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Petco WholePets Educates Pet Parents About Dog Health @Petco

Yesterday I came home to a huge box on my porch and was excited to see that our dogs received a fantastic surprise from Petco to promote their new WholePets site.  This month, Petco has been offering workshops in their stores for new pet owners and they also launched tier new health initiative  Petco WholePets.  I knew something was coming down the pipeline, because our Petco has truly embraced holistic pet products and the raw food movement for dogs.

“The WholePets philosphy hopes to educate pet parents on the complete care for their pet’s health.  Fill in the puzzle by keeping pets physically fit, mentally alert, socially engaged and emotionally happy.”  ~ Petco

Sounds good to me!

In our gift box from Petco, we received products that are in line with the Petco WholePets philosophy, including…

Physical Health

Chuckit! Large Kick Fetch Ball – I had to take this one away from the dogs.  It’s not an indoor toy.  My boyfriend will have a game of kick ball with them today.

Nature’s Variety Biscuits, Instinct – Our dogs will get a chance to try these this weekend.  What I love is that these are grain free treats, great for the diet Sydney is on.

Social Health

Tuffy 3-Way Tug Toy – This was an immediate hit with Rodrigo and the first thing he did was investigate it for a squeaker, tear it out (he swallowed 5 once and doesn’t want a repeat) and then it was safe for he and Blue to play with.

Thank you to Petco for these amazing gifts!  We’re going to have hours of fun with our dogs.

How do you keep your dogs engaged and entertained?


  1. Petco – did they keep the tainted jerky on their shelves until the recent “unrelated” recall? Do they still sell puppy mills dogs? And if so, how serious can they be about dog well-being? Just saying.

    • When I think of Petco, I think of our local store and I love them. They don’t sell puppies or kittens; they work with local rescue groups to host adoption events for dogs and cats. We met two of our dogs at Petco and one went to puppy school there (they’re trainers are amazing). They did have the jerky on the shelves, but I don’t blame the store for that; as I understand it, stores were under contract to carry this products. Individual stores couldn’t pull the product without direction from corporate who was waiting for the FDA. I wish they would have pulled them sooner, but I’m happy that they were promoting US made treats to dog owners instead of putting the recalled jerky treats on display at the entrance (and on sale) like I saw at 2 stores (not Petco).

      I think our Petco is very serious about wellness, but it could be a store by store experience and we’re lucky to live near an amazing store. :)

      Thanks for sharing your passionate thoughts.

      • I see, glad you’re having a store with such dedicated people. I don’t remember when was the last time we bought anything in Petsmart, I don’t think we ever bought anything in Petco. When we actually buy from a physical store, we go to Global Pet Foods. Most of our stuff we get from our vet or online, though. (Not that we buy so much stuff other than food and supplements; leashes are lasting years, couple times we replaced Jasmine’s harness, recently bought the emergency stretcher, stuff like that)

  2. Great to hear that Petco has launched a new health initiative!


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