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Pet Friendly House Project | Making A House More Dog Friendly

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House for Dream House, Sydney, Rodrigo, Perfect Home for Dogs

It took 3 years for my boyfriend and me to find the house of or dreams.  We started when the market was hot, continued through the decline, and bought right before interest rates dropped below 4% (dammit!).  We viewed our home 15 minutes after it went on the market, we put in a full price offer an hour after we left, and we’ve never been happier.

This is why our home is perfect:

  • We’re on 5 usable acres – we can easily access our entire property; it’s perfect for dogs
  • We didn’t have to do any updates – the house was 4 years old when we purchased it; although Johan is planning improvements this year – sheesh!
  • The house is huge – we love our space; I hang in the living room with the dogs, Johan has his big TV in the family room and his stupid, really terrible taste in programs

This is why our home is perfect for dogs:

  • We live on 5 acres plus there’s a ¼ acre fenced dog yard with access to the house through a doggy door
  • The downstairs is mostly hardwood floors making it easier to keep clean
  • There’s a main floor ¾ bathroom where we can bathe the dogs (or rinse paws) easily
  • The Centennial Trail borders our property so we can take the dogs for long (or short) walks
  • Marysville is a dog friendly town with tons of stores, shops, trails and events for dog lovers

With all of that, if, as a dog parent, I were given the chance to design the perfect house, I would still make some changes (which we’re in the process of doing – sheesh!).  The changes aren’t huge, but they were inspired by our dogs.

Professor's House, Pet Friendly House

The Pet Friendly House Project

I was recently introduced to a site called Professor’s House, which is where you’ll find The Pet Friendly House Project that involves a group of people are designing and building a home that takes into consideration the needs and comforts of a family with pets.  They are looking at the structure, flooring, paint, furniture, everything that goes into building and designing a house and making it a home!  It’s all about “quality of life” with dog parents, right?

Now just think about it.  If HGTV showed up with $100,000 and told you to change your home to make it more comfortable not just for you, but for your pets, what would you do?  I really want to know so please respond in the comments below!

The Professor’s House is going to deal with the problems that dog (and cat) parents live with, because it’s just par for the course…

  • Scratched floors
  • Access to the yard
  • Stains on the furniture
  • Allergies / dander issues
  • Storage (food, toys, supplies)
  • Grooming
  • Space
  • Learn more about what makes a house “pet friendly”

The idea was inspired by the creator of the project who underwent a kidney transplant in 2009; with his new lease on life, he came up with this amazing idea that I love.  The project is going to help promote the Kidney Foundation of Canada and Transplant Awareness, while giving dog parents a fun site to submit ideas (see below) and track the progress.

Frequently Asked Questions

I popped over to the site and learned that the house is going to be built in Canada, it’ll be worth a little more than $500,000, and it’ll be 2,200 square feet (a little small – hee hee).  The house isn’t just for dog parents; the family living in the house (it’s not being built to be sold) has a dog, cat, and lots of fish.  Although this will be their home, they’re going to open it up for viewing for up to 2 months after completion.  I so wish I could check it out!

Submit Your Pet Friendly House Ideas

One thing that I’m truly stoked about is that we get to submit Pet Friendly House Ideas.  It should be easy for us, because on a daily basis there are things that we deal with that we wish we had the money, time, or know how to fix or improve.  Here’s my list…

  • Increase the dogs’ yard size to 1 acre
  • Install 6’ high, black fencing system – black, because I think it looks sleek
  • Replace 1st floor flooring with tile that looks like hardwood – you have GOT to check this out!  We’re installing this in the living room this summer.
  • Fencing/gate system at the entrance to the Centennial Trail to keep the dogs in and the strangers out
  • A shop for Johan to move his projects OUT of the garage and we’ll turn one of the bays into a doggy day care for our three pups with agility toys, orthopedic beds, and more.


I can go on and on, but this is the start to our list.  What would you add? Remember that $100,000?  How would you use it to improve your home?

Disclosure: this is a paid sponsored post; I was compensated by the people of the Pet Friendly House Project to help them spread the word about their amazing project and cause.  My thoughts are my own and genuine.


  1. we live in rural ga… the mountains…..we have a little over an acre…..most of it fenced….we have 7 dogs and one cat(!!)….all rescues!!!! Hubby would like to put in a doggy door….but the problem with that is one dog goes through/under the fence…she’s slim and good at finding holes…..two others go over the fence….our fence is 4′ high….if we knew then what we know now, we would’ve put up a higher one, and chainlink instead of farm fencing…..ff is more of a *suggestion*…..the dogs we had prior accepted the fencing as a boundary and never looked for ways out…..if i had $100,000 i would install 6′ chainlink completely around the property, and security cameras/electric gates to keep folks out…. told ya….we’re rural….picture the hillbilly on the porch with the hounddog and the shotgun!!!!! :) our house is already pretty dog friendly….we’ve gotten rid of most of the carpeting, replaced with hardwood look flooring, area rugs that can be washed, all the furniture is chairs with blankets on each one… couches here….they would become launch pads!!!! hubby built me (and the dogs) a step-up/storage chest for the overheight bed…. we also have babygates separating each room…..and crates as part of the furniture….we refer to whomever as *in the hole*……it’s all about the beagles here!!!!! life is good!!!!!

    • Ahhhh, Linda – your comment had me grinning from ear to ear as I nodded. We get the trespassers to, what I love is when they get offended when asked to leave, oh and take your trash with you please. Not a park.

      Blue uses our sofa as a launching pad, we thought he’d outgrow it, but nope.

      Love dreaming of changing our home. My boyfriend started making new plans as I read him your ideas.

  2. Sounds like an awesome project. I don’t see my house as a fixer-upper. I need a new one! If I had a better house, I’d probably have more pets… I’d love to build cat shelves – those things look so fun! An aviary would be fun too. And aquariums, they are so beautiful.

    • Ann, I’ve seen goes shelves and think they look like loads of fun!!!

  3. I would have an 8′ chain link fence with the bottom 2′ buried and a tightly-fitted gate between dog yard and garden and dog yard and carport. Malemutes can escape anything short of that. Otherwise Roo Roo and the Labradors just live with their twolegs in shabby comfort, which is fine with me.

    • LOL – awwwww. I never knew Malemutes were so craft. Love love love dogs and their clever ways :)

  4. Wow…. ode to have that house again! We live comfortably at the beach now (for 11 years so far) in a big 2- bedroom apt. and Sandie is walked to the beach a number of times a day! Housing is really expensive here in Southern California and when you live at the beach, you ARE in HEAVEN! Dog friendly and dog bossed living!

    • I’m soooo jealous! I would love to live on a lake. We spent a few days at a lake with our dogs a couple years ago and were in heaven. This year we’re doing home projects, but I hope to go back next year!

      • we’ve thought of the idea of burying the fencing to prevent beagles from trying to escape….. chicken wire along the bottom has worked well……i’ve heard that about malamutes too….. houdini’s of the dog world!!!! when i lived in long beach,ca i was 2 blocks from the beach cliffs….. yes was very cool……here in the north ga mtns…..we’re about a 1000′ from the lake…..we’re on the very edge…’s a big lake with extending arms and we’re on a finger of one of those arms… pretty much it stays quiet in the summer…..only the locals are on this section…..we used to have a canoe, but gave to a younger cousin w/kids!!!! thanks kimberly…..i am flattered that i might have given you any ideas for home improvement!!!! sometimes it’s felt like our fixer-upper was more like a tearer-downer!!! :)

  5. We also live near the beach in So. Cal, which means a very small yard. We go to the beach a LOT, which means it’s almost impossible to keep the house totally sand free. The sand and the claws are hard on the hardwood floors! Don’t know what the perfect flooring option would be… Carpet is a pain, tile I find to be too slippery and too cold, and the hardwood is getting beat up! I’d probably out all the renovation money in to the floors, but I don’t even know what the best option would be!

    • We’re going for the tile flooring that looks like hardwood and area rugs – we’re going to get all of our rugs used on Craigslist and from Goodwill; well worn. We have a Rainbow that’ll help us keep the clean. I’m so excited to get rid of the carpet. Our hardwoods need to be polished, but they only have a few more sandings left before they need to be replaced. I shudder to think about how much that’ll cost.

  6. this is very nice home. happy to see you that you care dogs alot.

  7. What a fun project! There is so much I would do to make our home a bit more dog friendly! I would love a room with a drain in the floor so I could rinse the dogs after they come in during muddy season-or maybe a bigger yard that doesn’t get muddy! A therapy room with an underwater treadmill:) Non-slip floors and so much more!!

    • Love the idea of a drain in the floor. We have something close – a main floor bathroom with a walk in shower – that’s where the dogs are bathed. I was in there with two of them today after they found a huge mud puddle in the woods. Gotta love ’em.

      No slip floors is perfect. Our Sydney has such trouble on the hardwoods and tile. She won’t even go in the pet store – hates their floors.

  8. This is an amazing read!!! 100% relevant for me. My husband and I just paid our house off. In the next 6 months we will be purchasing 90+ acres to build our dream home on. Our custom home will include an entire room just for the dogs. An acre or more fenced. Walk in dog shower. Their own fridge (for their raw food). I’m so excited. I will for sure be checking out your links for suggestions on how-to’s and building materials. Thanks Kim!

    • Congratulations!!! This is something that we’ve started thinking about. We’re not close to paying off our house (we just bought nearly 3 years ago), but we do want more land, at least 50 acres (I say 100+) and we know exactly what we’d do. For now, we’re working on making our house more dog/human friendly – first step, remove the downstairs carpet!

      Best of luck!!!


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