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RoamEO Pet Monitor System Review | Using Tech When Our Dogs Roam

I received a RoamEO Pet Monitor System for free in exchange for this honest review.

RoamEO Pet Monitor System Review

This is a sponsored post…

When I was nine I had my first dog; her name was Sheila and she was an adorable, black Cocker Spaniel.  Someone stole her out of our yard.  I didn’t realize it until we adopted the littermates how much this impacted my life.  My boyfriend once told me that I was trying to get the puppies to love me more than him and that’s when I realized – no, I want them to love me so much that it’ll be impossible for anyone to take them.

Our Dogs Need Us, We’re Their Pack

Rodrigo is a happy dog and loves people, but he’s very snuggly and wouldn’t do well with a family who left him alone.  Sydney is shy and snuggly; she likes to be treated like a princess and she avoids dogs other than her brothers.  Blue spent his first months very frightened and unloved; he would be terrified if he lost the family he found and loves.

We’re lucky, because our dogs roam on our property and over to one of our neighbor’s property.  Sydney stays close to Mommy; she’s my baby girl.  Rodrigo and Blue will take off, happily nipping at each other as they start their adventure, but they don’t roam far and come back within 10 minutes.

RoamEO Pet Monitor System

Not all families are this lucky.  Some dogs love to roam and if you’re unable to curb that instinct, you will want a tool to track them down quickly.  Our dogs are micro-chipped, but if a veterinarian or shelter doesn’t have the right scanner, it makes it harder for them to find their way back home.  The RoamEO Pet Monitor System is a GPS for dogs.  Using satellite and radio signals (yep, welcome to the 21st century, ya’ll), it helps dog parents track down their errant pups.

RoamEO Pet Monitor System Review

Pros of the RoamEO Pet Monitor System

  • Besides the fact that RoamEO is helping ward off heart break when our fur kids go missing; it works straight out of the box.  I read this, but was still surprised that it was the case and we had a blast playing with it.  My boyfriend and I turned into two kids and I tried to track him down in the woods that surround our property.
  • Unlike some micro-chipping companies, there’s no need to maintain a subscription or pay additional fees to use RoamEO.
  • The system arrives ready to go, because it comes with batteries and a battery charger.
  • The collar is adjustable and fit each of our dogs easily and the black color is stylish and goes with everything.
  • The box on the color brings to mind bark collars or shock collars so we tested it on ourselves first and there is absolutely no pain involved in using the RoamEO system.

RoamEO Pet Monitor System Review

More Thoughts on the RoamEO Pet Monitor System

  • The sales price is high, but I think many dog parents would be willing to pay this price.  But I think it’s affordable when you compare it to the sleepless nights, the cost and time of creating and hanging posters, and dealing with veterinarian bills if your dog is injured while roaming.
  • Our dogs don’t wear collars and can’t be trusted with the RoamEO.  I thought about putting a collar on Blue when we left for the day (because he jumps the fence).  Or on Rodrigo when we take him out for a potty break and he decides to bolt to the woods.  But it wouldn’t work.  Rodrigo and Sydney mastered removing and destroying dog collars; I’d hate to see what they would do with the RoamEO collar.

So I’ve decided to give the RoamEO Pet Monitor System to a Keep the Tail Wagging reader.  I recently asked my Facebook followers to help me come up with the name of an upcoming feature on Keep the Tail Wagging, which will become a book someday.

Although we aren’t keeping the RoamEO Pet Monitor System for our family, I think it’s a valuable tool that will help dog parents keep their dogs safe.  To learn more about how the RoamEO Pet Monitor System works, check out their site here.

Keep the Tail Wagging received a free RoamEO Pet Monitor System to try out in exchange for an honest product.  The thoughts/opinions shared in this article are my own.


  1. Interesting, this might come in handy when we start doing more off leash hikes with Jack – he’s so easily distracted and I don’t mind a little wandering, but I always worry I’ll never find him again! This would solve that problem I guess.

    • We want to start taking the dogs hiking this summer – there are plenty of hiking trails in our area and we’ve never explored them. I think they would love it and I do worry about them wandering off. I’m hoping RoamEO comes up with an option that works with harnesses, because our dogs don’t wear leashes.

      ~ Kimberly

    • The cost of the collar is not all that much. Adoption is about 350.00 dollars on average plus vet bills

  2. This sounds like it would have come in handy for me a few months ago. Someone decided it was perfectly alright to steal my baby, a weimaraner named lily. This happened in December and still today I have no idea where she is. I can only hope that whoever has her is taking care of her.

    • I am so sorry, Aileen – that is terrible. I’m with you. I will pray that they cherish her and care for her.

  3. Definitely neat, though our guys always opted to hang around close.

    • That is such a blessing. I wonder if it has something to do with how we build our packs. I know some dogs just roam, but our dogs love to be with us too and won’t go so far that we can’t see each other. But it wasn’t always that way; boy, Rodrigo was a stinker when he hit 1.

      • I think there are several things in play. Breed … herding dogs I believe like to hang around, while hunting dogs are more of a risk, some in particular. However, I don’t think it’s the only aspect.

        Example? Daughter’s Saint Bernard is a great “flight risk.” She’ll take of at the first chance she gets. But when they were visiting on Jasmine’s ranch, she was off leash the whole time and never even considered trying to take off anywhere, rather she was happy to stick with the “rest of the pack.”

        Similarly, there were a number of people who couldn’t let their dog off leash ever, anywhere … unless Jasmine was around. The dog then would stick with Jasmine. If they wanted to recall their dog, I called Jasmine and the dog followed.

        • I love that Jasmine was such a leader :)


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