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Shining the Light on my list of Must Read pet blogs

Every Sunday, I sit down with my notebook in front of me and I start reading.  Not my Kindle.  Not a book.  Not a magazine.

I start reading blog posts and most are dog blogs.

I may  not always leave a comment, but I do read.  A lot.

This past Sunday, I was honored with the Sunshine Award from Kelley’s Dog  Blog.  I love these types of awards, because it gives me an opportunity to introduce my readers to the blogs that I love.

Thank you, Kelley, for your kind words…

“Keep the Tail Wagging: This is probably the biggest, most active blog I follow. I don’t read every post (stupid life cuts into my blog time, dammit) but I pick up something every time I do. Kimberly and I don’t agree on every issue, but she’s always open to hearing a different point of view while articulating her position.”

Sunshine Blogging Award

The Sunshine Award Rules…

  1. I thank the blogger who gave me the award…CHECK
  2. I share 10 things about myself…KEEP READING
  3. I nominate 10 other blogs…FAIL*

*Because some bloggers don’t like to participate in these awards, I don’t like to call it a nomination, so I’ll just call it my List of Must Read Blogs.   And when you count, you’ll see that I selected 13 blogs – these are the ones that I HAVE to read each week.

10 Things About Me…

I love vampires, werewolves, witches and some romance.
I go back and forth about dog breeding all the time.
Sometimes I hate therapy and I want to quit.
I’m not a fan of shows that show animals killing each other.  Or singing shows.
I love reality television.  Sometimes.
I don’t have a poker face.
My religious and politic beliefs are all over the place.
If I had super powers, I think I’d be a villain.
I’m a podcast junkie.
I need to lose 8 pounds.

My must read blogs…

Disclaimer: I read all kinds of blogs, these are the ones I seek out regularly.  The one thing each of these blogs has in common is that I feel like I know the blogger.

My Brown Newfies – This blog reads like a pen pal letter from a dog loving friend.

SlimDoggy – Want to understand dog fitness and nutrition?  Start here.

Kol’s Notes – I’m so not crafty, but reading Kol’s Notes makes me feel like I can create a quilt with my bare hands!

Dog Mom Days – All dog moms (and dads) will love this blog.

Back Alley SoapBox – Super long blog posts about interesting topics and you’ll love every word.

Boingy Dog – Dog training for the novice; I follow her advice all the time and it works!

My Rotten Dogs – She feeds raw and she shares what she feeds her dogs!

DOGthusiast – Just a ton of great information and the blogger creates cool decals for cars (and notebooks)!

Rubicon Days – Have a reactive dog?  Me too.  And so does Lara.

ThatMutt.com – A down to earth dog lover who addresses tough topics in a way that makes them seem easy.

Groovy Goldendoodles – Probably the most giving and loving person on the planet.  Her dogs are cool too.

Something Wagging This Way Comes – A blogger who writes things that make you think “I know, right?”

My Dating Prescription – A dating blog by a dog mom who has challenged herself to date and document and I love it!


So share something about yourself with me…


Update: there are less than 2 weeks in the Booster.com campaign.  We’ve only sold 13 t-shirts, we have a long way to go to really make enough to support Scrub-a-Mutt!  Please Rock a Keep the Tail Wagging t-shirt and support rescue!

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