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Natural Pet Pantry Raw Dog Food

A to Z Challenge – N – Sponsored by Natural Pet Pantry

In April 2013, we switched our dogs to raw dog food and I tried making it at home after spending over $60 for two meals, I realized that I was in over my head so started feeding our dogs pre-made raw dog food.

I was recently at one of my favorite stores – Paddywack and noticed Natural Pet Pantry; we were running low on raw and although it was expensive (it was retail) I decided to grab a few containers for the dogs to try.   Our dogs loved it.  LOVED IT.

I contacted Natural Pet Pantry about switching over and after 2 separate hour long phone chats with one of the owners, I was convinced that this was the company for us.  Do NOT get me started talking about my babies and the food.  Apparently, the owner is the same way.

Natural Pet Pantry Raw Dog Food

5 Reasons We Switched to Natural Pet Pantry

It’s more affordable.  When I ran the numbers, I calculated that we’d save about $50 a month. Not a lot, but enough.  After the first month, I realized that by switching to ½ Natural Pet Pantry and ½ raw dog food purchased through our co-op, we would save over $300 a month.  We went from nearly $900 to $500.  In a post about the cost of raw dog food, I said our cost was $550 a month; I was wrong – it’s $500 or less.

The dogs eat less.  Because Natural Pet Pantry doesn’t add water to their food, we get more food and the dogs need less to be satisfied.  I do add water to their meal (or goats milk), because our dogs like it that way.  It’s been interesting watching Rodrigo and Sydney eat their fill and walk away leaving food behind for the puppies.  Both of them are at a healthy weight so I just cut back on their servings – giving it to our growing puppies instead of increasing our order.

It’s a local company who sources from human farmers.  Although I’m not a vegetarian, I do have concerns over how animals are treated in our country.  I understand that they are being raised for food, but human farmers have taught us that there is a right away to process these animals.  That’s why I love Natural Pet Pantry.

They don’t use pre-ground products.  All the meat is ground at their manufacturing facilities.  Natural Pet Pantry understands that one of the single best things we can do for our dogs is feed them a species specific diet prepared with high quality meats and other ingredients.  Although not using pre-ground meats makes their product more expensive, we’re still saving loads of money, while getting a quality product for our dogs.

Natural Pet Pantry makes cooked food for dogs too.  This is actually how they started.  So for dog owners who aren’t ready to go raw, you can still feed your dog a better diet by going with their cooked stew options.  Cooking regularly for dogs isn’t easy, because you have to add back in nutrients that may have been destroyed by the heat of cooking.  Natural Pet Pantry takes the guess work away.

 Natural Pet Pantry Raw Dog Food

If you are in Western Washington, contact Natural Pet Pantry to find out if they deliver to your area.  And schedule a trip to their new Kirkland, Washington store where you can buy raw dog food, treats, supplements, toys and other supplies, while checking out their events calendar to sign up for engagements hosted by holistic vets, raw feeders, and more.

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Update: 95% of the food we get is now through our local raw food co-op; we are no longer customers of Seattle’s Natural Pet Pantry, because we get everything we need for our dogs through the co-op.

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