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Protection Against Dog Attacks with Sabre Protector Deterrent Spray

Sabre Protector Dog Attack Deterrent Spray

Last year, Rodrigo took off into the woods early one morning and was bitten by a coyote that he surprised.  This is as close as we’ve come to a dog attack, with the exception of minor scuffles at the dog park.  I’ve had a few encounters of humans threatening our dogs – I’m 5’3″ of crazy when this happens, that’s a great deterrent.

But what about dogs

Sabre Protector Deterrent Spray is a “dog attack deterrent irritating spray.”  I had the grand idea to try it out (just a little) on myself to see how irritating I could be.  No way was I testing it out on our dogs.  The folks from Sabre informed me that it’s not a mist spray, like pepper spray; Protector sprays a stream up to 12′.

It’s not the same as pepper spray – it’s actually safer, less painful, and because it’s a spray and not a mist, the wind won’t send it back my way or impact our dogs.

Dog attack deterrent irritating spray

Being the dog mom to three adorable, sweet puppies, the idea of this spray made me cringe.  Our dogs aren’t aggressive and I thought of people who are afraid of dogs spraying dogs randomly.  I then thought of people who would spray dogs just for fun.

We can only combat fear with education and sharing.  And we can’t fix stupid.

Dog attacks do happen

I’ve never been attacked, but off leash dogs who approach us too quickly, with no owner in sight (or one who is 50′ away yelling “he’s friendly!!!!!!”) make me nervous.  But would I spray them with deterrent?  No.

Earlier this month, a group of pet bloggers shared experiences of being bitten by an off leash dog.  I was stunned to see so experiences that lead to dogs and owners being injured.  Several members of the discussion mentioned purchasing a deterrent spray.  Reading their stories, I was reminded of another blogger who has had repeated instances of animal attacks and you can read her story here:

The Inevitable Attack Finally Happened

Animal Control Laws are Slim to None in My County

Bren found herself in a position where she had to physically protect her dog and herself.  Another good friend deals with a neighbor’s aggressive dog regularly and the dog’s owners don’t seem too concerned about the danger their dog poses and their dog is in due to lack of training.

My friend’s dog was killed by a pit bull

What frustrates me about Bren’s story and similar stories I’ve heard from friends who own a bully breed is that the authorities immediately blame the pit bull.  A person recently approached me with a story about a pit bull who killed his friend’s dog; but the more questions I asked, the more holes I poked in the story.  And I was once contacted by authorities about my pit bulls that I was encouraging to attack a jogger and his dogs.  My pit bulls are below (that’s the same summer the man called the authorities)…

Rodrigo and Sydney, Puppies

Yes, they look like pit bulls to me too? NOT

Having a dog with a reputation of being tough isn’t enough to protect us against wildlife and dog owners who fail to train and socialize their dogs.  And knowing dogs that look tough, but are gentle giants makes it difficult for me to imagine harming another dog, but I know that if I find myself in a situation where my dogs’ safety is at risk, then I’m going to be happy to have a Sabre Protector Deterrent Spray in my hand.

Not only am I protecting our dogs physically, but I worry about what a dog attack would do to our dogs socially.  I would hate to see them become aggressive towards dogs as a result of a violent attack.

Update: the dogs and I were confronted by an off leash aggressive dog on our walk and I was happy to have my deterrent spray in my bag.  I didn’t have to use it (I didn’t even pull it completely out), because the dog’s owner called him back.  I shared that I would have trouble harming another dog, but in this moment, my other thought was to protect our dogs (who were flanking me, to protect me).  I don’t have an issue with people who walk their dogs off leash, but when their dogs are aggressive or have terrible recall, it’s dangerous for everyone.


Have you and your dog been attacked by an off leash and/or aggressive dog?  Are you and your dog okay?


  1. Thanks for bringing up the subject of off leash dogs. This is such an important topic. We have never been attacked on a walk but we came very close to it with off leash dogs, and not so smart owners. I will definitely check this product out.

    • I know! It’s sad that dog owners aren’t more aware. I know my dogs very well, but I don’t know other people’s dogs nor do I know how my dog will react in every single situation. It’s best to be prepared.

  2. This is a must-have product if you live near the Trinity River in Dallas. There are tons of homeless dogs running in packs and have been known to attack both people and dogs when on a walk. No one wants to hurt another dog, but your dog must feel safe with you on walks.

    • That would be a stressful place to walk our dogs. I can barely handle it when friendly dogs approach us; I don’t know what I’d do with a pack of wild dogs. So sad.

  3. I ALWAYS carry safe spray of one kind or another. If I need, I’ll be glad I have it. If I don’t, it takes up little room.

    I know of too many people who have had dogs injured or killed by loose dogs. My beloved Pip is not a tough dog. She’d be another dog’s lunch and I would be hurt too as I would inevitably dive in to help her. So, spray it is.

    Never had to use it. Yet. But will always have it.

    • After our last experience, I started bringing ours along on walks too. The last time we were together, we saw the unfriendly dog again. It approached us, but seemed more curious than aggressive. I wasn’t willing to take the chance, so I walked away with our dogs. I don’t know what the dog owner is thinking walking off leash with a dog that has aggression.


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