Puppy Breath | Why Does My Puppy’s Breath Smell Fishy

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Puppy Breath | Why Does My Puppy’s Breath Smell Fishy

Zoey and Scout

Not long ago, I wrote where I think that magical smell  of puppy breath comes from.

I love puppy breath.  I remember when we adopted Blue, he still had a trace of puppy breath for a couple months (he was 4 months when we adopted him) and I practically dove at his mouth when I smelled it.

Scout and Zoey are three months old now (a little more) and lately, I’ve noticed that their sweet puppy breath isn’t so sweet.  It smells kind of fishy, but not salmon oil fishy (I give the dogs Grizzly Salmon Oil daily).

I went back and forth between then and quickly lost the scent.  I hate when that happens.  Maybe I imagined it?

I went to the dogs and smelled their breath; right about now is when I know I look like a maniac, but Rodrigo and Sydney are patient, because they’re used to stuff like this.  The puppies think it’s a fun game.  And J is rolling his eyes and sighing – I can see the wheels spinning as he tries to choose what he’s going to tease me about first.

I return to the puppies – they get excited for kisses and I smell that smell again.  Not quit puppy breath, kind of sour, kind of fishy.

And then I remember!!!!!

They’re teething.

Scout and Zoey have been chewing on the furniture, the walls, the molding, the cabinets – basically anything that is NOT a chew toy.  A puppy’s breath changes during this time, which is a precursor to blood on the toys as their mouth starts making room for their big dog teeth.

And now I’m relieved.  So very relieved.

Not because I thought they were sick, but because it was driving me NUTS not knowing what was off about their breath.

Does your dog ever have bad breath?

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  1. because they are a puppies


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