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Sydney is a Dog with Irritated Skin on Her Arm Pits and VaJayJay

Last month, Sydney started showing irritated skin in the arm pit area of her rear legs.  So I guess that’s the rear leg pit area.  Whenever our dogs start showing irritated skin, I start running through the list of what could be happening…

  • allergies to something she came in contact with inside (carpet freshener, air freshener)
  • allergies to something she cam in contact with outside (grass, dirty water)
  • allergies to food or treats

I started wiping down her armpit area to make sure they were clean and it cleared right up.

Then this week, Sydney was dragging herself all over the carpet.  When I got down to her level to let her know I wanted to help, she came to me, ears back and let me roll her to her side and that’s when I saw that she’d rubbed her vajayjay raw – it was actually bleeding (from the carpet drag).

How did I miss this?

It’s not like she can say “hey Mom, my legs and vajayjay started feeling itchy after….”  Nope, our dogs can’t tell us what’s happening.  It’s up to us to know what’s wrong and when Sydney started scooting on the floor like a mad woman, I knew something was definitely wrong.

Why do our dogs get sick after the veterinarian office closes?

The next steps…

  • I didn’t panic.  Which was quite unusual for me; but I’ve learned that panicking never helps.
  • Corral the other dogs to give Sydney some space.
  • Gather the supplies: a warm, damp cloth, tissue, Witch Hazel, and Aloe Vera gel.
  • Don’t research on Google until Sydney is cared for and comfortable.


 My home treatment for a dog with irritated skin…

I wiped down Sydney’s arm pit area and her vajayjay with the damp cloth to clean the area up.  I’m looking at this as a collection of bacteria that’s irritating her skin.  What I noticed is that Sydney had some sticky stuff in the hair of her vajayjay – I don’t know if it was just a collection of dirt or if she sat in something (my boyfriend is rebuilding a TransAm in the garage).  Either way, it may be the cause for the irritation so I cleaned her up down there (and she let me).

When she was completely clean, I did a second wipe with the witch hazel in her arm pit area and vajayjay, which relieved itching almost immediately, cooling the skin.  Since Sydney was going to bed soon, I also put vaseline on her vajayjay to sooth the rawness of the skin in the area.  I wouldn’t apply vaseline  in the morning, because it would attract dirt to an area that needs to stay clean.

Sydney went to bed with 3 Benedryl (1 mg per body weight).

Shopping List

Update: Thanks to the people who commented sharing that Vaseline isn’t a great idea for dogs.  Although I only used it once to soothe Sydney’s dry skin, I understand now that it’s not safe for dogs to lick.  We used witch hazel and aloe 2x a day after that first evening with great success.

The next morning…

Sydney’s armpits and vajayjay were looking a lot better and the following evening, even better.  The mad itching she was doing the night before was over.  I’m calling our veterinarian later today to ask if she’d like to see Sydney.


Have you had to help your dog with irritated skin in the armpit or groin area?


  1. I’ve seen the armpit irritation before, and I’ve been fortunate to be able to help many dogs with skin irritations like this with my natural products. But the reason I’m commenting here is to urge you not to use Vaseline / petroleum jelly on your dog’s skin. It is not safe if licked, and the natural herbs you are using will continue to be helpful without the Vaseline coating. This is of course my opinion, and I am not a veterinarian. Best of luck, and I hope Sydney feels better quickly!

    • Thanks, Elyse – I appreciate the suggestion about the vaseline. I used it once to give Sydney some relief, because her skin was so dry. You’re the 2nd person to urge me not to use it and I will not any longer. Thank you.

  2. I hope Sydney feels better very soon, itchy anything is not fun. I’m glad the wipe down with Witch Hazel was so fast and so effective. I would, however, like to ask you a favour. Vaseline is a petroleum by-product, essentially the waste that comes from making the fuel for our cars, and it is toxic. At the very least it is not good for humans or animals to have put on their sensitive (and their largest organ) skin. Try something like bag balm or aloe for a healthy alternative.

    We saw something similar years ago in our Bulldog and discovered that the (icky) dog food manufacturer had changed the ingredients in her food and her armpits and vajayjay suffered too. Cleo never found an optimal fit in a raw food alternative but Orijen was a wonderful option and ended up clearing her skin in both areas and had the added benefit of making her ears much healthier and simpler to clean.

    Good luck and good health!

    • I couldn’t use bag balm, because of the strength and I only used the vaseline that one time – it would end up causing more problems by attracting dirt and making her area even worse. I just wanted to give her some relief. Since then, we’ve used Aloe and witch hazel and she’s been perfectly happy. What I love about the aloe is that it seems to do what the vaseline does without leaving the sticking petroleum feel; it soothes her skin, takes away the dryness, and then evaporates really quickly. Love it.

      Thanks so much for your tips and suggestions.

  3. Our pit bull will get very dry and itchy skin any time we don’t _completely_ rinse all of the shampoo out of his hair after a bath. We have tried all the natural, ‘healing’ and ‘moisturizing’ shampoos and it doesn’t matter – if there is any left on his skin, it drives him crazy a few hours after it dries.. It will get so bad that it sounds like he’s chewing a leg off in the middle of the night – since he sleeps right next to our bed it can be pretty annoying.

    When this happens this only cure is to get give him another bath, and _really_ rinse out all of the shampoo.

    • That would drive me nuts. Blue and Sydney are easy to bathe – Rodrigo takes much longer because we have to get the shampoo out. It’s nuts. He’s gorgeous afterwards, but it sucks when you’re driving him off and you see the soap sudsing up again.

    • Just like laundry detergent removal, if you do your final rinse of your dog with a weak solution of vinegar it’ll remove the soap better. Just don’t get it in his eyes because it’ll still be weakly acidic.

  4. No but I know what to do if she does now! Why is it all illnesses and symptoms show up outside of normal office hours?! I hope Sydney is feeling much better soon!

    • Thanks, TerriAnn – isn’t that just the way it goes. LOL She’s doing great today.

  5. Poor girl. Couldn’t say we dealt with something like this (which is amazing considering all the problems Jasmine came up with over the years).

    I would think that the garage activities could be a suspect, though I’m not clean how stuff would get into the groin …

    • I think she may have sat in some spilled fluids – there’s a stain in there and she rolled in something last week. Once I cleaned her up, she started clearing up.

  6. Glad you manage to stay rational and calm. I haven’t mastered that yet and would have been at the vet 10 min before it opened the next morning. But I have my reasons. 😉 Glad she’s on the mend!! What a cutie!

    • Thanks, Diane – she’s doing great today.

  7. Sampson had a ‘rash’ a few months back. It started on the inside of his leg and spread up his stomach. Without seeing Sydney’s rash I can say if it is the same or not, but here is a link to the post

    I apologize for adding a link to your comments, it is not something I normally do, I just think you can look at the pictures and see if it’s similar. In Sampson’s case it wound up being a bacterial infection and he need antibiotics for a while.

    I hope Miss Sydney gets some relief, there is NOTHING worse than an itchy vajayjay. :-(

    • Thank you for the link, Jodi – I appreciate it. Sydney’s rash cleared right up after I started wiping her down 2x a day with witch hazel. It cools the area down. I think her skin is just reacting to the weather; she has dry skin that gets itchy so she itches and here we are – LOL. Sampson’s rash looks a lot like what Blue had – he had an allergic reaction to a grassy area at the park. We wiped him down/cleaned him up and it cleared up. Before that, he had puppy pyoderma, which reuqired antibiotics.

  8. Awww poor Sydney! I haven’t experienced this with my boy, however when I first got him, he experienced so itchy looking front arm pits. Found out it was his food. I hope you find out what caused it. Poor lil girl. I can only imagine how awful she feels. :/

    • We don’t think it’s food, but it definitely was on the list, because you never know. She’s doing so great today and I’m happy that she trusts me to care for her.

  9. Looks like you’ve got it under control. I wonder, with dry winter air, central heating, etc. that their skin dries out more than usual? Now, did Oprah invent the term or did she get it from somewhere else? We all knew what you so delicately meant! Sydney must be very grateful.

  10. Poor Sydney! Thankfully, you got a handle on it. Definitely seems like an allergic reaction to something. My Dalmatian had seasonal skin allergies that would flare up in spring and fall. Luckily, the antihistamines did help a bit, as well. I also discovered that Tea Tree Oil had soothing properties on the inflamed skin. Many dogs are allergic to wheat or certain meats. That might be worth looking into, if it persists.

    • Thanks, Debbie – I’ve heard of tea tree oil too and will have to check into that. Sydney is doing a lot better. I think she just had an irritation and I got her all cleaned up. I’ll keep watching her this week.

      Thanks for sharing!

  11. This title made me laugh hehe. Sorry Sydney’s been itchy. Shiner frequently gets itchy in those areas. Vaseline is a great trick.

    • Yeah, she’s getting better every day. It looks like keeping her clean down there has been the trick. What cracks me up is that she knows the drill and is happy to have me take care of her itchy spots. I was on the train yesterday asking Johan to check her hoo-ha – a guy turned around and smiled at me. My boyfriend said “what did you say, you cut off?” I responded “I can’t repeat myself now.” LOL

  12. (with apologies to Sydney) You might have missed a calling in humor writing. I LOST it at: “It’s not like she can say “hey Mom, my legs and vajayjay started feeling itchy after….””

    (Glad she’s feeling better…bwahahaha)

    • Thanks so much, Elizabeth! Yep, she’s doing much better. I’m totally immature when it comes to potty humor. LOL

  13. Apple cider vinegar and coconut oil or Vitamin E oils are also good in a pinch when something like that happens. Saline solution can be used to “flush” also :)

    • Thanks, Nicole! Great tips!


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