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By Natalie Lester, PetSafe Brand Communications Specialist

As a pet parent, I am always looking for new ways to keep my dog’s attention and toys that can keep her busy while I am preoccupied. It is important to find treats and toys that are both yummy and safe for my sweet puppy, Emma.

Luckily, PetSafe makes both the Lickety Stik®, which is a low-calorie liquid dog treat, and Busy Buddy® toys with natural rawhide rings. Emma simply cannot get enough. I keep a Lickety Stik® in my purse and use it at least 5 times a day. With this treat, not only do I know I’m giving her something she loves, I can also feel comfortable that it will help her maintain her weight with only one calorie in every 10 licks. The easy rollerball applicator that I hold and Emma licks keeps her with me during the treating process instead of her running a few feet away to chomp down other cookies. Each of the six flavors are all natural with vitamins and made in the U.S.A. Emma loves the new Peanut Butter flavor, but that isn’t to say she won’t happily lick up the Smokey Bacon, Braised Liver, Savory Chicken, or Big Beef. After all, she is an equal opportunity licker.

In addition to using the Lickety Stik® for training, we love the Busy Buddy® toy line for playtime. The treat-dispensing toys are super durable and the rawhide rings keep her interest for longer periods of time. Not only do these occupy Emma’s attention when my favorite television show is on or while I am entertaining human guests, they also give me peace of mind when I am away from home. The toys are safe and long-lasting. Moreover, the natural gnawhide rings are a healthier option for treating Emma during playtime and she loves them! These toys really help redirect Emma from chewing on the wrong things, like my favorite pair of heels, and teach her what she can dig her teeth into.

Both Lickety Stik® and Busy Buddy® toys are healthy options for Emma that make her just as happy as they do me. What about you? Have you tried Lickety Stik® or Busy Buddy® treats for your pets?


As the PetSafe Brand Communications Specialist, Natalie manages the PetSafe brand across multiple social and content sites, including The Paw Print blog, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. She also generates other brand related content including product information for retailers, video scripts, and public relations. Before PetSafe, Natalie worked in the local media covering politics, education, and religion. Natalie’s puppy, Emma, spends almost as much time in the office as she does.

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