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Pet Food Recalls | Should We Feed Our Dogs Imported Jerky Dog Treats?

I was hanging in a pet forum on LinkedIn when I came across an article that discussed the deadliest pet recall in history that occurred 5 years ago…

“Today is the five year anniversary of the start of the deadliest pet food recall in history.  On March 16, 2007, Menu Foods announced a pet food recall that eventually led to thousands of pet deaths and long term illness and made melamine a household word.  And now melamine is resurfacing; found to be the reason for import refusal for numerous products including Jerky Treats all within the last several months.”

Should We Feed Our Dogs Imported Jerky Treats?

Have you heard the news about the jerky treats?  I’ve read a few stories and I’m stunned that a treat I used to buy in bulk can cause our dogs harm.  They’re no longer on our shopping list and now I’m focused on only buying from companies that are committed to the health and happiness of our pets, not just the bottom line.  This is why we purchase Halo Pets products.  I’m also very impressed with FreshPet and our dogs love the cookies and I enjoy the fact that they’re all natural.

I think it sucks that we can’t trust the pet food companies to look out for our pets.  They’re willing to take our money, but not to make sure their food and treats are safe.

As a pet loving community, we need to support companies that have our pets interest in mind when developing their foods.  Definitely check out FreshPet’s cookie dough and the Keep the Tail Wagging Directory for a list of other great businesses who provide safe products.  I loved it (stay tuned for the review) and the dogs really loved it.


The more I thought about the warnings about treats and toys from China, the more I wondered…  How many products are out there?  I found out when I realized that we were out of our dogs’ favorite treats.

Ask About Recall History | Ask About Manufacturing Standards | Ask if They Test for Melamine

I did more research when I got home and found that some companies have plants in China that are heavily regulated and they test all of their treats for melamine.  Of course, this isn’t something that we can determine while standing in the dog treat aisle.  The more we educate ourselves the safer our pets will be.  My hope is that the more we turn our backs on products that contain dangerous ingredients the faster pet food/treat companies will alter their manufacturing practices.  Until that time, I’ll be researching pet food/treat companies and sharing the ones that I find that are producing safer products.

Better vigilant now than sorry later.

Update! Dawn, a fan on the Facebook page, shared this great link if you’d like to know if a company has products “made in China” –


  1. Hi,

    It is really difficult to find out where my current dog food is even made. I know companies have facilities in other countries, but how to find out where is is actually made is not easy.

    I was feeling pretty good about my dog’s food and I could afford it. Now I’m not sure. I use Purina Dog Chow Complete Nutrition. Oh, well. Now, I have to rethink everything.

    Great article. Thanks for the info. Sally

    • Hey Sally,
      Don’t be too hard on yourself, because it is hard. If you’re really interested, I would just call their customer service and ask. I feed our dogs Life’s Abundance (as I’m always blathering about) and it’s made in Florida and shipped from 3 distribution centers in the US so it’s always fresh and they’ve never had a recall.

      If you’re not ready to change foods, then wait until you are ready. And if you like your food brand, then get to know about them when you have the time. There has been so much bad press with food companies that I bet that they’ll want to share information with you.

      Best of luck and thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. I can tell you’re an amazing Fur Mom!


      • Thank you for your kind words and I’ll check out your brand and also find out about this one. Have a marvelous week! Sally

  2. The problem you’ll find in researching pet food, what’s good, what’s not and why, is that you will always get conflicting information from the major pet food companies. Of course, they don’t want to lose customers, so they will not tell you the whole story.

    Check out Whole Dog Journal online – the products are rated and the criteria is clear. Pet food companies will not tell you that they spend $21 million a month on importing pet food and treat ingredients from China and by law they can claim it was made in the USA.

    And one more bit of info for you to consider: FDA Compliance Policy CPG Sec. 675.400 allows pet food to contain diseased animals rejected for use in human food and/or euthanized animals to become pet food ingredients. (

    • Good morning, Mary
      I find this to be so disappointing, because they understand that they’ve tapped into a market of people who are willing to do without so that we can continue to care for our pets. So why subject them to poor quality and poisonous foods? I’m more than happy to pay more if my dogs and cats are getting the best.

      I learned a lot of things that I didn’t want to know when I became a Life’s Abundane rep. They have a video called Do You Really Know What’s In Your Pet’s Food that was quite eye opening:

      It bugs me that companies are so focused on bonus and their own bottom line that they don’t have the forsight to see that if they take care of their customers, we’ll take care of them by remaining loyal.

      Thanks for the comment and detailed information. I just subscribed to the Whole Dog Journal.



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