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Study Shows that Pet Friendly Apartments are On the Rise finds that pet friendly apartments are on the rise!

National Survey Reveals Trends in Pet-Friendly Renting

Summer is one of the most popular times of the year for people to bring home a new pet, and renters are among this pack of pet lovers.  A survey conducted by found 43 percent of respondents are current pet owners, with more than a quarter planning on getting a four-legged friend within the next year. However, renters need to do their homework first before bringing home a furry friend, as not all apartment buildings allow pets, and the ones that do often have fees associated with pet ownership.

Current and soon-to-be pet owners are in luck because property managers and landlords are recognizing that renting with pets is an increasing trend, and more buildings are starting to accommodate this demand.  Nearly 70 percent of renters surveyed reported having no difficulties finding a pet-friendly apartment. More than half of respondents also reported having to pay a pet deposit at their current residence, with 36 percent shelling out more than $200 for their four-legged companions.

“Renters have made it clear that not accommodating a pet could be a deal breaker in their apartment search, and many apartment managers have taken this feedback into consideration and adjusted pet policies,” said Tammy Kotula, public relations and promotions manager,  “There are plenty of pet-friendly options out there for renters who want to have a pet or even for those who just like the idea of being in a pet-friendly apartment community.”

The survey also found that it is not just Fido and Fifi’s owners who enjoy their pet’s company; more than 34 percent of respondents said although they do not have a pet, they enjoy living in a pet-friendly building, and 20 percent of non-pet owning renters said they avoid buildings that allow pets.

The top five most popular pets for renters are:

  1. Small dog (Under 25 pounds): 35.5%
  2. Cat: 24.2%
  3. Large dog (More than 50 pounds): 13.6%
  4. Medium dog (26 to 50 pounds): 11.0%
  5. Fish: 4.3%

For tips on pet-friendly renting, read Things You Need to Know About Living in an Apartment with a Pet located in the Apartment Living section on  Another great resource I found about locating pet-friendly housing is an article How to Locate Pet Friendly Housing.

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  1. I know that pet-friendly hotels seem a lot more common these days as well. I’m thrilled about that because we almost always take our dogs with us when we travel.

    • I’m thrilled too. We have three dogs so it’s tough for us to find a place that’ll take all 3, but then we were introduced to house rentals. We love the flexibility and peace and because we’re good tenants people will rent to us again and again :)

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Now, if only we can get more apartments and municipalities to be pit bull friendly!

    • Hear hear, Crystal

  3. It is certainly getting easier to take your pets on holiday, I know some hotels welcome dogs but I think they miss the garden. I think it’s best to plan ahead if you’re taking your dog on holiday with you. Check out the local area on Google to make sure there are plenty of places for walking but also to check out local attractions that welcome dogs so that you don’t feel tied to your accommodation.

  4. Zumper has a great guide on how to rent pet friendly apartments!


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