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Are Multivitamins for Dogs the Key to Longer, Healthy Lives for Dogs?

I’ve written about the pros and cons of The Oils (salmon oil, olive oil, coconut oil, and krill oil) for our dogs, but what about multivitamins.  When we were doing our bi weekly Costco shopping trip, I was tickled that I remembered to grab my gummy vitamins (love these!!) and wondered if we should consider a daily multivitamin for dogs.

A company sent us vitamins to review,but before I changed up our dogs’ diet, I did a little research and learned that some experts believe that dogs need a daily multi-vitamin if…

  • s/he has been diagnosed with a vitamin or mineral deficiency that a daily multivitamin for dogs will help,
  • we prepare their food at home and a daily multivitamin will help supplement their diet, because the food we prepare may not be complete nutritionally, or
  • our dog is a finicky eater and a multivitamin will help supplement their diet until we can find a food that works for our dog.

Quality food contains proper nutrients…

We feed our dogs Halo Pets, a premium, holistic dog food, and I learned that if we’re feeding our dogs premium food (or if we have the proper balance in our home cooked meals) then a multi-vitamin for dogs may not be necessary.  What we have found to be necessary is a joint supplement and we give our dogs (not the puppy) Wag Lifetime Joint Supplements and we’ve seen amazing results with Rodrigo and Sydney.

By the way, if you’re feeding your dog a food that contains the nutrients that support joint health, this is great, but not to be confused with a supplement.  The nutrients in food don’t offer enough care to help a dog who is suffering from joint issues.

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We’re not fans of wasting money…

The reason I didn’t jump on the opportunity to purchase multivitamins for dogs is because I don’t want to waste the money if the vitamins will just be eliminated in their urine.  When doing my research, I found that the vitamins that are just eliminated in the urine (wow, can’t believe I typed urine three times now) are water soluble vitamins (like vitamin C).

Another type of vitamin is a fat soluble vitamin (like vitamins A, D, E, and K), which don’t leave the body as easily as water soluble vitamins and, therefore, can build up to toxic levels.


Wow, vitamins are complicated…

So, for now, we won’t be picking up a multi-vitamin for our dogs and we returned the free vitamins we received and declined to conduct a review.


If you feed your dog a multi-vitamin share the brand and what prompted you to add vitamins to your dog’s diet.


  1. Absolutely agree that low-quality feed is the number one cause of nutritional issues in dogs – and it’s especially responsible for a lot of the systemic joint problems that have risen by 38% over the last 5 years.

    Part of what prompted us at Pet Research to lead with Wag Lifetime Joint Care right out of the gate was the shocking discovery of so many dogs who experience constant symptoms of what’s called Chronic Systemic Inflammation due to irritants in low-quality food.

    But even alongside a good feed like Halo Pets, a non-glucosamine joint supplement like Wag Lifetime Joint Care is the *best* way to ensure your dog’s complete joint health.

    – Andrew B.
    Pet Research

    P.S.: We’re thrilled to hear about the positive results with Rodrigo and Sydney!

    • Thanks for stopping by, Andrew – I’m truly honored. I can’t tell you how thankful we are for your product. It’s hard to believe that Rodrigo was nearly lame this time last year and today he tears across our 5 acres playing with Sydney and Blue like nothing happened. Blue is going to go on the supplement next year. It’s such a valuable product for people with active dogs – all three of ours are Cattle Dog mix and we won’t be without it!

      I’m astounded by the number of health cases coming up with dogs and can’t help but wonder how much of this ties into what we feed our dogs. I’m very careful about the choices I make. I know that many packages are just marketing ploys to draw us in so I take the time to speak with representatives of the company.

      It’s important for us to budget for the best for our dogs. We know that paying a little more today will save us loads tomorrow.


  2. Perfect advice! Vitamins can be a waste of money if your pet is already eating a nutritionally balanced diet.

    • Thanks, Ann – we’re all trying to do our best to give our pets what they need and it can be confusing knowing what’s right and wrong. I’m just so happy that I did a little research before blindly feeding our dogs vitamins they don’t need.

      Thanks for stopping by.


  3. Vitamins are great. That said, I believe that the best way to deliver vitamins is through their natural food sources. Food sources contain what my nutrition course calls “vitamin complexes.” And I’m talking about things such as vitamin C complex and vitamin E complex. One way or another, those are substances that in foods come together, while in vitamin supplements they are stripped off.

    The other thing is that while a across the board vitamin supplementation might sound like a good idea, there are variables to what each individual dog needs, depending on their age, physical status, and diet. So I believe that adding vitamins makes much more sense on individual basis.

    • Great points, Jana
      I would have allowed myself to be talked into giving each of our dogs the same vitamins without knowing what they need or don’t need. Now that we have three dogs, money is a little tighter and I don’t want to waste money buying things that are unnecessary and could be harmful. I find it interesting that some of the supplements we can buy aren’t as great as we’d think, because the benefits were taken away during the process. What I learned is to start asking questions and do my own research when someone proposes that I start giving our dogs something for their health.

      Thanks for stopping by!


  4. I think almost all the dog food in the stores contain almost all the nutrients needed by our dog. And i do not prefer a chemical drugs/vitamins for my dog. But, there is a dog who needs multivitamins.

    • So very true, Andre

      I wasn’t comfortable giving our dogs vitamins unless I knew that they really needed them. Thanks for stopping by!

    • Thanks Dee and welcome back!!!

      I appreciate the link. I’ll check it out!


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