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Your Questions About Raw Dog Food Answered

A to Z Challenge – Q – Sponsored by Natural Pet Pantry

I combined questions I’ve had about feeding raw dog food, questions people have asked me about the diet, and I reached out to my friends and asked them to give me some questions they have about raw dog food

How did you transition your dogs from kibble to raw dog food? – When we first transitioned, we fed our dogs raw in the morning and kibble in the evening.  We didn’t mix the raw and kibble together (it made our dogs sick).  There are people who have no trouble mixing them together; but that wasn’t our experience.  We did this until settled on a company to go with (Darwin’s Pets) and we ran out of kibble (2 months); then we feed 100% raw.

~ Mixing Raw and Kibble Diet, read more at Natural Canine Diet

What are your thoughts on Salmonella? – Salmonella is dangerous, it makes people (and dogs with compromised immune systems) sick, it sucks.   I have never gotten sick handing raw meat (chopping / grinding) for our dogs.  We thought our dogs were suffering form Salmonella poisoning, but it was actually tainted chicken we purchased at our grocery store (tainted for raw feeding, probably fine when cooked for humans).

We no longer by our dogs’ raw meat from the grocery store.  We now get our raw meat through our raw food co-op or through Natural Pet Pantry.  Now that we know that Rodrigo is chicken intolerant, we have removed chicken from the menu.

We’ve been feeding raw for a year and have never gotten sick from hugging, petting or kissing our dogs.  I’m not saying that this isn’t a risk, especially if you live with someone with a compromised immune system, but it hasn’t been our experience.

~ read more at RawFed.com, Myths About Raw Feeding

Won’t your dogs go feral once they taste the blood? – No.  No they will not.  No they did not.  There isn’t a switch in dogs that turns them into wild, blood thirsty beasts that will kill us in our sleep.  Actually, the blood contains nutrients too, so I make sure it’s in their dish.  Next time you go to the grocery store, take notice of how many meat products aren’t sitting in blood.  They do that for us, the humans.  Just like they add coloring to salmon to make it more appealing.  But for dogs, the blood is good.  FYI – feeding raw salmon on the west coast to dogs raises a risk of salmon poisoning.

read more at RawFed.com, Myths About Raw Feeding

How many different meat sources need to be included in a raw diet? – We feed our dogs turkey, duck and beef.  As other proteins that are appropriate for our dogs come available, then we’ll add them as well.   I believe (and this based on my homework) that one protein isn’t enough.  As I understand it, different enzymes come into play with different proteins, so that’s why our dogs need variety.  I think 2 proteins is fine, but we should shoot for 3 if we can swing it.

Where does your meat come from?  Do you know how the animals are treated? – We get our raw through a local raw food co-op and Natural Pet Pantry.  All of the meat is sourced from human farmers.

What if I don’t know enough to feed our dogs raw? – This is easily remedied by getting your raw food through a pre-made brand.  This is more costly, but there are ways to cut back on the cost.  We mix Natural Pet Pantry with raw food that we get through our co-op, making feeding 4 dogs affordable.

Are raw food diets balanced? – Yes, raw food diets are balanced.  All meat diets are not balanced.  It drives me crazy (silently) when I read on Facebook about someone who is feeding their dogs raw ground beef or raw chicken and that’s it.  Our dogs need organ meat and bones to make it a balanced diet.  Our dogs also get supplements (like salmon oil, green lipped mussels, and kelp).


Do you have questions about raw?  Leave them in the comments below and I will try and answer each one.

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