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Lion Cubs from Flickr by «That's for you!!!»

Lion Cubs from Flickr by «That’s for you!!!»

I had the fantastic opportunity to contribute to an article about animal communication for SheKnows.  This is the online magazine that named me as one of 5 pet bloggers people need to know and opened the door to a few opportunities to work with major brands.

I’ve written about my experience with animal communicators, most recently about my Valentine’s Gift to our dogs.  Animal communication is a growing trend and I’ve written about how to tell if someone is the real deal.  For SheKnows, I contributed the following…

Are animal communicators for real?

Depending on how open-minded you are, you might not buy into the whole idea of animal communication. It’s normal to be skeptical and for good reason: animal communication defies logic. That said, thousands of people around the world work as animal communicators, but as with any profession, not all of them are genuine. Do your research before handing over your hard-earned money. Kimberly Gauthier, the blogger behind Keep The Tail Wagging, shares her opinion. “I’ve spoken with a couple of animal communicators who were not the real deal. This is a growing profession that is ripe for fraud and people need to hold on tight to their wallets — which is hard when it comes to the emotions that surround our love of our pets,” she cautions.

While animal communicators can help identify an injury or illness, it is probably best to consult with your veterinarian first during an emotionally vulnerable time. When you’re looking for answers, it’s easy to divulge too much information to someone who says they’re going to talk to your animal.

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