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5 Reasons People Don't Pick Up Their Dog's Poop

I clean up our dogs’ yard twice a week.  It’s a lot of work now that we have four dogs.  My boyfriend hates picking up dog poop so this is now my chore.  When I walked the dogs, I didn’t really think the fact that I didn’t pick up the poop was a big deal, because it was off in the woods or in the tall grass.

As long as no one stepped in it, what’s the big deal?

The big deal is that people were stepping in it.  Myself included.

When just one person doesn’t pick up after their dog, it’s inconsiderate or an oversight.  When only a handful of people are picking up after their dog, then it’s a nuisance and an environmental hazard.

So why don’t people pick up after their dogs?

It’s Gross – our dogs eat raw dog food and one of the benefits is smaller, less smell poop – that doesn’t mean that their poop doesn’t smell and scooping up warm, sometimes soft (sometimes liquid) dog poop is just gross.

It Sucks to Carry the Poop Bag – speaking of the gross factor and smell, on our walks, I get to carry multiple bags of dog poop bags, because sometimes our dogs poop twice on a walk.  The swinging bags are awkward, they get heavy, and they smell.

Isn’t it Fertilizer – yep, I thought this too, but dog poop isn’t like cow poop.  While we can fertilize our property with cow manure (and yes, folks in our town do, it’s amazing), dog poop is just an environmental hazard.  Sucks, right?

“Forgot” or Ran Out of Dog Poop Bags – I carry rolls in my purse and in my car, because I have come to the park and found that poop bag dispensers empty and had to walk our dogs in shame, because I didn’t have any dog poop bags.  Now I have enough for our dogs, their multiple poops, and to share with other dog owners too.

No One Will Notice – Everyone notices, but they’re probably feeling justified in their failure to scoop their dog’s poop.  If she isn’t doing it, then I don’t have to.  But this attitude is what has ruined one of our favorite walking trails that’s covered in dog poop.  It’ll clear up (visually) during  few days of rain, but the fact that it’s broken down and no longer visually to my eye, doesn’t mean that we’re not all tracking it back to my car and home.

Poop Buddy Poop Bags, Subscription Service

Poop Buddy makes the chore of picking up our dogs’ poop a little more fun.

This month, we received the Poop Buddy February mailing and I love it.  This sounds dumb, but ever since my first Poop Buddy review, I’ve been in love with pretty dog poop bags.  I figure that if I’m going to carry around 4 or more warm, smelly bags of dog poop, they may as well be pretty.

For $10 a month (less if we order a 3 or 6 months subscription) Poop Buddy subscription, I get up to 80 dog poop bags in cool designs, a surprise, and no shipping costs.  This is a lot cheaper than at our local pet store so I decided that having four dogs makes this a smart choice.  So I signed up on February 1.

And the facts about what dog poop does to our environment has inspired me to stock up on my favorite designs…


It’s winter, poop is frozen, making it easier to clean up (in our yards) and easy to find (look for the steam) on our walks.  Spring is coming, inspiring me to pick it up faster so that we can get home and out of the rain.  Whens summer arrives, I’ll be honored to clear the trails of our dogs poop so that walkers and runners don’t track it back home.  And then the fall brings back the rain and our more efficient walks.

See, no more excuses for me.

So can you add to my list of why people don’t pick up their dog’s poop?

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