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Raw Dog Food Cleared Up Our Dogs' Skin Allergies - A to Z Blogging Challenge

A to Z Blogging Challenge – A – Sponsored by Natural Pet Pantry

Today is the first day of the A to Z Blogging Challenge and I’ll be writing about everything I learned during the first year of feeding our dogs raw dog food.

The first time that I heard dogs could have allergies was in our first month at the dog park.  Another dog mom told me about her dog’s eye gook that she developed each spring.  I’ve noticed the same thing with our dogs; it’s not heavy, but as spring gets closer, I find myself cleaning our dogs eye corners more often.

But when I think allergies, I think of skin rashes, paw licking, and food reactions.

Skin Rashes

Rodrigo, Sydney and Blue had pretty intense skin allergies that required antibiotics and after the 2nd round of antibiotics, I decided that we should go raw (a year ago).  Everyone’s rashes kept coming back and I didn’t like the idea of using antibiotics regularly; what was this doing to their liver?

In less than 2 weeks on raw, all of their skin rashes cleared up.

Paw Licking

When spring is coming, a combination of growing grass, pollen, and the rain has an impact on Rodrigo’s paws.  Our first vet told us that the paw licking was a reaction to the grass.  A fellow blogger suggested I look into the food and that’s when I figured that Rodrigo may be allergic to chicken and took him off chicken kibble.

I was only partially right…

Food Allergies

Rodrigo can’t eat chicken.  He’s a hot dog, as in temperature.  He seeks out cool places, he pants a lot, he licks his paws and he used to have skin rashes.  We resolved a lot of this with a diet change, but I recently stopped feeding him chicken after a consultation with a holistic vet and he appears to be more comfortable (he always seemed too hot in the house, even in the winter).

I can’t say that feeding raw dog food will resolve all allergies in our dogs, but it did improve many reactions our dogs were having.


Tomorrow is B for Books about Feeding Raw

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