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At first it was funny.

Then it became a challenge.

Now it just annoys the heck out of me as I think of all the other things I could have spent that money on.


Sydney’s not the problem.  She’s great with toys, mostly taking one to the sofa and sleeping with it.  But Rodrigo and Blue are beasts with their toys?  Is it the Border Collie?  Is it the Cattle Dog?  Whatever it is, they destroy toys in under 10 minutes.

I have found a few toys that last a lot longer in our homes; there’s something about certain brands (Kong, JW Cuz) that make them last a lot longer in our home.  Durable dog toys are important for us, because…

  • they give our dogs an outlet for their need to chew, rip and tear
  • they keep our dogs from being bored
  • they’ve been wonderful in helping us train our dogs on what to chew and what not to chew
  • they make our dogs happy
  • durable dog toys give us a much appreciated peace in our home

With the holiday season approaching, Keep the Tail Wagging (which is me) will be posting lots of holiday gift ideas and I thought I would get it cracking with something that we need for our dogs.  Tough, Durable Dog Toys.

Need tough, durable dog toys?

I reached out to dog owners and asked them to share more toys that are great for dogs who are extreme chewers like our Rodrigo and this is what I got back…

Kong Dog Toys ~ Kimberly, Fur Parent to Rodrigo, Sydney and Blue

JW Cuz Dog Toys ~ Kimberly, Fur Parent to Rodrigo, Sydney and Blue

West Paw Design Jive Ball ~ Lindsey, Fur Parent to Rudy

Sqwuggie by Katie’s Bumpers ~ Teresa, Fur Parent to Mugwhy (gotta love that name)

Nylabone Big Chews for Big Dogs ~ Nicole, Fur Parent to Kostas

Hear Doggy! and goDog products ~ Ashley, Fur Parent to Murray

Alleged tough, durable dog toys…

Whenever I seek input from the pet community, a few businesses will share their products.  I call these “alleged tough, durable dog toys,” because I haven’t tried these before, so I can’t guarantee that our dogs won’t destroy these, but I don’t see any harm in giving them a shot.

Kyjen Bottles Buddies Squeaker

Kyjen Hard Boiled Softies

Kyjen Invincibles

Kyjen Dog Games Seamsters Weave Bone


Now it’s Your turn!  Please share your favorite tough, durable dog toys.  I need some Christmas gift ideas!

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