Obsessing About Better Pet Brands and Healthier Dog Treats

Obsessing About Better Pet Brands and Healthier Dog Treats

Top Dog Treats, Best Pet Products

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Yep, I admit it.

I spoil our dogs.  We spoil our dogs.

Being a pet blogger makes it so easy too, because we get to try so many different treats and pet products and over the years, a handful made such an impression that I find myself placing orders monthly (or every other month).  I even signed up for a subscription service.

After a few months of feeding raw dog food and seeing all the great changes in our dogs inspired me to step it up with our dog treats and other products we bought for our dogs.  If you start working out like crazy; you kind of half to cut back on the McDonald’s, right?

Here is a list of all the products we purchase regularly…

Healthy Dog Treats, Best Dog Treats

Cloud Star – we stock up on their Buddy Biscuits dog treats or our pack

Bugsy’s Box – a dog goody subscription service that has never disappointed

Smart Cookee – our dogs go nuts when I open a bag of PB’N Jelly time dog treats

Riley’s Organic Dog Treats – our dogs are fans of the peanut butter cookies

Scout and Zoe’s – our dogs LOVE their healthy, US sourced chicken jerky treats

Dr. Harvey’s Power Patties – getting the benefits of green tripe without the smell

The Honest Kitchen Beams Fish Skin Dog Treats - smells great (boyfriend hates it) and the dogs love it

Must Have Supplements & Pet Safe Cleaning Products

 Top Pet Products - Collage

Wag Lifetime Joint Care – the only joint care that works for our dogs and it works fast

Natural Paws – created a ear cleaning mist that makes ear cleaning quick, easy and effective

Epic Pet Health – a variety of spritzes that help with anxiety, joint care, injuries and more

DGP for Pets – natural pain relief that works and has no ill side effects

Earth Heart – creator of Canine Calm and Guard Well, anxiety and allergy relief for dogs

The Good Home Store – pet safe cleaning products that work, last and smell great

Life’s Abundance Bath Fresh Mist – coat conditioner for weeks between bath time

Tomorrow is P for Poop, Yep, All About Dog Poop

Yesterday was N for Natural Pet Pantry


  1. Good list! Some of our favourites are on here, as well! The fish skins – while disgusting and smelly – are a huge hit here.
    thatjenk recently published..When NOT to Get a DogMy Profile

    • So this is weird, but I LOVE the way the fish skins smell; but if we give them to the dogs too often, them smell gets less and less favorable for me so I hope I don’t go nuts when I we get our latest order (we ordered 6 boxes through our co-op). I bought salmon skins – yuck! too strong and super greasy.
      Kimberly recently published..Obsessing About Better Pet Brands and Healthier Dog TreatsMy Profile

  2. My dogs are crazy for cookies, they just love them.


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