Treats | The Ultimate Guide to Healthy Dog Treats

One of the coolest things about being a dog nutrition blogger are the dog treats.  I rarely buy dog treats anymore – we have tons thanks to generous dog owners who started making healthy, natural treats for their dog only to have it blossom into a business. Our... read more

Sweet Potato Dog Treats aren’t Allowed in Our House

Last year we were sent a huge box of sweet potato dog treats.  They came in every shape and size and were all natural and I was excited to post a review.  Our dogs here in hog heaven, getting yummy treats daily and it happened. We were out in the yard and Rodrigo was... read more

Are You Ready to Switch Your Dog to Raw?

Many people I meet who are interested in raw feeding remind me of how unprepared I was for the change.  Here are some questions to ask yourself to better prepare you and your dog for this great new diet!

7 Random Things that Can Happen To Your Dog

Be Prepared for the Random!

Every day with our dogs is a blessing, but there are days (skunks, anal glands, and allergies) that require more patience.  This report will arm you with some tips to help you hold on to your patience and enjoy your dog.

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