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A Dog Can Dissolve a Bad Mood in Seconds #RecipeForMoments

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Nature's Recipe for Moments, Human Animal Bond

Me: I love you so much Rodrigo; Rodrigo: Did you have a bacon today? Do you still have bacon? Can I have bacon?

I have many stories where our dogs have sensed my unhappiness and they rally around and lean in to give me comfort.  Since losing Blue so suddenly, we have come to cherish the time we have with our dogs.  It’s amazing how special every day is with our dogs.  It blows me away when people question my attachment to our dogs; the human animal bond is best explained by sharing stories.

Recipe for Moments, Nature's Recipe, Human Animal Bond

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My Recipe for Moments

I had been up all night and had to get up at 3am to leave the house at 4am and I am NOT a morning person.  I was exhausted, cranky, and felt defeated.  The puppies woke up for their potty break, but wouldn’t settle back down and we were struggling between “let them cry” or “go get them” so that we could get some sleep.

The weeks of sleep deprivation were taking their tole on both of us.

We’re outnumbered.

My boyfriend got up to get the puppies, I got up to get ready for work.  It was 2am.

At 3am, I was read to leave for work (yep, an hour earlier than planned) and all was quiet in the house.  My boyfriend crashed on the sofa, Rodrigo and Sydney crashed around him, and Scout and Zoey were in a puppy pile on their favorite dog bed.

I stood their in my coat watching my family, drunk with exhaustion, when Zoey lifted her head and looked at me.

She got up, padded over towards me and lifted up her paws to be picked up.  I lifted her and she gave me little puppy kisses and I inhaled the puppy breath (which I love) and then she signaled to be put down.

She padded back over to her bed and piled on with Scout and went back to sleep.

I was still tired, but no longer cranky or defeated.  I went to work at that awful hour with a huge smile on my face and it stayed there all day long.  I crashed early that night.

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Do you have a moment when your dog made everything better?

Nature's Recipe Logo, Human Animal Bond

Nature’s Recipe is looking for stories sharing our special bond with our pets through the eyes of our pets.  I believe that our dogs understand energy first, words second.  So when I’m stressed, frustrated, upset – Rodrigo comes to me and leans on my legs.  Sydney does a wigglebutt dance to make me laugh.  And the puppies always offer little kisses.

Blue had an entire arsenal of things that he did to turn our frowns upside down.  Even when he was being naughty, the sound of his tail hitting the wall as he wagged it always made us laugh.

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This is a BlogHop

The blog hop will be for anyone who wants to share a special moment with their pet tagging it #RecipeForMoments and US bloggers who participate will be entered in a giveaway for a chance to win 1 of 5 collar cameras that allows you to capture special moments from your dog’s point of view.


  1. Time and time again, Chuy turns my day around for the positive. I couldn’t even imagine being without him. He has helped me in some of the most darkest of times.

    • I can so relate! Whenever I’m tempted to go down a dark path, I hear one of our dogs make a sound and it pulls me out of my doldrums.

  2. Puppy’s will do that to you. They know when we need a pick me up that is for sure.

    • So true. All of our dogs have done this in some way for us. Love it :)

  3. Amazing how they lift our spirits and mood isn’t it…

    • I know! They make my day :)

  4. I agree, there’s no better mood lifter than a dog! Nothing like a wagging tail or a few kisses to make you smile. (Ugh. 3am! I’m not a morning person either. Although that’s not even morning, that’s the middle of the night!)

    • So true. The puppies slept until 3:15 this morning. I bet they would have slept longer but I didn’t want to risk an accident.

      Looking forward to when Zoey bladder lasts through the night. Scout is already there.

  5. Oh there is nothing more magical than puppy breath! I wish they sold in little bottles, there would sure be a lot less stressed out people driving to work each day :) Great story.

    • I know what you mean. I get quickly distracted when I get a whiff.

  6. Oh my goodness, what a sweet story. My heart just melted a little.

    • Zoey is just a sweetheart. Truly. J did a good job choosing our duo :)

  7. What a perfect and special moment! I’m so glad that you were able to enjoy that moment with Zoey even though you were exhausted! There has been so many times that my dogs have helped me feel less undefeated!

  8. Awe! So sweet!!! Just the simplest little things my dogs do can really brighten my day. They don’t always seek me out to comfort me. Oftentimes, they play and act just plain silly.

  9. This is so sweet! All the money in the world can not buy these precious moments. Thank you for sharing!

  10. Awww. Your dog is adorable. My little Lassie does the same.


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