Rescue Me Jewelry Celebrates that Dogs are Beautiful Creatures

November 18, 2013

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I’m being compensated for writing this post; but money doesn’t buy me (it only pays for our dogs’ food) and everything I share is from my heart.  I plan to purchase a charm necklace in memory of my sweet Blueberry.

One of my secrets is that I love teen, fantasy literature.  It started with The Twilight Series (books, not the movies).  I kept seeing people walking around with these huge black books; I asked about them at a used book store (yep, before my Kindle) and was told that I’d have to go to the regular bookstore.  I picked up the entire series at Target for $35 and devoured it over a weekend when I had the flu.  I was hooked ever since and reread it whenever I’m feeling down.

Why do I love this genre?  Because it’s fun, it’s easy, and after being an accountant during the day (all numbers) and blogger the rest of the time (all writing, dogs, and business), I need to allow my mind to unwind and a teen lit book on the elliptical is the perfect end of the day for me.

This year I discovered Beautiful Creatures.  Not really a great series (I only made it through Book 2, barely), but I did like one thing.  The main character had a charm necklace – she would add things (memories) to this long chain around her neck.  I loved the idea and have been thinking about doing something similar, but about our dogs, ever since.  And now that we’ve lost our sweet baby boy, I would love to wear something to honor his memory.

So I was excited when Angel who makes Rescue Me jewelry reached out to me about a sponsored post.

Rescue Me Necklace, Sunny Side Design

This is the necklace that I want.

“You often hear the saying “Who Rescued Who?”. That was the thought behind the Rescue Me jewelry line. Ask most pet owners and they will tell you that their lives are truly enriched by their furry friends…that they even feel “rescued” by their pets unconditional love & affection.” ~ Angel

A portion of each sale goes to rescue, which is something that I love.  Not only is this another way for us to show the world evidence of the human-canine bond (something that I hope will end dog abuse and homelessness), but it’s stylish, it’s perfect for dog lovers, and it’s supporting a small business.

I’m blown away that more jewelry stores and boutiques aren’t jumping on the Rescue Me Jewelry bandwagon.  In fact, I actually shared the jewelry with a local pet store that I love and think would be perfect…

You can follow Sunny Side Jewelry on Facebook to keep up with the new additions to their Rescue Me line.  And you can buy a necklace or bracelet (or both) for yourself or a friend through their Etsy Store.  They have several charm options and if you have a special request, they can accomodate that too.

The charm that I want to request is “Blue taught me to soak the joy out of every moment.”

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12 Responses to “Rescue Me Jewelry Celebrates that Dogs are Beautiful Creatures”

  1. Lindsay Says:

    I love this idea! What a great way to remember Blue. I think a lot of other pet owners will also be interested in the charm necklaces. I like how they are simple yet stylish. The paw and the heart in the photo are really cute.
    Lindsay recently published..How did you choose your dog?My Profile


  2. BoingyDog Says:

    This post is so timely – I’ve been looking for something like this but haven’t had time to search. Gonna check them out now.

    I love that you love the Twilight books – I was more into the movies than the books only because her writing style is so intensely detailed that it made me think of work. But I LOVED The Hunger Games trilogy. I read that in record time over my winter vacation. I couldn’t put those down!
    BoingyDog recently published..Dog Jerky Treats That Both You and Your Dog Will Beg For #NudgesMomentsMy Profile


  3. BoingyDog Says:

    P.S. – love that you’re gonna get one to honor Blue and love your changes to the site!
    BoingyDog recently published..Dog Jerky Treats That Both You and Your Dog Will Beg For #NudgesMomentsMy Profile


  4. Sandy Lender Says:

    Ernie the Eclectus taught me to eat cake before the plate touches the table. All paper plates bring goodies of some sort and should be investigated closely…before they touch down. Man, I miss that bird.


  5. Rebekah Says:

    Those are absolutely darling! Thanks for sharing!
    Rebekah recently published..My Dogs are More Popular than MeMy Profile


  6. Jackie Bouchard Says:

    Oooo…. I like that. The hubs wants ideas for my Christmas present, so I will check out her site and forward the link on to him if I see something I gotta have! :)
    Jackie Bouchard recently published..Monday Mischief: Mischief-less In 7 Letters or LessMy Profile


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