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Who picks up the dog poop at your house?

I just wanted to write a post about the daily poop drama at our house.  It’s not really drama, it’s just a consistent story that cracks me up.

My Boyfriend and Dog Poop

My boyfriend hates poop and whenever one of our dogs assume the position, he cringes.  It’s like he’s shocked that they’re taking a poop in public.  When we brought our litter mates home, I quickly realized that I would be the one who picked up the poop at our house.  Just this morning, Johan was taking Blue out for a potty break and I reminded him to grab a poo bag (Blue poops every morning like clockwork).   Johan promised to pick it up later – yeah yeah, I heard that before, so I went to pick up the poop.

Our My Poop Cleaning Schedule

So I clean up the dog yard 2-3 times a week.  What I love about their food (Halo Pets) is that they don’t poop a lot so it’s not that big of a deal.  My boyfriend thinks he picks up the yard at least once a month.  He’ll do it every now and then (like 3 times a year) or he’ll help me when we’re short on time (which I appreciate), but I know he would prefer not to have to smell or see dog poop.

We have three dogs.  Good luck with that one.

I remember an episode of It’s Me or the Dog where a family wouldn’t pick up their yard (two dogs, lots of poop) and I was disgusted.  This is why I clean up regularly.  The dogs were tracking poop into the house and the family had two young children.  Yuck yuck yuck.

I cut my boyfriend a break, because I love him and because he takes on the bulk of the yard work in consideration of my hay fever.  If he can manage 5 acres of yard, then I can pick up dog poop a few times a week.

So who picks up the poop at your house?

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