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Fur Mom Confessions | My Car is the Dog Car, a Safer Dog Car

I received free items to test out in exchange for a review.  Although free allows us to raise our dogs in the style they’ve become accustomed, I can’t be bought; I will always be honest and upfront with you.

I’m excited to announce that we’re going to adopt again!  And, we’re even open to working with a reputable breeder and have been in touch with the AKC and LongShadow Farms (Australian Shepherds).  If it were up to me, we’d adopt RIGHT NOW, but when we started to get a hold of our grief, my boyfriend reminded me that we needed to make some changes to our property to make sure we don’t have another accident.

A Jump Proof Fence

In the spring, we’ll be making the fence surrounding the dog yard taller – at least 6′ – and we’ll be expanding the dog yard to make sure that there’s plenty of room for our pack to roam and play during the day.

A Safer Dog Car

I drive a 2005 Ford Escape and besides the thousands I’ve dumped into the lemon I love, I’ve added a few things to my car, the dog car, to make it safer too.  And this is just a start.

Kurgo creates products for our cars and I had the opportunity to try the Kurgo Wander Hammock Seat Cover in Khaki with Orange.  This is the 2nd hammock we’ve used in our life as dog parents and it’s far superior then the one we were using.  It doesn’t rip or tear, it stands up in the wash, and it stays on the seats (not flipping over, exposing the seats).  I love it.

Kurgo Wander Hammock Seat Cover in Khaki with Orange

I have no complaints about this hammock except that (1) it doesn’t repel muddy paws magically and that I received a lighter color.  Actually, the color is kind of tough, because the lighter color gets dirty and I can’t stand it so I’ll wash it regularly (I hang dry most of the time, personally preference).  A darker color would match my interior, but I may become lazy about washing it if I can’t see the dirt.  Decisions Decisions.

Another Dog Car Improvement

Another thing we got to try are BreezeGuards screens by Mutt Managers, which I was introduced to this summer.  We don’t have dogs who hang their head out the window and I’m so glad, because whenever I see a dog hanging out the window I first smile, because they look so happy, and then I worry about road debris hitting them.  You should see my front window – loads of dings from the road.

BreezeGuard Screens by Mutt Managers

What I love about our BreezeGuards screens are…

  • they’re custom made to fit our  car perfectly (and the owner made sure our fit was right),
  • our dogs are safe from road debris,
  • (even more) they’re safe from people who are tempted to pet them or tease them when I run in the store (on a completely NON-hot day),
  • I can easily remove the screens, store them in the back, and pull them out when I need them,
  • and the customer service was outstanding – our first screens didn’t fit perfectly so we got a second set; we had no complaints, but Sue insisted that it be right.

Speaking of hot days, the BreezeGuards screens DO NOT make it okay for us to leave our dogs in the car; but they do allow a really great breeze (instead of a hurricane) into the car when we’re driving around town with our dogs.

The only thing that sucks is that one of my flaws has been spotlighted since we had BreezeGuards screens installed.  With the screens, the dog car windows won’t close completely.  This isn’t a big deal in the summer, but on rainy days, it can be a pain, because my car sits outside and I forget to take the screens out and close the windows (duhhhhhh).

Set up is fast and easy, so when we’re taking the dogs on a trip, we put in our BreezeGuards screens and our Kurgo Hammock, and we’re good to go.

On the Wish List

Next on my shopping list is a Kurgo Backseat Barrier for Cars and SUVs. I like this one, because it’s not a net, which Sydney would so get wrapped up in as she steps on the center console to verify that we are, indeed, going on a walk.

My goal is to make my car a safe vehicle for our littermates.


  1. Congratulations on the decision to adopt! The changes to the fence and car sounds like good ideas in general, but will also help keep everyone safer. We have a hammock for the backseat and it does keep Duke from slipping & sliding around too much! The window screens sound like a great idea, we don’t even lower the windows more than an inch in the back because I’m too afraid Duke will slip out.

    • Thanks, Jessica

      When I first saw the BreezeGuards, I thought “some idiot is going to think that they can leave their dog in a hot car now.” Well, we can’t deal with those people. For us, it’s so great to protect our dogs and keep people from bothering them when I step in the store (not on a hot day). And the hammock is so nice. We’ve had it for a couple months and it’s still in great condition (gone through 2 washes so far).


  2. I really like the backseat barriers. Ace has no interest in climbing into the front seat; I think it’s awkward for him. But nearly all other dogs that ride in my car try to climb into the front, and it’s obviously a distraction.

  3. That is so great that you are adopting and that you are taking the time you need before taking the next step! Love the idea that your making the fence taller. I’ve often thought about doing that to ours because Sherman and Leroy could easily jump it. It’s a five foot fence but they could still easily clear it if they wanted too and if they knew they could.

    Love the idea of the BreezeGuards too! Thanks for sharing about them!

    • Our dogs can easily clear our fence before we had it temporarily raised, but the most that would happen is Sydney would fall out of the yard – she would be standing with her front paws on the fence, jumping in excitement then fall out. She’d be so confused so we’d let her back in and she’d go happily. LOL

      The BreezeGuards are so cool. People love beautiful dogs and do want to interact and I’m surprised by people who will either reach into my car or allow their kids too without asking if my dogs are friendly. They are, but I have no way of knowing what they’ll do in this situation and if I’m in the store and not their to let them know it’s okay – yikes!

  4. I have had a hammock for the three years we have had our Border Collies. It really does make a difference in their safety and comfort. The photo looks so much like our Ike smiling in the doorway!

    We are looking at station wagons now so the pups can be in the ‘way back’ and my grandchildren’s carseat and booster can be in the seat. We will be looking for a barrier to keep the pups from nibbling the kids.

    • I love my Ford Escape, it’s great for the dogs, but I’d love a Subaru; I think it’ll be a lot roomier for all of us.

  5. Our dogs have safety tested car harnesses, but man! That hammock looks great for keeping the hair at bay. I may need to invest in one.

    • The hammock is pretty amazing. I’m blown away by how it’s held up for our dogs. We had one from an different company that ended up in the trash so I wasn’t expecting much; the one we have now is amazing.

  6. I love these products! I haven’t used the wander hammock myself, but I use the backseat bridge… both made by Kurgo. One great thing about Kurgo, if your hammock gets too dirty for you to stand, you can apply for Kurgo’s repair or replacement option. They will repair or replace for normal wear and tear (which includes staining) for a nominal fee.

    I also have the BreezeGuard window screens in my car. I absolutely love them! Thank you for mentioning that they should not be used as an excuse to leave your dog in the car.

    • I did not know that! Makes me love them even more!!!

      • I know! Right? I noticed you said regarding the BreezeGuards that you couldn’t put up your window. I have these too and I can close my window. Perhaps not all the way, but enough not to leave a gap. Just curious if there is something different about our vehicle that makes it harder to close the windows.

        • It’s just a teeny crack so on rainy days, water gets into the car when my car is sitting outside (dripping down from the roof).


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