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When I read the story about the soldier who’s service dog was kicked twice by airline employees, I was stunned.  I couldn’t believe that anyone could be so cruel to an animal.  How can you look at someone who put their life on the line for you and kick their dog?  Twice?

Then I wondered what I would do if someone kicked my dog.  I didn’t have to ponder long.  I remembered a moment when a man pulled his leg back in preparation of kicking Sydney (yes, Princess Pretty Paws) and I flipped out.  I’m a college educated, professional black woman who will switch on the ghetto when my dogs are in danger.  I think I shocked more than frightened the man as I called him every name in the book, threatened to bury him under the jail, as I shared that my boyfriend is a cop.

His wife apologized.

What to Do When Someone Kicks Your Dog…

First, don’t call the police.

Second, ask yourself if your dog is hurt.  I know you’re pissed, but is your dog really injured.

Richard C. Kelleher, a public relations expert, reminds us that someone kicking a dog shouldn’t be lumped into the same bucket as animal cruelty.  But “if someone is in the dog park just kicking dogs, it’s a bully situation. Men should stand up to them and women should learn how to use pepper spray.”

If you believe your dog was injured…

Dr Vadim Chelom B.V.Sc., a Veterinarian with 5 years of experience working at RSPCA, shared the following steps: www.doctor-pets.com

  1. Collect information, as much as possible: name of person, time, take contact details of witnesses if possible.
  2. Get the dog examined by a Veterinarian – take a copy of the written report.
  3. Don’t contact the Police – they wouldn’t be interested. Contact animal control.

Are you sure we shouldn’t call the police?

If this is a criminal situation where someone is bullying dogs and dog owners, then of course you should dial 911.  I would recommend saying “non-emergency” when the dispatcher comes on the line, explain the situation, and s/he will explain what you can do.

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