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The Truth About Life's Abundance Pet Food


Update: We no longer feed our dogs Life’s Abundance dog food; click HERE to learn our reasons for switching.  We currently feed our dogs a raw food diet. 

The truth about Life’s Abundance Premium Health Food

When I found Life’s Abundance (or did it find me?) I was over the moon, because after the research I did and the interactions I had from representatives of the company, I knew that not only had I found the best food for our dogs and cats, but I’d also found a fabulous small business opportunity for myself.

In the process of connecting with pet lovers like myself and other business people in the pet industry, I was approached with questions about Life’s Abundance’s sincerity and my platform with Keep the Tail Wagging is a wonderful opportunity to address those questions.

Is Life’s Abundance a scam?

This company has a solid track record and history since 1999, therefore it is not a scam.  We are debt free.  How many other corporations can say the same?

Life’s Abundance products are not included in the current pet food recall nor is our company affiliated with Diamond Pet Foods.

Does Life’s Abundance have its own manufacturing plant?

Life’s Abundance is a business corporation, not a manufacturer.  Life’s Abundance pet food is manufactured by professional manufacturers under our thorough specifications and scrutiny.

Our dry foods are manufactured by Ohio Pet Food in Lisbon Ohio. This is a family owned business that Dr. Jane has had both a personal and business relationship with for many, many years.

Our canned foods are manufactured by Simmons who bought out Menu Foods. Menu foods were involved in the 2007 recall due to glutens from China. Our products do not contain glutens so we were never affected by this recall.

We source our own ingredients.  If there were ever a recall of our product, (there hasn’t been one since 1999), we could contact each and every customer directly by phone and email immediately.  As a pet owner, it’s nice to know that I won’t have to scrutinize every pet food recall news story to see if our pet food is on the list.

Life’s Abundance also encourages customers (and anyone interested in the food or products) to sign up for the free newsletter to learn more.

Is Life’s Abundance pet food fresh?

The food is fresher than other foods, because it is made in smaller batches and shipped directly to our customers rather than having it sit around in warehouses for up to two years.

The reference to the word “fresh” is used as a descriptive to the arrival of the food. The product is bagged as it is finished, loaded onto the truck, the truck is locked and leaves for one of our 3 warehouses. This happens every week. So the food our customers receive is freshly made and generally is only 4-6 weeks old.

When you compare this to commercial foods that sit in a warehouse for months on end then on the shelf for who knows how long…….Our dry foods have a best fed by date that is stamped 12 months out from the date it was actually manufactured.

Are Life’s Abundance’s ingredients fresh?

Our ingredients are “processed”. The manufacturer does not take a head of broccoli and chop it up into the food mix. The ingredients are dry so therefore cannot be considered “fresh.”

Is Life’s Abundance a scam?  Absolutely Not!

I started working with the company in late January, early February and I have complete faith in Dr. Jane, Life’s Abundance, and my fellow field representatives.  There will always be people who have negative things to say about any company, but I believe that when someone speaks negatively without any support for their words, they’re speaking from a place of ignorance.  Everyone is entitled to have their opinion, my opinion (based on experience) is that Life’s Abundance creates a fantastic product and Life’s Abundance is a company that cares about the health and wellness of pets.

I’ve been on the phone with representatives for the company weekly for several months and I don’t doubt their sincerity.  And I certainly don’t doubt my own.  We’ve been a customer for nearly 5 months and I haven’t once been disappointed with the food, the service, or my choice to share my experience with the product line with other pet lovers.  I trust this company.

An Update from a Raw Feeder

Although we no longer feed our dogs Life’s Abundance (due to diagnosed chicken allergies) I still think this is a fantastic company.  I do wish that they offered proteins other than chicken, but that’s my only complaint.  What I think makes Life’s Abundance stand out is their willingness to educate pet owners about their food.  I have corresponded with Dr. Jane many times about the kibble and I no longer feed it to our dogs.  They’re just that type of company.

I still buy their Bath Fresh Mist.  In my opinion, it’s a must have for dog families.

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