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I’ll Quit the Gym, but I Can Keep these Resolution Ideas for Dog Lovers

Getting older means that I have to work a little harder to keep it light and tight; but I’ve accepted that I’ll quit the gym so I don’t bother to sign up for a membership in January.  Being a little more realistic, each year I make the resolution to Stay Positive, to Stay in Shape, and To Be Happy.  This year I’m going to be a little more specific and come up with New Years Resolution ideas that include our dogs.

My New Years Resolutions are…

  • Walk the dogs at least 5 days a week, because three unexercised herding dogs sucks monkey butt and is hell on our flooring
  • Incorporate training in our walks, because I won’t our dogs exhausted by the time we get home
  • Research alternative, home remedies for common canine ailments, because random trips to the vet to pay $40 only to hear that I could have treated our dogs at home blows
  • Learn more about dog nutrition and health for our dogs and yours
  • Follow my dogs’ lead and live in the moment, appreciating each experience to it’s fullest instead of dwelling the past or worrying about the future
  • And continue to do what I can to promote dog rescue

I asked around the dog lover world for New Years Resolution ideas for dog lovers and received the following…

Diane, Fur Parent to Moochi (a white Husky)

  • Get my dog licensed as a therapy dog so that she and I can visit hospitals together. She is so sweet that I’m sure she will brighten the days of lots of people! Mochi, my little white husky, and I have such a great life and I think it would be great if we could give back to the community together.

Jackie H, Fur Parent to Alfie the Wonder Dog (a 4 year old border collie)

  • Go to bed earlier to get up earlier to give him a really good walk in the mornings;
  • Brush his coat more often; and
  • Continue to make his food and ensure that I put his glucosamine, kelp and omega-3 tablets in his food once a day..

Milton, Fur Parent to Beanie (a 13 year old westiepoo) and Spanky (a 1.5 year Chihuahua mix)

  • To stay tick and flea free; I am using a spray from Cedarcide called Best Yet and “The Ultimate Flea Trap” from Victor. Both are chemical free.
  • To potty train Spanky (a puppy) through positive reinforcement; teaching him to use a bell when he needs to go out.
  • Commit to more exercise for all of us; we take a walk in the morning. I am organizing my schedule so that we can take another walk in the afternoon just before it gets dark.
  • I plan to write about our adventures as they are quite famous in the neighborhood. Beanie is the mayor and Spanky is the vice mayor. They are both very cute with lots of personality.

Belinda H, Fur Parent…

  • Take my dogs on more trips. There are beaches, hiking trails, and parks all around my neighborhood that we haven’t explored.
  • Cook meals and treats for my dogs. In addition to feeling like a master chef, I’m able to adjust for each individual dog’s food allergies.
  • Take more pictures! They grow up so fast, and I should cherish them while I can.

 Christine, Fur Parent to Mi-Ki

  • To give my dog supplements – for example, for joint health like Neem bark powder
  • To start making raw, homemade food for him – to avoid processed dog food
  • To socialize him with more dogs – since I work from home, we don’t go anywhere where he can meet others

If this isn’t enough and you need a few more New Years Resolution ideas, then check out the article 7 Resolutions Your Pet Can Help You Reach by


Now it’s your turn!  What New Years Resolution will you make that keeps your dogs in mind?


  1. We’ve already signed up for the 30/30 Challenge (walk with your dog for 30 minutes every day for 30 days) and the January is Training Month Challenge & are working on getting Gizmo to enjoy being groomed…If we make it through January successfully that should be two great habits formed

    I’d love to read about the alternative home remedies you discover…please share what you find out

    • That sounds fantastic! I love that challenge and may try and challenge myself. We get home after dark most days but that won’t last for much longer.

      Thanks for the inspiration!


      • Because of the heat here in Florida Gizmo and I are used to walking in the predawn hours…we get to see sunrise on our way home, and it’s a schedule we can stick to year round

  2. Great list of dog-related resolution ideas! I especially like the idea of researching alternative home remedies and living in the moment. Thanks!

    • Thanks so much; thanks for stopping by, Cara

  3. I love it! I want more quality time with my dogs. To adopt my foster dogs out and less dog hair on my clothing.

    • Sounds like a great list, Barbi!

  4. Two words: “Don’t Panic.”

    • Thanks, Jana! I love it! My boss told me “you can only do what you can do” and this sticks with me every day.

  5. Love the idea of incorporating your dogs into your resolutions! I try not to make promises I can’t keep, especially to myself, but I am trying to learn more from my dog this year by appreciating what I have and living more in the moment. I think we’ll both be happier with the time we spend together if I am actually present with her, as opposed to thinking about everything else on my to-do list!

    • I hear ya, Kristine!


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