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5 Plus Ways To Prevent Being Scammed by a Faux Pet Communicator

Please don’t choose a pet communicator in place of veterinarian care.  If your pet is ill or showing signs of illness, please contact your veterinarian immediately.

A new psychic is in town.  The psychic moved in a few months ago, but I’m still surprised to see the shop.  I haven’t been in, but I was surprised by my initial reaction to the store front.  “Another fraud is opening up shop to take advantage of people.”


I’m totally spiritual and I think I’m very open-minded.  I believe that there are people who can talk to our animals.  I believe that we can think ourselves rich, thin, or whatever.  I believe that if humans used all of their brain power, we’d end animal cruelty, hunger, disease, and war.  So why did I was my immediate reaction to a psychic so negative?

I’ll tell you…

As a blogger, I’ve receive many opportunities to speak with people about dogs including animal communicators and I’ve been blown away by a few and I’ve been *sigh*very disappointed by a few.  When I saw the storefront for the psychic, I channeled that disappointment and directed towards that shop.

I thought it would be cool to share positive animal communication stories, but then realized it would be more helpful to share what people should look for should they be interested in working with an animal communicator.

Erica Glassing is a gifted pet communicator, but she doesn’t advertise this as a service.  Instead, people have heard about her through word of mouth and she was kind enough to share some tips with Keep the Tail Wagging.

1.  Read their testimonials and/or ask for referrals.

2.  Does the pet communicator resonate with you?  If someone makes you feel like something is wrong, this could be your intuition telling you that this isn’t the person for you.  This doesn’t necessarily mean that the person isn’t gifted, it just means that their gift doesn’t speak to you.

3.  Your pet may not be in the mood to chat.  Erica suggests that we ask a pet communicator what they do when a pet doesn’t want to talk to them.  If it doesn’t work out, do you get a refund?

4.  Pets don’t think the way people do.  Pets very much live in the moment so asking them about a past event may not resonate with the pet if they don’t understand the words.  Be sure to make your expectations clear with yourself as well as your pet communicator.

“In my experience, pets aren’t really into deep causes from childhood. They live in the very present. So, what are they smelling, eating, being, now…Who is in their life right now…How good is the love today…What does their body feel like today.” ~ Erica Glassing

5.  Some pet communicators will have examples of their recorded work on their site so that you can hear how they give a reading; they may have been interviewed on a radio or television program and had an opportunity to read a pet for their host.

Asia Voight, a renowned, professional animal communicator, shared a few more thoughts…

  1. It’s normal for people to be skeptical when it comes to their money.
  2. We’ll know inside of 15 minutes if someone is the real deal or not – trust our gut.
  3. Not all sessions will result in a connection and this doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re a fraud, maybe they’re new and untested.
  4. Ask  how long the person has been in business.  95% of Asia’s new clients come through referrals based on word of mouth.  When someone has a transformative experience, they will tell their friends.

In my experience, a pet communicator was able to shed light on an issue that I couldn’t figure out on my own.  Cynthia Okimoto, Owner and Founder of New York Dog Nanny learned about her dog’s fear issues on walks and was able to help him overcome them after she worked with a pet communicator.  Not everyone believes in the pet communicator / pet psychic services and I don’t blame them.  Is this person trying to take advantage of you?  Is this person the real deal?  Can you (and should you) believe the messages that they passed on?  I can’t answer these questions for you, but I’m excited to provide you with some guidelines that will help you should wisely you choose to go down this path.

One note: Please don’t choose a pet communicator in place of veterinarian care.  If your pet is ill or showing signs of illness, please contact your veterinarian immediately.


  1. Cool post! I’m the first to admit that I’ve used an animal communicator before — twice. One was great, has written several books, and the other was less convincing. I don’t think the other was a scammer, but maybe just less experienced like you said. I think each pet owner has to decide what works for their life and their pet’s life and if using a pet communicator will address a need or get answers, there’s no harm in it. But having realistic expectations and an open mind is key.

  2. Our last animal communicator was actually recommended by Jasmine’s chiropractor.

    I am both a skeptic and open minded. Which means I’m willing to try things which I don’t feel can cause any harm.

    • I think that’s how I feel too; I believe, but I still have a “show me” attitude when it comes to this. Wow, I love it when medical people have open minds.

  3. Interesting concept! I like to think that the person who communicates with the pooch best is its mom or dad…my chihuahua surely has no problem communicating to me his every need, desire, and emotion. Although this could be fun to try out!

    • Isn’t that just the case? Each of our dogs have body language and barks that let me know what they need. They do a good job communicating with me. I think many people use pet psychics either for fun or because they’re in a tough spot. But sometimes I wonder what our dogs would have to tell me – I imagine that a session would be “they love you.” No duhhh :)


  4. I admit I am definitely a skeptic but that doesn’t mean I don’t see the value in trying something new. I’m of the opinion that if something could help, even if it seems a little weird to some, it is worth trying. As you say, as long as there is no harm and more scientific methods are also consulted. Sadly, there are just so many incidences of fraud that it is hard to know who is genuine and who is just trying to take your money. Hopefully this information will help.

    • Don’t waste your money. She has a racket going….. A very expensive racket!!!! Trust me I spent a lot of money to listen to her tell me my dog is happy because there are no cars or leashes in heaven!!!! Give me a break!!!!

      • Betsy, I hate that. Who did you speak with? I spoke with a communicator who wanted me to promote her on my blog and she spent the entire time talking about herself and the last 5 minutes she told me that dogs’ souls are absorbed in the bodies of your other dogs so they never go away.

  5. I think many people are intuitive when it comes to reading animals’ body language and from that they can deduce how the animal is feeling. Maybe. But I really don’t believe that anyone can “read” an animal’s mind. There are a lot of sensitive animal lovers out there who might be very gullible and easy marks for charlatans. The best advice is, as you said, if you pet is ill, see the vet, not a pet “psychic”.

    • So very true, Deena! Body language certain is key in communicating with our pets. Thanks for stopping by :)

  6. Kimberly,

    Thank you again for writing such a needed an important article about working with animal communicators. When you are hiring anyone, whether a carpenter, house cleaner or website designer, it’s important to see how long they have been in business and check out their testimonials. As Erica mentions, do you resonate with them.

    I refer new clients to your site and I appreciate you writing such an honest blog post.

    Keep up the great work in helping the animals!

    Blessings to you and your dogs,


    • Thank you so much, Asia

      I still think of your story about the horse and the two kids. It just gives me chills and makes me run to hug our dogs. Thanks so much for stopping by!


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