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Poop Still Has a Smell After Switching to Raw Dog Food

Smaller, Less Smell Poop on Raw Dog Food

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One of the appeals to switching to raw dog food was smaller, less smelly poop.  What I didn’t think about was the volume I still needed to clean up in their yard and on our walks.  It may be smaller and less smelly, but when you multiple dog poop production by 4 – it’s still a smelly chore.

The only truly negative experience we had with dog poop on raw was during Poopapalooza – a combination of too much liver (very rich and causes loose stool to explosive diarrhea in some dogs) and tainted chicken, the poop nearly did me in, but we made it through by changing their diet.

We learned that chicken from the grocery store wasn’t an option for our dogs, that it’s hard to get the 80/10/10 mix perfect in a multi-dog home, and my boyfriend prefers to supervise when it comes to dog poop clean up.  Well, I already knew that last one.

What I noticed about our dogs’ poop after switching to raw…

  • Their poop is smaller; it’s not cat box small, but it is smaller than it was when they ate kibble.
  • Their poop is less smelly; it doesn’t hit you like a mack truck when you bend down to pick it up.
  • Their poop is lighter in color (or the color of their food), because of the increased calcium and digestibility.  Our dogs are using more of the nutrients in their food so less waste is expelled.
  • 100% pure canned pumpkin is a miracle worker for when our dogs have loose stools or very hard stools.  Because raw dog food from Natural Pet Pantry is part of their diet, we rarely have to whip out the pumpkin and mostly give it to the dogs as a frozen treat (recipe below).
  • Their poop color and consistency changes depending on what they’re eating, making it a good barometer of how their doing with the diet.
  • Our dogs poop still poop twice a day, in the morning and after heavy play or on their walks.

Moral of my tale is that if you have a pack at home, a bag of dog poop after cleaning up the yard doesn’t smell like roses now that we’ve switched to raw dog food.

No one promised this, but I’m still disappointed.

Pumpkin & Yogurt Treats

I am all about easy and this is so easy you’re going to laugh and then make these today.

  • 2 – 100% pure canned pumpkin (no spices, just pumpkin) – sometimes I go nuts and use strawberries and bananas instead
  • 1 – big container of plain, fat free yogurt; sometimes I go for Greek yogurt because it seems healthier and I love John Stamos
  • keep in mind that we have 4 big dogs, so you’ll have to adjust the amount for your pack
  • mix it together in a big bowl (ours are gigantic – LOL) and spoon in icecube trays and freeze
  • that’s it!
  • if I use strawberries and bananas – I get a huge container of strawberries and a bunch of bananas, wash, chop up, (toss the skin, leaves), puree in our Magic Bullet, then mix with the yogurt


Tomorrow is Q for Questions about Raw Dog Food

Yesterday was O for my Obsession with Healthy Dog Treats


  1. I haven’t thought about switching to raw food yet but might consider it. also going to look into the pumpkin treats – i’m sure they would love it!

    • I completely forgot to add the recipe – thank you so much for mentioning it! It’s there now. Crazy easy :)

  2. I agree they still have some odor, the bigger difference is once it dries, there is basically no smell. I am super cheap with the poop bags, so I will use the same bag to pick up more than one poop. Generally each dog does two poops on one walk.

    Like your treat idea, I do something similar. I have some of the white bones that were once filled with something. I was those out and in the morning I frost the bottom with canned pumpkin and put it in the freezer. When I get home from work I fill the rest of the bone with Kefir our raw food girl likes it better than yogurt. Then I freeze the bones again and the dogs get them for their nighttime snack. :-)

    • Thanks for the Kefir tip!

  3. Since having what is considered toy breeds, poop is little to no issue as related to smell, quantity, etc. I bag can be used for all 3 from probably a few days; but they are wee wee pad trained so I usually just “flush” poop and use bags on our daily walks.

    • I’ve had to use 2 bags for one dog and he’s on raw. I love our big dogs, but WOW! I couldn’t imagine was it would be like to clean up after a Great Dane.

  4. Well, poop smells :-)

    It’s funny, actually, just today we had a conversation about poop smell. It was brought up by the fact that our guys’ farm buddy found some really ripe deer poop to roll in today. Ripe and lots of it. He looked like he rolled in engine grease. But nope, it was deer poop.

    Cookie came home with some of that on herself too. Given the location and the amount, I’m sure she was an innocent bystander and either it got on her splashed around when her buddy was rolling in it or it rubbed off from him as they were playing.

    Here is the thing; I don’t mind horse poop at all. I don’t mind cow poop either. Deer poop, on the other hand … yuck, smells so bad!

    So that’s the interesting thing – horses, cows and deer eat about the same stuff, right? So why is their poop so different? Particularly when it comes to smell?

    So the smell of the poop doesn’t just come from their diet, but from the way their digestive system works, from the type of bacteria they carry …

    Still, though. Deer poop smells so bad! LOL

    • That’s such a great point. The puppies’ poop smelled bad this morning, because (I think) of the anesthesia. Wow! And coyote poop isn’t great either, but not nearly as bad as deer poop – you are so right.

      Horse poop doesn’t bother me; cow manure just makes me think of green grass (we use it as fertilizer). We smell these two all the time so they don’t bother me either.

  5. I don’t do “raw” but I do “poop.” For us, and the food recommended by our vet (aka The Doodle Doc), we’ve been blessed by the poop angels. There’s a lot of food going in yet little coming out – it’s small, it’s firm, and like you said “it doesn’t knock me over when I bend down to pick it up” Don’t get me wrong, Leo can have his moments – Whew, but not regularly, therefore I am grateful for small favors. Thanks for the poop (pun intended).

  6. Sad, but true… poop smells! No matter what you feed them. On the brighter side, a good quality dry food will certainly aid in the aroma arena, and with more usable food, it will result in less feeding portions and smaller size stools. I’m sure most people know by now to stay away from corn, ground yellow corn, corn meal…basically anything with corn.

    • We fed our dogs quality dry food and I hope to never go back. That wasn’t our experience, but I know others who are fans of Acana and I hear great things about it. I truly don’t believe that dry food, even quality dry food, is good for our dogs; but not all dog owners are prepared to switch to raw and raw isn’t for all dogs :)


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