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Can’t Live Without Productivity Tools for Bloggers @Staples

Many people wonder where I get my blogging drive and, to be honest, it’s all about being organized.  I wouldn’t be able to get anything done if I didn’t have a touch of OCD and a few tools to help me keep everything straight.  It was a pet blogger’s dream come true when Staples offered me the opportunity to place an order on their site.  Free stuff?  Oh yeah, I went a little nuts…

These are the tools that I use regularly that help me manage Keep the Tail Wagging…

Productivity Tools for Bloggers


I work full time and can’t blog at my day job, so I carry a journal.  Whenever I come up with an idea for a blog post, blog post promotion, or anything else, I just it down in my journal.  I also use it to take notes during webinars and at blogging conferences.  I don’t trust myself to remember every idea that pops in my head, so I write it down.

Sustainable Earth by Staples is “printed with eco-preferable vegetable- and water-based inks,” has a thick kraft board cover, inside pockets, and a heavy-duty coil that doesn’t unravel as you use the journal.  These journals get a lot of use and they can keep up with me.

Day Runner

In this day of smart phones and online organization tools, who uses an organizer?  Me, that’s who.  I don’t want to risk losing all my calendar and contact information if I lose my phone or my computer crashes.  It’s nice to have an organized back up that has everything I need.

I use the Day Runner Harmony Organizer.  It’s pretty and sturdy.  I note my blog posts, webinars, Google Plus hangouts, and interviews in the calendar.  I organize my contacts (bloggers, PR professionals, pet business owners) in the address book.  And there’s a place for notes and to hold business cards.

Webcam for YouTube Videos

I want to do more YouTube videos for pet product reviews and blogging tips.  I’ve been happy with Logitech cameras (I now have 3) in the past and Staples gave me a fantastic opportunity to pick up a great one.  And it is great!

I ordered the Logitech c525 webcam and I love it.  I’m not very good at video editing and I don’t need to be with my new webcam.  It’s a plugin and go model (gotta love Logitech for their simplicity) and I jazz up my videos using Windows Movie Maker and I’m golden.

Accordion Files + File Folders

And finally, I placed an order for an accordion file.  I have several of these and use them to organize eBooks, mentions of myself and Keep the Tail Wagging, our pets medical records, and anything else that comes along.  I actually have a home office – ooohhh, la dee day – and pocket organizers help keep all the papers away from the playful teeth and claws of the canines and felines who live in our home.

I chose an organizer from the Martha Stewart collection, because it’s pretty and sturdy (sort of a theme with me).

More productivity tools for  bloggers…

And because this list isn’t enough, here are more things that I use as a professional pet blogger.

If you’re a pet blogger, what are some productivity tools that help you stay organized?


  1. I could not live without my blog planner. I am OCD, too LOL

    • I’m surprised by how many people are using planners. I was truly convinced that I’m the only one!

  2. I can’t live without my planner either. Like you, I always fear that the electronics will crash and digital data will be lost.

    • Good! I’m glad that I’m not the only one who doesn’t fully trust my cool gadgets :)

  3. I think anyone who wants to do blogging beyond just a hobby blog has to have a touch of OCD – especially if your blogging on multiple sites. Thanks for sharing!

    • My pleasure, Vicki – and you are so right.

  4. Blogging is about the only thing I am OCD about, well the dogs too:) I have a journal also to write down my thoughts and ideas. I learned that early on, write it down fast or it will be gone forever!

    Great tips Kimberly, thanks for sharing!

    • I know what you mean about “it will be gone forever.” The other day I had what I think might have been a great idea, but I was running out the office and didn’t write it down. Gone! Yep, and I’m a little OCD about the dogs too. In fact, I’ll be writing about that one soon. LOL.

  5. I need to get myself some of these things… My favorite tool right now is my new laptop of course, but the old giant computer is still taking up all of the desk space so I can’t use it right now. Will have to check out the Windows Movie Maker you mention because I haven’t done a video review yet and I have some reviews planned for the future… maybe I’ll do one!

  6. Have to admit, I’m not very well organized and have only started recently writing down my ideas for future posts in a notebook. (Yes, bad memory LOL) Was surprised to learn you have a full-time job on top of your blog, Kimberly. Kudos to you! I have a home-based business and struggle even to balance those two, plus hubby and social life. You must be a master at time management. Problem with me is, I’m so easily distracted. Someone once wrote that they write posts ahead of time and leave them in the draft folder, to publish in future. Seems like a good idea to me, when otherwise pressed for time.

    • Having posts scheduled out is awesome. I have 30+ scheduled, but I keep reminding myself that my schedule isn’t set in stone, because I’m really loving being able to write on the fly. I use my drafts for when I don’t have anything to write or don’t have a lot of time.


  7. Gosh, you are amazing! I’ve always scoffed at the idea of carrying a planner as I usually don’t have trouble remembering appointments and I find it’s actually more work for me to write everything down than it is for me to just get stuff done. But when it comes to my blog maybe it would be a good idea to start getting more seriously organized. I never have a journal with me and I have been pretty scattered when it comes to posting these last few months. Maybe if I take some of these tips to heart I can fix that.

    • Thanks so much, Kristine

      I’ve been writing down the name and contact information for PR people I like from the brands I’m connecting with. That way when I need something, I can flip through and find the person’s name – it also helps me to remember their name too. It’s been a life saver. You’re so lucky to have a great memory. I think I’m juggling too much stuff and having technology has made me mentally lazy :( LOL

  8. My best tool is a large monthly calendar/planner book. I write down the posts I have published or scheduled and any notes. I also have a “real job” and between that and portrait painting, ( I have to ration my time. The planner is essential so I know what has posted and what’s coming up. I also keep a notebook handy for recording ideas, contacts, and to-do’s.


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