April 2, 2014


Books, Blogs, and Facebook Groups about Raw Dog Food

Books and Blogs on Raw Dog Food

A to Z Blogging Challenge – B - Sponsored by Natural Pet Pantry When it comes to feeding raw, I can’t stress enough how much homework and research I did before I switched our dogs over. And I still made raw feeding mistakes. I get lots of questions about feeding raw, which I love. Occasionally, I […]

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April 1, 2014


Allergies | Raw Dog Food Might Clear Up Skin Allergies

raw dog food and skin allergies

A to Z Blogging Challenge – A - Sponsored by Natural Pet Pantry Today is the first day of the A to Z Blogging Challenge and I’ll be writing about everything I learned during the first year of feeding our dogs raw dog food. The first time that I heard dogs could have allergies was in […]

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March 31, 2014


#EurekaPower | Eureka Keeps More than Our Carpets Clean

Eureka AirSpeed EXACT PET, #EurekaPower

I received a Eureka AirSpeed EXACT Pet for free (to keep) in exchange for my honest review… I was so excited when we were tearing out the carpet in our living and dining room.  I’m convinced that carpet never gets truly cleaned, even when you bring someone in. we have pets we’ve gone through puppyhood several times […]

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March 28, 2014


Is Your Pet Secretly Living in a World of Pain?

When you read the title, you probably thought I’d give you a list of ways to tell that your dog is in pain, since they seem to keep these things close to the chest. Rodrigo licks his elbow – where he has arthritis Sydney limps Sometimes they get cranky Some dogs seek quiet places I […]

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March 27, 2014


When a Life’s Abundance Rep Shames a Dog Mom’s Blog

I received a comment from a Life’s Abundance rep and customer.  I was excited to read about her positive experience with their food.  I love this, because although we feed raw, I still get emails from my readers asking me about quality kibble and Life’s Abundance is an option that I give to people. It’s […]

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March 26, 2014


Shining the Light on My List of Must Read Pet Blogs

Every Sunday, I sit down with my notebook in front of me and I start reading.  Not my Kindle.  Not a book.  Not a magazine. I start reading blog posts and most are dog blogs. I may  not always leave a comment, but I do read.  A lot. This past Sunday, I was honored with […]

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March 25, 2014


A Dog Mom’s Wish List for a New Dog Car #Subaru

Kurgo Direct to Seat Belt Tether

Last week I was rear ended. I was going south on I-5, I was stopped for traffic and the guy behind me didn’t stop until he slammed into my rear end bumper. I’m damaged (but I’ll live), my car is damaged, and what seemed like a minor fender bender at 6:20am has turned into a […]

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March 24, 2014


Raw Dog Food | An April A – Z Challenge to Share What I’ve Learned

Raw Dog Food from A to Z

A fellow blogger shared this cool challenge where days in the month of April are assigned a letter that inspires a topic on our blog.  After my financial wind-fail, I decided to make my topic raw dog food. April 2014 will mark one year of feeding raw dog food and I thought it would be […]

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March 22, 2014


Cleaning Tile is Easier than Cleaning Carpet @GoodHomeCo

Good Home Store

We (as in my boyfriend) finally finished our tiling project. I did do something – I wiped down the tile and kept the dogs busy.  J did all the hard stuff and his hard work paid off.  The rooms are gorgeous. We’ve always talking about removing the carpet, but knew that it had to be […]

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March 21, 2014


7 Things About DGP for Pets that You Should Know

DGP for Pets, Dog Gone Pain

As part of my spring cleaning, I go through our dogs’ supplies to make sure we’re stocked up for a few months.  One must have in our home is DGP for Pets.  Both Rodrigo and Sydney have arthritis and Sydney is still slowly recovering from a partial cruciate tear. Although we finally have their joint […]

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March 20, 2014


Healthy Dog Treats Lead to Fewer Doggy Farts #SmartCookee

Smart Cookee Dog Treats

The other day I shared this photo of me and Zoey napping on one of the dog beds.  I was cuddled up with her, enjoying some quiet time with a puppy and then I smelled it. Zoey farted. It was terrible. One of my Facebook followers shared that I should change her food.  Great idea, […]

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March 19, 2014


Treating Sydney’s Partial Cruciate Tear with Epic Pet Health

It’s been a couple months since Sydney was diagnosed with a partial cruciate tear.  We chose to try and rehab her through rest and supplements and it worked great for several weeks and then we had set backs. I started transferring money to a savings account to cover the deductible for Sydney’s surgery. But Sydney […]

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