away in the excitement.

Sydney | Why Do Dogs Roll in Smelly Things

Is that a dead squirrel?  Ohhhh, I’m going to smell GREAT!!!

And then there’s the lovely gift that keeps on giving.  We live in a rural area so dead critters turn up so times our dogs are the cause.  It’s not our favorite part of dog ownership, but it does give us plenty of reasons to laugh.

  • It’s not a question of what Sydney has rolled in; it’s a question of what she hasn’t rolled in.  I’ve come to accept this part of her and instead of shouting “SYDNEY, NO!!!,” I shout “WANT A BATH???”  That cuts back on the rolling in dead things, at least when I’m around.
  • Rodrigo knows that I’m not a fan of his neck cologne aka  dead critter scent, so he tries to refrain, but sometimes the decomp is just too good to pass up and he’ll take the bath if it means that he gets a few minutes of good rolling.
  • The puppies, thank heavens, haven’t picked up on this habit yet.  We’re crossing our fingers that they don’t figure it out.  But what they have figured out is that dead critters are fun the play with and since it’s cold outside, we’ll just bring it inside, that’s when they learned “Drop It.”  And J took the critter away.

Milk Bones

Even dogs give puppy kisses…

And finally, how can you not love it when your dog leans in for a hug and a kiss.  Every single dog we’ve had has been super affectionate.

  • Rodrigo leans in and gives a nice kiss on my chin and then we cuddle.  If I sit on the floor, he immediately comes and sits in front of me and lifts his paw for easy access for a tummy rub.
  • Sydney likes to just curl up next to me on the sofa and I love having her there.  No matter where I go, my velcro dog isn’t far behind (unless someone else has a treat).
  • And the puppies still have some puppy breath going and I love their kisses.  But they also kiss with their teeth; what that means is that they lick lick lick then nibble, lick lick lick then nibble.  Blue did this too, so I wonder if it’s an Australian Shepherd trait.  Whatever it is, it reminds me of Blue so I love it.


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