Raw Dog Food | The Truth About Shinier, Healthier Skin and Coat

October 22, 2013

Raw Food Diet for Dogs

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When I was researching switching our dogs to a raw food diet, I’ll admit that the smaller, less smelly poop was a big draw.  But whenever I came across a dog that had an amazing coat, I would also learn that the owner feed raw dog food.  So I wasn’t surprised when Rodrigo and Blue had a healthier coat.

Not only are their coats shiny, their skin is healthier (no more rashes) and {BONUS} they don’t smell.  Our dogs can go an entire month without a bath.  Raw dog food rocks!

And then there’s Sydney…

My Princess Pretty Paws is a different story.  I don’t know if it’s the hair length or what she’s mixed up with besides Australian Cattle Dog, but my sweet-pee smells sometimes and her coat was only okay.  And then I discovered the FURminator and spent 3 days brushing a small puppy off of her and the shine came through.

The moral of this story is that although raw dog food is amazing for our dogs skin and coat, it doesn’t replace my grooming duties.  I’ve also added fish oil to their diet (and I’ve also used Krill Oil too) which is fantastic for skin and coat, but it’s also great for the immune system, joints, and it’s brain food.

In this video by Dr. Karen Becker, she explains some of the leading causes of flaky skin in pets and expands on…

Today I’d like to talk about why dogs and cats develop flaky skin. There are a few different reasons for poor skin and coat health:

  • Under-grooming
  • Under- or over-bathing
  • Dietary deficiency
  • Underlying medical issue

Do you give your dog any supplements for skin and coat health?

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3 Responses to “Raw Dog Food | The Truth About Shinier, Healthier Skin and Coat”

  1. Jana Rade Says:

    It’s always a combination of things. Cannot have a chair with just one leg. Nutrition is important, but so it exercise and other forms of care.

    About the coat luster and shedding seasons … Jasmine had a very thick undercoat. During the shedding season, as the undercoat started to loosen, it would show through and her fur looked dull and brownish. Once the undercoat was gone (yes, Furminator here also), the shiny top coat showed again.

    Interestingly, JD’s doesn’t do that. He doesn’t have nearly as much undercoat as Jazzie did. So yes, seasonal dullness could depend on the type of coat, and have nothing to do with actual dullness.
    Jana Rade recently published..Cookie’s Ears Are Still Not HappyMy Profile


  2. Shelby Says:

    We feed our dog raw and he really enjoys it. I don’t have much to compare it to as he is my first dog, but generally we have been very happy in most respects. But due to recent events we are switching him to kibble.

    He recently needed surgery and while his stomach and intestines were opened up the surgeon found many pieces of large bone, some of which are as big as his intestine. The surgeon suspects digesting has been painful for him as they are large and sharp. As well, our dog poops 5 times a day, and the surgeon said this is a lot for a small dog like him – it may be the case he is not absorbing what he needs from his food. This explains why he often seems hungry to us and possibly why he eats everything in sight (including the foreign object that was surgically removed). Finally, our vet commented during his neutering that his teeth needed more cleaning – the soft food was not doing the job the way the kibble does. So although there are some clear benefits to the raw diet, we have decided to give kibble a go after all. We don’t want our dog to be malnourished, hungry or in pain. Just wanted to present another viewpoint on the matter.


    • Kimberly Says:

      That’s so sad, Shelby

      Where did your dog get bones that big from? That’s very frightening. We have fed 5 dogs raw meat and have had nothing but a great experience and I’m so thankful for that after having read your story. It’s so interesting how so many people have various experiences with raw – our dogs have gorgeous, white teeth. We only give them raw knuckle bones under supervision, because I’m so nervous about them; otherwise, I ground up their bones in their food. I’m not saying that we did something right and you did anything wrong – I’m just sharing our experience with raw.

      Regardless if someone’s experience is positive or negative, it’s important for people considering switching to see all sides of the experience to help them decide if the diet is a great idea for them. The raw diet saved our dogs from joint pain, intense allergies and digestive issues – all of which were racking up high vet bills. But one person’s positive experience doesn’t guarantee that everyone will experience the same thing.

      Thank you for that reminder.
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