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I’m a chatter.  I can talk forever and if the subject is dogs, then forever isn’t long enough.

I’m participating in the Pet Bloggers Gift Exchange which gives us bloggers a chance to get to know another blogger and this is my first year participating.  I loved it.  The blogger behind Rubicon Days is a dog mom just like me and I had a blast talking to her about all things dog, from why she adopted Rubi, border collie mixes, dog parks, our frustration with the statement “he’s friendly!!!,” and comparing notes on dog reactivity.

I recorded part of our conversation for the podcast and I learned that I need to ask more questions and talk less about our dogs.  I hope I get another shot!

Rubicon Days, Pet Blogger Gift Exchange

One thing that I don’t often share is that Rodrigo has reactivity issues.  His trigger are the cyclists we come across on trails.  We’ve done so many things, including working with a trainer, to curb his reaction to cyclists since he was a year old and it’s still such a problem.

It’s kind of embarrassing, because Rodrigo is such a sweet dog, but each year that goes by as a dog mom and a pet blogger brings me more information about the whys and what fors of raising dogs.

I don’t think Rodrigo is afraid of the cyclists, I think he’s excited by them and his minimal herding drive is kicked into overdrive when he sees one speeding by.

He’s gotten away from me once to chase a cyclists and when the cyclists stopped, Rodrigo got lots of love and attention.  That’s because the cyclists raised border collies and understood the breed.  I was lucky that day.

A better leash and harness, and more focused training is improving the reactivity, but it’s still an issue and may be something that we have to work with him on an ongoing basis.  I don’t mind, because I love him, because learning new things to challenge him (and myself) is fun, and I know that we’re not alone.

Rubicon Days was started partially to share a dog mom’s experience with her dog, who also has reactivity issues.  This is a “you’re not alone” blog and I’ve been having a blast catching up with it each week.  Rubi is gorgeous and it didn’t take long for me to look forward to following along with her journey as a rescue dog, even if a post is simply showing how much she loves to chillax in a sunbeam.

So please pop on over to Rubicon Days to give the blogger a “hey.”

What topic about dogs can you go on and on about?

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