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Our Petco Black Friday Wish List Sneak Peek, @Petco @HaloPets

Did you know that the pet stores participate in Black Friday too?  The first Petco Black Friday was last year and they’re getting ready for Black Friday this year too!  I stopped having a traditional Black Friday when a woman shoved me at Target.  Yikes!  What’s next?  Hair pulling?

After that situation, I vowed never to go near the stores on Black Friday again.  Those people are nuts.  Of course, the year following, I couldn’t stay away (what if I missed a $1 laptop?).  I showed up after the long lines and missed out on every deal!  I headed home with nothing; then I remembered that we were running low on kitty litter and that’s when I discovered that pet stores have a Black Friday.  I cleaned up!  Black Friday at the pet stores is a great time to stock up on food and supplies to get you through the holidays.

This year, Petco was kind enough to let me roam the store with my camera to start our Petco Black Friday Wish List, which includes our dogs’ favorites as well as a few things we need.  Check it out and see how many things are on your list too.

Check out my Fur-Holidays Pinterest board for more Wish List items for the Holiday Season

Halo Pets Kibble, Canned Food and Treats

Merrick Canned Food 

Nature’s Balance Food

Our three favorite foods.  I love to stock up on dog food for two months.  Why 2 months?  Because I always want to make sure that our dogs are getting food that is still fresh.  Between manufacturing, travel time and shelf time, the food is already several weeks old, I don’t want it to be 6 months old when our dogs are dining.

Did you know that Nature’s Balance can be given to our dogs as food or as training treats?  We use it to add a little extra to their meals and it’s been fantastic when working on recall with the dogs.

Petmate 2 Door Elite Retreat Wire Dog Kennel, 43″ L X 29″ W X 31″ H

Blue sleeps in a kennel at night.  Partly to keep the escape artist in the yard (and away from coyotes) and partly to give Sydney and Rodrigo a break from his high energy.  He likes the kennel and curls up in there willingly when it’s time to go Night Night.  He’s still a growing puppy, but we don’t imagine that he’ll get much bigger than he is now.  A roomy kennel is on our Wish List for him.

Extra Large Dog Beds

Our favorite dog beds are the Ortho Bliss beds by Pet Dreams.  These are sold online.  The best dog beds we’ve found in the store are ones made by Kong.  What I love about them is that they’re huge, sturdy, and comfortable.  Great criteria for dog beds.

Petco Tennis Balls

The Petco tennis balls are an affordable treat for our dogs.  They love them.  When Blue was attending puppy class at Petco, he received a ball after each session and it was the highlight of the day (for me) to watch him go nuts for his new ball.

Kong Dog Toys

Kong dog toys are our favorite, because they’re sturdy enough to stand up to our dogs’ teeth.  We have strong chewers in our house and they met their match in Kong products.  And knowing how to stuff a Kong toy is a must for all dog owners.

Elevated Feeders

Have you read the article about bloat and dogs?  Some feel that we can avoid bloat by feeding our dogs from elevated feeders.  We have a set for the dogs’ room and need another set for inside the house.

Petco Gravity Waterer

Planet Petco Leashes and Harnesses

Fresh Pet Ready to Bake Cookies

We are huge fans of Fresh Pet’s ready to bake cookies.  We had the opportunity to review this product earlier this year and I ended up baking all of the cookies for our dogs to enjoy.  It’s a yummy treat for our fur kids.

Bully Sticks

Bully sticks were banned from our home.  Until I came home early with a cold and fever and then bully sticks became my best friend, because they occupied our dogs for 30 minutes, giving them the opportunity to calm down and then nap with me. Whew!


John Paul Shampoo & Conditioner

I buy this shampoo in bulk (not really, but I do buy several bottles at a time) and I love it.  My favorite thing is that it hasn’t been tested on animals.  It’s a great product and I love that I can pick it up online or at Petco.  My favorite scent is the oatmeal.

I’m not sure what’s going to be on Petco’s Black Friday list or not, but I will be prepared to bring a few of our Holiday Wish List items home.

Not it’s your turn!  What’s on your dog’s holiday wish list?


  1. I’m ridiculously excited about Black Friday this year-for the pet supplies. I’ve never shopped on it because as you said, the people are crazy, but I doubt everyone will be heading to Petco/Petsmart, plus there’s always Amazon.

    I love the Natural Balance rolls you posted, they’re awesome as training treats.


    • I know! I wish we could go together, because my boyfriend just isn’t convinced that it’s a good idea. What I love is that they open early like the other stores, but no one is there; you get the store to yourself! You can take your time, you can shop in peace, and you can stock up on everything that you need.

      My favorite thing about Petco is that they’re embracing changes in pet nutrition by offering brands like Natural Balance (we use the rolls as training treats too), Fresh Pet, and raw food. Their employees are so helpful and it helps that I spend entirely too much time in the store, but I love it there.

      Thanks for stopping by! I have so many of your posts to catch up on this week. Just followed your blog.

  2. Kimberly – these gifts are so cute! We used to shop at Petco a few yrs ago when we had our dog but he’s no longer with us:( This seems like perfect gift list for Black Friday!

    • Thanks, Mia
      I tried to make it a perfect combo of things we need and things the dogs will want. We’ll see how well it goes in less than 2 weeks!

  3. oh what a great post. I was just at PETCO myself this past weekend. Kong made my favs list too, they have kitty supplies now!
    I also love PLANET PETCO (all green products) and am designing a product I hope to pitch them in 2103.
    Wag that tail!

    Lisa, Finn and Abigail

    • Thanks, Lisa
      I can’t wait to see what you pitch to them. I’m so excited about all the changes Petco is making this year. They’re a big store with the feel of a neighborhood store and the Smokey Point crew is top notch.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  4. What a wonderful and fun list! I’m pretty sure that Petco is going to be on my list of stores to shop at on Black Friday!

    • I told my boyfriend that I need his muscle that day, but he’s not convinced. I’ll get him there.


  5. super cool post! Now…I must be sure that Dakota and Cody don’t pull out the credit cards!!

    • LOL – wouldn’t that be a sight. I had to put my credit cards in our safe to protect me from myself. I’m a sucker for spoiling our dogs.

  6. This pet version post for Black Friday is fantastic. If my 4 year-old had a credit card, she’d max it out at Petco! I love the ready to bake cookies–will make great gifts for our fur family members.

    • LOL – That would be so sweet to watch. I wonder what she would buy. Sounds like an adorable commercial that I’d watch over and over on YouTube.


  7. We shop at Petco all the time :) Great Wish list Kimberly :) We need to go back and get Kong Harley finally chewed through his ( our English Bulldog :)

    • Thanks for stopping by, Lisa
      Thankfully our Kongs are intact, but we do have a few back ups. This is such a great give for a dog owner, because they’re so sturdy.


  8. I think I need to get a Bliss bed for Molly…she’s not too keen on the homemade bed I tried to sew for her!

    • The Ortho Bliss beds are the best! We have one and I wish we had a few more. Our puppy loves his bed and spends a lot of time napping on it instead of in our laps – whew!


  9. This is awesome Kimberly!! I never know what to buy other than dog food. These are great items!!

    • Fantastic, Becky
      No go forth and shop! The pet store is fun!


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