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NOse Offense For PETS Helps Freshen Up the House for Thanksgiving

We have three dogs.  Three lovely, happy, healthy, smart, and funny dogs.  We live in the Pacific Northwest and fall is here and the rain came to party.  We now have three lovely, happy, healthy, smart, funny, WET DOGS!

We also have two cats and a litter box.

As much as I love our dogs, I hate walking into our house after a few hours away and smelling that strong dog smell.  You know, the one that reminds you of the last time you visited the dog kennels.  We bathe our dogs regularly, we scoop the litter box daily, we vacuum weekly using the Arm & Hammer Carpet & Room Pet Fresh Odor Eliminator, we keep our home clean.  But sometimes we can’t avoid the smell of pets in our home.

Time to “spring clean” for the holidays…

With the holidays coming up, I know that like us, many of you are doing a “spring clean” to prepare your home for family and friends.  During your cleaning, definitely check out NOse Offense For PETS Air & Fabric Odor Eliminator.  We use it the same way you’d use Febreeze, to freshen up the house.  We spray the carpets, rugs, dog beds, and furniture once a week to keep our home smelling fresh.  I also spray the interior my car (the dog car) after long dog walks or trips to the beach.  We’ve been using NOse Offense for a couple of months and have never been happier.

Why I love NOse Offense for PETS…

  • NOse Offense doesn’t have a strong, chemical smell. In fact, there really isn’t much of a smell at all.  So we’re not covering pet smells with lavender, vanilla, or winter’s rain.
  • Since NOse Offense is frangrance free, it’s a great product for pet owners who are sensitive to smells*
  • NOse Offense doesn’t bleach or otherwise discolor our fabrics.
  • NOse Offense dries right away so our pets are immediately allowed in the room.
  • NOse Offense can be sprayed in the air too.
  • NOse Offense is non-toxic, organic, and biodegradable.
If you’re sensitive to smell, imagine what our pets have to deal with when we use scents to mask pet odor.  Just sayin’…

Why you should try NOse Offense for PETS…

Because the creators of NOse Offense is offering a 15% discount on your total order if you use the code WAGGING15. Isn’t that cool?  I love saving money, I love it even more right before the holidays.  What’s even better is that NOse Offense is affordable already, which surprised me, because it always seems like it costs a little more to go Green.

So please check out NOse Offense.  If you buy it, please come back and share what you think!  Don’t forget the discount code – this offer ends December 3rd!

Now it’s your turn!  How do you combat pet smells in your home and car?


  1. I LOVE this stuff! I can’t remember what my house used to smell like without NOse Offense.. and quite frankly, I don’t ever want to :) What a difference this odor eliminator makes!

    • I’m a fan too! Such a great product!

  2. Going to have to look into this product! I use to use carpet deodorizers then we got rid of most of our carpet!
    I rely a lot on Bath and Body Work-plug ins. I’m sensitive to smells so I have to go light on the scents which sometimes can be difficult!

    • NOse Offense barely has a smell, which is what I like. Perfumes are too strong for me sometimes; especially during allergy season. I like Febreeze, but the only one that really works has a strong smell so I spray the house right before we leave and it dies down by the time we get home. NOse Offense can be sprayed and it doesn’t stick around to bother me :)

      I’m pretty impressed.

  3. How did I miss this? Will definitely have to check it out. With 3 dogs (does my Great Dane count for more than one dog? lol) and 2 cats, I’ve got five reasons to try it.

    • Yes, the Great Dane counts as 2. I have friends with a Great Dane and he doesn’t nothing he doesn’t want to do. He’s very well behaved, but the one thing he won’t do is take a bath. They’ve become experts on the dog smell, because their home never smells like dogs :)

  4. I have never heard of this stuff, but I’m going to order some now to try it out. I never notice a smell, but I worry that it’s just because I’m used to it, so I use alot of candles. Thanks for the coupon code too!

    • I know what you mean, Amanda
      I always wonder if we’re just used to the smell or if it really smells. I like knowing that we don’t have to do a mass cleaning ever time someone stops by. LOL

  5. Glad there is something out there like this….and if anybody is qualified to review a product of this genre, its YOU! All that rain? and all those dogs? I dont know how you do it. Its funny, now when it rains, Im instantly in a bad mood after having built quite the association between rain and messy stinky dogs!

    I’ll have to run this product through some people I know who have been asking me for a product to help out their noses!



  6. What an easy thing to get to eliminate pet odor quickly especially in preparing for the holidays soon.

    • So true! We have 2 bottles that live in different areas of the house. On rainy days, we lightly mist the furniture and everything smells great.


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