Safe Chicken Jerky for Dogs or a Temptation to Try Dog Treats #NudgesMoments

November 25, 2013

Dog Nutrition, Product Reviews

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I have written this post on behalf of BlogPaws Pet Blogger Network for Nudges. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about Nudges Wholesome Dog Treats , but Keep the Tail Wagging only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers.

Nudges Premium Jerky Cut, US Chicken Jerky Dog Treats, Safe Chicken Jerky Dog Treats

When our dogs were puppies, I was so clueless about dog care and nutrition that I have a lot of empathy today for people who continue to buy the chicken jerky treats that are common on recall lists and complaint sites.

Unless you are active in social media where you’re exposed to this information, you don’t know that you need to look for safe chicken jerky for dogs.  The stores won’t tell you.

After hearing about the sick dogs, I took chicken jerky treats off the list for our dogs.  I was bummed, because these chicken jerky treats are one of our dogs’ favorites.  I tried checking package for made in the USA dog treats, but that’s when I learned that I needed to look for treats that were SOURCED in the USA.

Our dogs recently had their first taste of Nudges chicken jerky treats and they love them.  I checked out the ingredients and was a little hesitant when I saw the brown sugar as the third ingredient and the flavoring; but then I picked up a bag of chicken jerky treats for humans and saw maltodextrin (an artificial sweetener) and natural smoke flavoring.

So we gave the treats a shot…

Nudges Premium Jerky Cut, US Chicken Jerky Dog Treats, Safe Chicken Jerky Dog Treats


The dogs LOVE them.  The second we opened the bag, I knew that they would be a hit, because the I smelled real chicken jerky – they smell just like the ones I buy for myself.  Of course our dogs smelled them and came running.  Now the dogs think that every time we praise them, they’re going to get a chicken jerky treat – I told Sydney she was a Pretty Princess, she gave me a wag, stood up, and headed to their treat counter.  Wow!  These are a hit!

The next day, I headed to the store and bought two more bags.

The trick is to follow the feeding guidelines, which for our dogs is 4 treats a day.  I think that’s too much; with winter approaching, we’ll be a little less active and I don’t plan to fatten our dogs with chicken jerky treats.

11 essential vitamins, real chicken sourced in the USA, and safe chicken jerky for dogs that’s made in the USA – these have been a find for our family and I love that they’re stocked at our grocery store.  But  they are treats, so moderation is key.

But I am loving the well behaved dogs that moved into our house this week.

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8 Responses to “Safe Chicken Jerky for Dogs or a Temptation to Try Dog Treats #NudgesMoments”

  1. Dogmama Says:

    We were so lucky to be gifted a couple boxes of HOMEMADE chicken jerky treats from a friend recently, and we’re grateful for the healthy treats but I agree with you, 4 treats a day is more than HufflePup needs. (He has a different opinion, of course.) It boggles my mind that our friends’ little terriers can polish off an entire box of treats in 2 days, and not turn into plump sausages themselves!
    Dogmama recently published..What went thump in the night?My Profile


  2. BoingyDog Says:

    We love these jerky treats. Great point that one really has to ask about safe treats. Even when they ask it’s no a guarantee that the person they talk to at the store will know the differences and which ones are safe and which aren’t.
    BoingyDog recently published..Comment on The Sniff-as-a-Reward Dog Walk by BoingyDogMy Profile


  3. Ann Staub Says:

    My dog loves these too! I like how soft and fresh they feel. Some jerky treats seem a little hard maybe like they aren’t so fresh…
    Ann Staub recently published..What Is Your Pet Thankful For? | Thanksgiving Photo Contest Entries + Winners!My Profile


  4. David Ryan Says:

    I’ve gotta buy a bag for my dog then.
    David Ryan recently published..Dr Drum Platinum Package – $39.95My Profile


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