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Many people wonder where I get my blogging drive and, to be honest, it’s all about being organized.  I wouldn’t be able to get anything done if I didn’t have a touch of OCD and a few tools to help me keep everything straight.  It was a pet blogger’s dream come true when Staples offered me the opportunity to place an order on their site.  Free stuff?  Oh yeah, I went a little nuts…

These are the tools that I use regularly that help me manage Keep the Tail Wagging…

Productivity Tools for Bloggers


I work full time and can’t blog at my day job, so I carry a journal.  Whenever I come up with an idea for a blog post, blog post promotion, or anything else, I just it down in my journal.  I also use it to take notes during webinars and at blogging conferences.  I don’t trust myself to remember every idea that pops in my head, so I write it down.

Sustainable Earth by Staples is “printed with eco-preferable vegetable- and water-based inks,” has a thick kraft board cover, inside pockets, and a heavy-duty coil that doesn’t unravel as you use the journal.  These journals get a lot of use and they can keep up with me.

Day Runner

In this day of smart phones and online organization tools, who uses an organizer?  Me, that’s who.  I don’t want to risk losing all my calendar and contact information if I lose my phone or my computer crashes.  It’s nice to have an organized back up that has everything I need.

I use the Day Runner Harmony Organizer.  It’s pretty and sturdy.  I note my blog posts, webinars, Google Plus hangouts, and interviews in the calendar.  I organize my contacts (bloggers, PR professionals, pet business owners) in the address book.  And there’s a place for notes and to hold business cards.

Webcam for YouTube Videos

I want to do more YouTube videos for pet product reviews and blogging tips.  I’ve been happy with Logitech cameras (I now have 3) in the past and Staples gave me a fantastic opportunity to pick up a great one.  And it is great!

I ordered the Logitech c525 webcam and I love it.  I’m not very good at video editing and I don’t need to be with my new webcam.  It’s a plugin and go model (gotta love Logitech for their simplicity) and I jazz up my videos using Windows Movie Maker and I’m golden.

Accordion Files + File Folders

And finally, I placed an order for an accordion file.  I have several of these and use them to organize eBooks, mentions of myself and Keep the Tail Wagging, our pets medical records, and anything else that comes along.  I actually have a home office – ooohhh, la dee day – and pocket organizers help keep all the papers away from the playful teeth and claws of the canines and felines who live in our home.

I chose an organizer from the Martha Stewart collection, because it’s pretty and sturdy (sort of a theme with me).

More productivity tools for  bloggers…

And because this list isn’t enough, here are more things that I use as a professional pet blogger.

If you’re a pet blogger, what are some productivity tools that help you stay organized?

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